20 Anticipated Movie Sequels Coming in 2020

Martha Sorren | Jan 15, 2020 Movies
20 Anticipated Movie Sequels Coming in 2020

Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds in A Quiet Place: Part II (2020)
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Although new ideas will always make their way to theaters, there's nothing wrong with making a sequel, either. Sometimes, sequels are even better than the originals. (Look, no beloved lions perish in Lion King 2, making it better by default.) As reboot and remake culture continues to be popular, more and more movies are getting follow-up films. In 2020, for example, expect a lot of sequels to some hit '80s movies.

Movie studios have long released second or third films to capitalize on popular movies and story ideas. Disney made a bunch of direct to video follow-ups that are now all on Disney+. But because sequels have become even more nostalgic and popular, many of them are getting theatrical releases these days. In 2020, these 20 highly anticipated franchise installments will get their due. 

It's rare for sequels to perform as well as their predecessors, especially the deeper into a franchise we get. For example, an eighth movie is probably just not going to retain the same audience that the first, second, or even third movies did, but die-hard fans will always keep their favorite stories afloat for as long as movie studios keep making them. 

How else would there be 25 James Bond movies, or nine Fast and Furious films?

Not all of the sequels on this list are part of giant franchises. Some of them are just the second ever installment. It depends on how they do with viewers to see if they'll eventually become full blown franchises. 

And as we said above, '80s babies will be especially excited by this year's lineup because so many old school movies are being brought back with their original casts. How do actors continue to look basically exactly the same even 30 years later? (We're looking at Tom Cruise in particular.) 

The world may never know their secrets, but at least we get to keep seeing them in our favorite roles in these sequels.

  • 'Birds of Prey'


    Premieres: February 7, 2020

    We last saw Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but now she's getting her own feature. Birds of Prey follows Harley after her breakup with the Joker. She teams up with a bunch of other female heroes to fight crime and save a girl from the villainous Black Mask.

  • 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You'


    Premieres: February 12, 2020

    The smash 2018 Netflix hit To All the Boys I've Loved Before will have its story continue in this sequel. Lara Jean and Peter are officially dating, but their relationship hits a snag when one of her old love letters brings a former crush out of the woodwork.

  • 'A Quiet Place: Part II'


    Premieres: March 20, 2020

    John Krasinski is at it again in the director's chair for this horror sequel that stars his wife, Emily Blunt. Following the events of the first movie, in A Quiet Place: Part II, the Abbott family is forced to journey into the outside world and soon come across threats they aren't prepared for -- in addition to the monsters that attack when they hear sound, of course.

  • 'Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway'


    Premieres: April 3, 2020

    This movie comes out around Easter, which is super fitting since it's all about bunnies. In this sequel, Peter Rabbit runs away from home and meets an old friend of his father's. He'll also be forced to contend with an outside world that he's never ventured into before.

  • 'No Time To Die'

    Daniel Craig
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    Premieres: April 10, 2020

    James Bond fans are psyched that this year marks the 25th installment to the Bond franchise. It's also going to be actor Daniel Craig's last movie playing the British spy. Expect the film to pull out all the stops to honor its 25th movie and Craig's final turn as Bond.

  • 'Legally Blonde 3'

    Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde
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    Premieres: May 8, 2020

    It's the sequel everyone's been wanting since Legally Blonde 2 came out in 2003. The charming, whip smart, and totally fabulous character of Elle Woods has endured for generations, and now, Reese Witherspoon is returning to play her in this 2020 film. So far, the plot is unknown, but whatever it ends up being about, hopefully there's a bend and snap moment or two in there.

  • 'Fast and Furious 9'

    Vin Diesel
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    Premieres: May 22, 2020

    We don't yet know what the ninth installment of this franchise is about, although we can likely expect plenty of classic action car chase scenes. Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, and Helen Mirren are among the cast members starring in the sequel.

