23 Movies Leaving Netflix in June We Need To Stream Now

Chloe Wilt | May 28, 2020 Movies
23 Movies Leaving Netflix in June We Need To Stream Now

Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia (2009)
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It's the sad truth we must all face: Netflix has to give up some of the titles that we all know and love -- and June is a doozy. So many awesome movies are leaving the streaming service, and it starts at the first of the month. Luckily, there's such great content flowing in, but still, it's hard to say goodbye, including to a few classic movies. So if ya haven't checked in with Netflix as of late, ya might want to as a fave currently in queue might disappear sooner than expected.

Netflix is ditching some of its fan-favorite movies this month, and as sad as we are to see some of these titles go, they're being replaced with even better films and shows. The films heading out next month range from family-friendly to terrifying horror flicks, with a few award-winning numbers among the bunch. 

Some of the movies leaving Netflix will make their way to a new platform that includes Disney and Marvel films. Disney has its own streaming service, Disney+, that is the home for all of the classics, new series, and pretty much everything in between. As a result, features that lived on Netflix will have to transfer to the Disney streaming platform -- plus any Marvel or Star Wars movies.

Basically, there's no time like the present to start binge-watching Netflix. Make sure to check out these 23 movies before they're gone for good.

  • 'The King's Speech'


    Leaving Netflix: June 1

    Prince Albert (Colin Firth) has a speech impediment, and as a royal monarch who will one day be king, he must be able to communicate effectively. Albert's wife, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter), hires a speech therapist to help him overcome his stutter, and Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), the therapist, has unconventional methods that lead to a strong friendship between the two men. The film was awarded four Oscars, including Best Picture, so it's worth the watch.

  • 'Tarzan' & 'Tarzan II'


    Leaving Netflix: June 22

    Disney is taking its beloved Tarzan to its streaming service, so Netflix users will have to say goodbye to the classic animated flick. The original and the sequel will both depart at the same time, so Disney fans can binge-watch the two together. Tarzan is a man raised by apes in the middle of the jungle. When he meets Jane, he quickly falls in love with her and an entirely new human world.

  • 'Avengers: Infinity War' 


    Leaving Netflix: June 24

    Disney is also taking back the rights to the penultimate Avengers movie. With Endgame now on Disney+, it only makes sense that Infinity War heads to the service too. Sadly, that means Netflix users have to say goodbye to the Marvel superhero film. The Avengers team up to battle Thanos, an evil alien being who is gathering up each of the powerful infinity stones.

  • '21'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Students at MIT have been tasked with learning the ins and outs of blackjack. One of their professors, Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey), takes advantage of their math skills and sends them to Las Vegas, where they win big time. Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is among the students who is quickly seduced by the lavish lifestyle but gets in trouble for counting cards. The students must discover a way to make big bucks at the table without getting caught.

  • 'The Amityville Horror'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Based on a true story, this terrifying horror film follows a family who become possessed by their new home. George Lutz (Ryan Reynolds) and his wife, Kathy (Melissa George), find a beautiful, Victorian-style home for a cheap price in a small town in upstate New York. Their good deal has a darker price, however, when they find out the former owner murdered his own family inside. As more strange happenings occur, the family hires a priest to rid the house of evil spirits. 

  • 'Blow'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    In Blow, Johnny Depp plays the real-life drug kingpin George Jung. (Fun fact: Jung was responsible for smuggling in 85% of the cocaine in the US from Colombia.) The movie follows his real-life story, from getting into the illegal business to getting caught. Jung was recently released from prison and reconnected with his daughter.

  • 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Get ready to sob. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is about two young boys who become friends during troubling circumstances. One is a prisoner in a German concentration camp, and the other is the son of a Nazi. The heartbreaking story comes to a tragic end but is really about their friendship.

  • 'Click'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Adam Sandler is Michael Newman, a man whose life flashes before his own eyes. When Michael is offered a magical remote that can speed up and rewind time, he jumps at the chance. He starts jumping past the boring parts of life, but soon realizes that he's missing out on some of the best moments. In the end, he learns to cherish the little moments with his family.

  • 'Cloverfield'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    A huge monster has descended upon New York City, and it's out for blood. Cloverfield was one of the first movies to film "found-footage" style. In the movie, a group of friends meet up for a going-away party and end up struggling through the chaos of a crumbling city. The shaky camera makes for a stressful viewing experience, as if those we're watching are a part of the action. 

