Netflix Is Rolling Out New Parental Controls To Filter What Kids Can Watch

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For those of us with a bit of extra time on our hands these days -- and kids who are unexpectedly home from school for the foreseeable future -- it goes without saying that everybody's getting a little more screen time than normal. But it's just not possible to give younger kids free reign over Netflix TV shows and movies, and fortunately, the streaming service has a solution. Netflix is rolling out new parental controls to help filter what kids can watch ... and just in time, too.

  • Parents now have new filtering options for Netflix -- on both the regular platform and the kid-oriented one.

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    As The Verge reported, one of the biggest changes is parents can now choose certain series or movies that won't be available for their kids at all, which is pretty handy to keep them from clicking on something that might be totally inappropriate for their age group. Parents can also change what their kids are able to view by ratings -- anything above the selected rating won't show as an option for them to watch.

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  • There's also the option to lock profiles with a PIN. 

    In order to stream from the account, the person will need a PIN. This means that kids can't just hop on Netflix and start viewing without parental permission. Instead, they'd have to ask Mom or Dad to log them in first -- or whoever happens to hold the magical PIN at the time. 

    For those of us who want full control over what our kids are watching and when they're watching it, this makes it super simple.

  • A handful of other useful features are also included in this update.

    Parents are now able to view their child's watch history, as well as turning off autoplay to prevent another episode from automatically starting when one ends. Looking to cut down on screen time? That feature is going to be extra helpful, because it'll keep the binge watching to an absolute minimum. 

    We'll admit that there are some days we definitely don't want to disable autoplay, though... 

  • Ready to play with the settings? They're available on desktop and mobile. 

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    That means we can change the parental controls around on our computers and phones, but not from devices that stream Netflix -- suchas smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, or gaming devices. Yeah, that's a bit inconvenient, but still pretty easy to access being that most of us are near a desktop or a cell phone at any given moment. 

    Just hit the Netflix homepage and go to account settings. (It'll all be there under "profile and parental controls.")

  • Leave it to Netflix to make our lives even easier. 

    We're already loving the fact that there is such a huge selection of family-friendly and educational shows on Netflix, and now, this is making it easier than ever to pick and choose what we deem appropriate for our kids to watch -- especially if we're a bit distracted by work and can't monitor what they're watching minute by minute. 

    Anyone who's out there, trying to get their kids to give them a little peace between 9 and 5? We're sending all the luck. Now, who wants to watch some My Little Pony?