20 Christmas Movies on Netflix for Hallmark-Loving Moms

Martha Sorren | Nov 25, 2019 Movies
20 Christmas Movies on Netflix for Hallmark-Loving Moms

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The beauty of a streaming giant like Netflix is that there's always something for everyone on the platform. It's filled to the brim with family-friendly movies, shows for kids, and holiday movies for moms who love Hallmark Christmas films. (Actually any Hallmark lover will like these films, but moms may find they resonate more or offer much needed escapism from the struggles of motherhood.)

Netflix offers a huge array of Christmas movie options. There are some mainstream theatrical releases -- such as The Grinch and Christmas with the Kranks -- along with Netflix originals for kids, teens, and adults. But it's the selection of Hallmark-esque films that really strike our fancy. Now, most of these didn't actually air on Hallmark, because it doesn't seem that the two networks have a partnership beyond some Hallmark shows streaming on the site. But these Netflix movies still have all the, well, hallmarks of a Hallmark film.

Hallmark holiday movies are usually romantic in theme with childhood friends, career enemies, or strangers falling in love over an hour and a half during the Christmas season. The movies usually end on a positive note, because no one wants to be sad during the holidays. The films on this list deliver on those tropes and happy feelings. There are divorces halted, hired boyfriends that become real boyfriends, little girls who get the moms they've asked Santa for, and more.

Let's say the actual movie airing on Hallmark right now is one we've already seen or we're not  particularly interested in. This list has 20 options that are always available, and there's a little something for everyone. Dog moms may enjoy A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale. Moms with new babies may enjoy A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. Moms who need a break from life should check out The Spirit of Christmas and its very hot male ghost. (Trust us, it's better than it sounds.)

There's all that and more ahead, so get to streaming!

  • 'Merry Kissmas'


    Kayla is engaged to be married to a high-profile (and egotistical) movie director, but she accidentally falls for a caterer when they share a magical kiss. Will she go with her heart or her head when it comes to choosing true love? 

    Ah, the struggles of young love.

  • 'You Can't Fight Christmas'

    Edmund is a Christmas Scrooge who's tired of seasonal traditions, and it's up to holiday decorator Leslie to change his mind about the most magical time of year. And along the way, these two may find another shared passion: each other. This movie is perfect for every Hallmark lover who starts celebrating in November (or before Halloween!) and wants to convince her partner to do the same.
  • 'Christmas in the Heartland'


    It's every mom's worst nightmare: We send our kid on a trip to stay with the grandparents, and she switches places with another kid instead. In Christmas in the Heartland, teenagers Kara and Jessie meet on the plane to visit their extended family for the first time, and they decide to swap places for a little Christmas fun. Fun for them, sure, but not so much for the worried families back home.

  • 'A Christmas Prince'


    For some holiday escapism, check out A Christmas Prince. The story follows Amber, an American journalist, who goes undercover at a palace and ends up falling for the prince. But since she's spun a web of lies to get close to him, will he ever be able to trust her?

  • 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'


    Loved A Christmas Prince? The sequel is also streaming on Netflix. Spoiler alert: Amber and Prince Richard are getting married, but the drama is only just beginning. Stay tuned to the end for a look at Amber's wedding dress which is, in a word, a choice.

  • 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby'


    How do royals handle pregnancy? Well, because Amber is a person of the people, perhaps she handles it just like us! This brand new movie is the third in the Christmas Prince franchise, and it hits Netflix on December 5.

  • 'Angels in the Snow'


    This movie is all about the magic of Christmas, family, and family at Christmas. When a winter storm forces a struggling married couple to house a family in need, they learn how important our loved ones really are.

  • 'How Sarah Got Her Wings'

    When a young angel child sees a once-loving couple start to split up, she decides to help bring them closer together before they can go through with their divorce. If only we all had 8-year-olds looking out for our love lives, huh?
  • 'Miss Me This Christmas'


    Christmas movies about divorce is apparently a popular genre. In Miss Me This Christmas, Regina and Franklin are in the process of separating so Regina's staying in a hotel. It happens to be the same one she got married in, which one would assume may make her rethink her divorce. But when she meets a handsome millionaire, her heart won't know what to do. 

    Let's all be glad our lives aren't so dramatic -- unless they are. If that's the case, then please sell the story rights to Netflix so we can have more of these movies.

  • 'Christmas Crush'


    Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett stars in this film about a woman whose high school reunion doesn't exactly go as planned. She's all prepared to show how well she's doing since graduating, but what she really learns is just how stuck in the past everyone else is. 

    Been there, girl.

  • 'A Holiday Engagement'


    Hillary's fancy fiancé breaks up with her right before the holidays, and she just can't handle showing up alone to Christmas dinner. As a perfectly rational solution, she hires an actor to play her boyfriend instead. 

    Thanks to Hallmark, now we're gonna be suspicious of anyone our kids ever bring home for Christmas.

  • 'Christmas with a View'

    This movie fully embraces the enemies-to-lovers trope, and it's such a fun watch. Clara works at a ski resort that just hired a fancy celebrity chef for the holiday season. She sees him as a threat to her own desire to work her way up in the restaurant business, but what starts out as hate could quickly turn to love. 
  • 'Christmas Wedding Planner'


    Kelsey is an aspiring wedding planner ... only she's never planned a wedding before. For some reason, her cousin still lets her take on her nuptial ceremony, which Kelsey threatens to ruin at almost every turn. Stick with this movie, because the twist ending is truly wild.

  • 'Christmas in the Smokies'

    We love a movie about family doing everything they can for each other, which is exactly what this holiday tale is about. In order to save her parents' berry farm, Shelby calls in a favor from her ex-boyfriend. He's a big time country star, and he may be willing to put on a benefit concert if it gets him back in proximity with Shelby for a second chance. 

  • 'The Spirit of Christmas'


    Technically this movie is called The Spirit of Christmas, but it could just as easily be called The Hot Ghost Holiday Movie. It follows the story of a modern-day woman who falls in love with the ghost haunting her bed and breakfast. He's not like any ghost we've ever seen, though. He's a hot ghost.

  • 'Christmas Inheritance'


    This movie teaches a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas when a socialite has to learn to give back before she can inherit her family's business. She's helped on her journey by the attractive inn owner, who is a do-gooder who is also good-looking.

  • 'When Calls The Heart' Christmas Specials


    One of Hallmark's most popular television shows is When Calls the Heart, which has done a couple of Christmas specials in recent years. Check out season four, episode one, and season five, episode one on Netflix for a little holiday cheer.

  • 'A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale'


    Moms with fur babies will appreciate this one. Two dog walkers unite to try to save a beloved dog park from being bulldozed for a salon. As they work together for their shared cause, they may realize they even share feelings for each other.

  • 'Dear Santa'


    This heartwarming Lifetime movie starts when privileged Crystal accidentally receives a letter from a young girl asking Santa for a new mom. Intrigued, she steps into the life of the girl and her widowed father, who runs a soup kitchen. Along the way, Crystal learns how to help others while getting what she wants -- and maybe granting a young girl's Christmas wish in the process.

  • 'Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas'


    Who doesn't love Mariah Carey singing Christmas songs? She's the queen of the holiday, after all. This Hallmark special streaming on Netflix is an hour of that. Truly a holiday miracle that everyone will want to watch and listen to on repeat this season.

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