  • 'Ferris Beuller's Day Off' 


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Enjoy this classic '80s movie while it lasts. Matthew Broderick plays the troublesome Ferris Beuller, a fictitious dude who inspired countless future senior skip days. He has one epic fake sick day and brings along his two best friends, Cameron (Alan Ruck) and Sloane (Mia Sara) -- who's also his girlfriend. The three explore Chicago and evade Ferris' sister and the school principal in the process. 

  • 'Inception'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Dreams have become weapons in this sci-fi drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Another mind-bending Christopher Nolan movie, Inception had fans theorizing and talking for years after its premiere. Cobb (DiCaprio) has the ability to enter people's dreams and change their subconscious thoughts with a rare technology. His own mind becomes his greatest enemy and nearly causes a mission to fail. 

  • 'Instructions Not Included'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30 

    Valentin (Eugenio Derbez) is the classic playboy, until he's forced to grow up. A baby is left on his doorstep, and it turns out to be his. Six years go by, and finally, his daughter's birth mother shows up, threatening to ruin their life. Now, Valentin must prove that he's changed and is the perfect father to Maggie (Loreto Peralta). 

  • 'The Invention of Lying'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    British comedian Ricky Gervais does not disappoint in this 2009 comedy. In The Invention of Lying, his character, Mark Bellison, lives in a world where lying does not exist. One day, he figures it out and is able to con his way to the top -- and with the ladies. Ultimately, his lying gets him into hot water, and there's no way out. 

  • 'Julie & Julia'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30 

    Julie (Amy Adams) is bored with work and life, so she decides to attempt a nearly impossible feat: making all 524 recipes in Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Meryl Streep plays Julia Child in the movie, which also takes a look at the great chef's life. Though they exist in two separate times, Julie and Julia's lives are more intertwined than one would think.

  • 'The Matrix,' 'The Matrix Reloaded,' & 'The Matrix Revolutions'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30 

    Say goodbye to all three Matrix movies as their short time on Netflix has come to an end. The cult classic sci-fi films are definitely worth watching -- so hurry up! Neo (Keanu Reeves) is trying to discover "What Is The Matrix?" and embarks on his quest of self-discovery with mentor and resistance leader Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). Throughout the franchise, Neo begins to walk in his purpose alongside love Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and does what he can to keep people safe from the machines.

  • 'The Polar Express' 


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    Celebrate Christmas in June with The Polar Express. This sweet animated classic follows a young boy the night before Christmas. While children are young enough to still believe in the magic of the holiday, they are invited to ride a train to the North Pole. Led by a mysterious conductor (Tom Hanks), the kiddos travel to meet Santa Claus and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

  • 'Race To Witch Mountain' 


    Leaving Netflix: June 30 

    This 2009 remake of the '80s classic features Carla Gugino, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, and Alexander Ludwig. In this version of Race to Witch Mountain, two teens have special powers and are discovered to be extraterrestrials. Jack Bruno (Johnson) is brought along for the adventure to get them back to their spaceship on Witch Mountain, but the government is fast on their trail to try to stop them from escaping. 

  • 'Scary Movie'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30 

    This 2000 classic makes fun of every horror trope. Despite its title, Scary Movie is definitely not scary. It's a comedy that spoofs other horror movies -- such as Scream, Halloween, The Sixth Sense, and The Exorcist. The parody was successful enough to launch a franchise, and there are four sequels.

  • 'Stuart Little 2'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30

    The sequel to the adorable movie about an adopted mouse, Stuart Little, is leaving Netflix. Luckily, however, the original is sticking around a little while longer. Stuart was adopted by the Little family, but finally found a friend his own size a bird named Margalo. In Stuart Little 2, the lovable mouse's pet cat, Snowball, begrudgingly helps him venture through New York City to rescue his new pal, who was kidnapped by a falcon. 

  • 'Yes Man'


    Leaving Netflix: June 30 

    In Yes Man, Jim Carrey is Carl, a man plagued with negativity. Carl is so stuck in his ways that his friends send him to a self-help seminar where people learn to say the word "Yes." Although Carl is totally skeptical of the process, it miraculously works, and a little too well. Though the seminar changed his life for the better, even too much positivity can be a bad thing.


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