  • 'Wonder Woman 1984'


    Premieres: June 5, 2020

    As the title suggests, this sequel takes place in the '80s and has fully leaned into that style wise. Plot wise, the film's trailer reveals that Wonder Woman's love interest (thought to be dead) has been resurrected/survived somehow. Other than that, expect plenty of awesome action sequences as Wonder Woman defeats evil in the '80s. 

  • 'Chicken Run 2'


    Premieres: June 12, 2020

    It's been 20 years since the first Chicken Run came out, and now, the stop-motion movie is getting a follow-up. In the first movie, a bunch of chickens escaped a deadly farm, and the second movie follows their newfound freedom. 

  • 'Top Gun: Maverick'


    Premieres: June 26, 2020

    This sequel is decades in the making, with the original Top Gun having come out in 1986. More than 30 years later, Top Gun: Maverick will pick up with Pete Mitchell's story where he's now one of the Navy's highest ranked pilots.

  • 'Minions: The Rise of Gru'


    Premieres: July 3, 2020

    Love them or hate them, the minions are back. This summertime flick is about to be the must-see movie of the summer for our little ones. The minions-focused sequel will introduce viewers to young Gru, who is still aspiring to become the (soft-hearted) villain he later is in Despicable Me.

  • 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'


    Premieres: July 10, 2020

    The female-led Ghostbusters was a reboot of the franchise, but Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a direct sequel to the 1989 movie, Ghostbusters II. The 2020 movie focuses on two children and their mother who learn about their familial connection to the original Ghostbusters. The '80s cast is set to make cameos in this follow-up film.

  • 'Bill and Ted Face the Music'


    Premieres: August 21, 2020

    This will be the third movie in the Bill and Ted franchise, following the 1989 film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and 1991's Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. In the latest installment, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return to their time traveling phone booth to help create a song to save the future from destruction.

  • 'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard'


    Premieres: August 28, 2020

    Three years after the events of the 2017 film The Hitman's Bodyguard, bodyguard Michael Bryce sets off on a new task to save his hitman employer's wife. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Salma Hayek.

  • 'The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It'


    Premieres: September 11, 2020

    Prepare to be scared by the new installment to The Conjuring franchise. This horror movie picks up after 2016's The Conjuring 2 and follows two paranormal investigators as they explore a dangerous supernatural case. 

    The Conjuring series is based on a true story, which makes the movies even more terrifying.

  • 'Venom 2'


    Premieres: October 2, 2020

    Venom is already a spin-off of the Spider-Man series, and 2020 will mark the second film in the dark franchise. Tom Hardy plays the main character who is a journalist by day and a villainous anti-hero by night, thanks to his accidental alter-ego. 

  • 'Halloween Kills'


    Premieres: October 16, 2020

    Jamie Lee Curtis has returned to the Halloween series as her character Laurie Strode. She last appeared in 2018's Halloween, which set off a reboot of sorts to the Halloween franchise. It's set to be a trilogy with Halloween Kills coming out in 2020, and Halloween Ends hitting theaters in 2021.

  • 'Godzilla vs. Kong'


    Premieres: November 20, 2020

    This ultimate showdown is years in the making, with many stand-alone King Kong and Godzilla films coming out over time. Now the two giant monsters will meet for an epic battle -- and only one will be victorious.

  • 'The Princess Switch: Switched Again'


    Premieres: Late 2020

    If audiences thought that two Vanessa Hudgens characters were fun, just wait until the sequel where she plays three different characters. Vanessa will return as Duchess Margaret, baker Stacy, and new party girl Fiona who threatens to ruin their Christmastime plans.

  • 'Coming 2 America'


    Premieres: December 18, 2020

    Coming 2 America follows the events of the 1988 film Coming to America with Eddie Murphy reprising his starring role. In the movie, Prince Akeem Joffer is about to become king of his homeland when he learns he has an American son. So the prince heads to America to prep his long-lost child to one day inherit the throne.


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