A 'Paw Patrol' Movie Is Coming to the Big Screen

'Paw Patrol'

Chances are high that anyone who's a parent has heard of Paw Patrol. It's among those kids' TV shows that somehow ends up on repeat at home (and just about anywhere else, too). And now, we have news that's going to make any fan of this show very happy. It's official: A Paw Patrol movie is coming to the big screen, in addition to the new episodes still coming our way.

  • 'Paw Patrol' is about a crew of pups who are out to save their community. 

    The dogs -- which include Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest, and Tracker -- band together to help out anyone in Adventure Bay who needs rescuing. Many of them have special skills -- such as fire dog Marshall and police dog Chase -- that come in handy when they arrive to save the day.

    But anyone who's excited about this movie doesn't need any background information. In fact, anyone who's ever met a toddler probably already has most of the series memorized. It's kind of a big deal!

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  • The movie is officially on the way for summer 2021.

    Deadline recently shared the big news, announcing that Spin Master Entertainment is partnering with Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount to make it happen.

    "We are thrilled to partner with Paramount and Nickelodeon to bring the PAW Patrol franchise, and the characters that children love, to the big screen," noted a statement from Spin Master. "This first foray into the arena of feature film marks a significant strategic expansion for Spin Master Entertainment and our properties. This demonstrates our commitment to harnessing our own internal entertainment production teams to develop and deliver IP in a motion picture format and allows us to connect our characters to fans through shared theatrical experiences."

  • So far, no details about the movie have been released. 

    Of course, it's still a little early for all that. If the studio is eyeing an August 2021 release, we wouldn't be surprised if we didn't find out more about what to expect until the end of the year, if not later.

    Still, it's certainly an exciting prospect, especially for parents who are looking forward to a Paw Patrol movie date, which is certainly in their future the second their kiddos find out that this is happening.

  • Parents are already super excited about this. 

    Facebook comments

    Let's face it, when we end up getting sucked into whatever our kids are watching, at some point, we become invested. There are definitely a few adults out there, such as these commenters, who are pumped about this movie. And even more than that, it's really sweet to see all the parents who are excited about how excited their kids will be. This is definitely going to be something they look forward to all year!

  • We're excited to find out more about the movie. 

    All we know is when that trailer finally does drop, it may end up playing on repeat. That's just the way it goes! And of course, long before that happens, there are still new episodes of the show itself to look forward to.

    In the meantime, we're on the lookout for more news about this movie. If it's anything like the beloved Nick Jr. show, we have no doubt that it's going to be a pretty awesome watch.