First Trailer for 'Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' Has Fans So Excited

Rose McIver & Ben Lamb in 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby'

We've been watching Christmas movies for weeks at this point, and our new favorite is almost here. On Wednesday, Netflix dropped the trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, the third installment in its series about Queen Amber and King Richard -- aka, a total fan favorite. 

And yes, as we expected, it seems like everyone is looking forward to it.

  • The first 'Christmas Prince' movie premiered in 2017, with the sequel debuting a year later.

    It all started when Amber went undercover to investigate a prince, but she ended up falling in love -- and yes, this all happened at Christmas, as love stories do in all the best movies.

    In the second movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, Amber and Richard tied the knot, and now? They're becoming parents! 

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  • The trailer catches up with Amber and Richard as they're grappling with their pregnancy -- and even butting heads a bit. 

    Amber wants their child to grow up more like she did -- have a "normal" childhood, go to public school, we all know the drill. But that may not be possible, given that this baby will be the heir to the Aldovia throne ... and because the other royals aren't exactly into the way Amber does things.

    There's plenty of potential for drama here, especially given that Amber and Richard need to sign a treaty, and if they don't, the baby will be cursed.

    Uh oh ... 

  • Fans are already so excited for the new movie. 

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    These commenters aren't holding their excitement back. We totally saw this coming, though. Everyone talks about how much they love the Christmas Prince movies every year, so of course they're pumped another one is on its way. 

    Wait -- is Christmas really that close? 

    We better start shopping ... 

  • 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' is out December 5. 

    Yes, we wish it was out right this second, but at least an early December release means that there will be plenty of time for repeat viewings before Christmas is actually here.

    Now, we need to go rewatch the first two movies to prepare. 

    It's necessary! 

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