Jenna Dewan's Boyfriend's New Lifetime Movie Caused a Fight With My Husband

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Alyssa Milano & Steve Kazee star in Tempting Fate
Courtesy of Lifetime

Like most mothers who need a break and mental escape from the chaos known as our lives, I have been known to indulge in a "mom movie" or two that often has me hanging out on the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime. Admittedly, my DVR is almost at capacity as "Christmas in July" films and beyond are piling up. In my grand attempt to find the time to binge with some Milk Duds in peace, I recently recorded (and watched) a 2019 film on Lifetime that, to my surprise, starred Jenna Dewan's boyfriend and father of her baby on the way.

And after 120 minutes getting roped into the most suburban Jerry Springer Show plot with Maury "You are the father!" undertones, I get why she's with Steve Kazee

  • Lifetime recently aired 'Tempting Fate,' which had me do a double take after seeing the dad who looked very familiar.

    Beatrice Kitsos, Steve Kazee, Alyssa Milano, and Magda Apanowicz star in Tempting Fate
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    If we're being technical, this "new" Lifetime movie came out in June -- but it's newish as it premiered this year. The premise is pretty much a giveaway in the title: Someone got a tempting itch and scratched it good. (This is a Lifetime movie after all.)

    Alyssa Milano plays Gabby, a wife, mom of two, and furniture maven, who has the perfect house (seriously, it's Chip and Joanna Gaines level), what looks to be the perfect marriage (Steve plays her husband, Elliott), and the perfect setup. The only problem is that her husband secretly got a vasectomy (come on, Elliott!), she desperately wants another child, her bestie just got pregnant, and her man is so wrapped up in work and life that he's not paying attention to her.

    Enter 33-year-old and maybe millionaire Matt (Zane Holtz) she coincidentally meets while out when her husband and daughters are away on a father-daughter trip.

    Hence, Tempting Fate

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  • I was getting Jeffrey Dean Morgan vibes, and that's when I knew the father in 'Tempting Fate' was Jenna's man.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 5 - Photo
    Jace Downs/AMC

    We can save discussions about The Walking Dead for another day. Just know that Jeffrey the Dean Morgan is the snackiest of snacks -- period.

  • I never watched Steve on 'Shameless' or any of his other projects, so this was the first time I've seen him up close and speaking lines.

    Steve Kazee stars in Tempting Fate
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Elliott is the cutest husband (no really, he's super cute) and is one of those dads who's down-to-earth and caring. Throughout the movie, I wondered how much art imitated life, as I can totally picture Steve wearing simple shirts and casually going about his day surrounded by nothing but women as the sole dude of the house.

    That's pretty much happening in real life as he's with Jenna, who has 6-year-old daughter Everly. Although we don't know the gender of Jenna and Steve's baby (they're keeping it a secret), for now, he's outnumbered and is quite happy that way.

  • On paper, Elliott seemed like a good husband, and that's where the argument began with my own, who came in the bedroom and started watching ...

    Alyssa Milano and Steve Kazee star in Tempting Fate
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Sidenote: Does anyone else hate it when someone comes into a room while you're watching something only to ask 50 million questions, like he or she is working for the FBI? Do you not see me invested in what I'm looking at? Unless the house is burning down, or one of the kids needs to go to the ER, why are you not waiting until the commercial break to ask your general questions Google could easily help you out with?

    I digress ...

  • Aside from him rolling his eyes at me watching the love scene (I didn't put it in there), we started arguing over Gabby's infidelity.

    Alyssa Milano and Zane Holtz star in Tempting Fate
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    For the record, I am not saying I approve of Alyssa Milano's character (or anyone in real life) stepping out on his or her spouse. 

    What I am, however, saying is that life has gray areas, and people make mistakes. But somehow, that's me signing off on being pro-cheating, leading to questions about what I would do should I be in this Lifetime situation.

    And my answer is simple: Are we talking about me as Tanvier in real life, or me as a character in a scripted movie for a network that's all about cheating, scandal, twisted relatives, and crime? 'Cause the answer isn't going to be the same (LOL).

  • It's not my fault Elliott paid more attention to everything but his wife.

    Tempting Fate cast
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    As I said before, he's a great father and a seemingly nice man. But as a husband, he had some shortcomings -- like going on a work trip in New Mexico when your wife planned a needed getaway during the girls' spring break for you two to reconnect. Dude didn't even look up from his computer to see the hurt and disappointment on his wife's face when he told her the trip is a no-go.

    I'm not saying that equates to cheating ... I'm just saying I see the buildup to it.

  • And that doesn't equate to me cheering her on to throw her panties at another man after a series of text messages and a furniture reveal, either.

    Alyssa Milano stars in Tempting Fate
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    (She didn't throw her panties at Matt ... but did eventually give in, so they came down.)

    If anything, Tempting Fate highlights how easy it can be to let desire manifest in areas it shouldn't and the ramifications of those consequences. Spouse ignored spouse. Spouse found solace in another that lead to texting, flirting, and booties giggling in the work barn while the family was away.

    Again, I don't condone it, but I knew -- aside from the giveaway title -- something was bound to happen. There was a whole bunch of other stuff that happened (the infidelity happened early on), but I won't ruin it or the ending that was another point of disagreement (LOL).

  • 'Tempting Fate' should not be watched with husbands who think the Elliotts of the world have no hand in the demise of a Lifetime movie marriage.

    Zane Holtz, Alyssa Milano and Steve Kazee star in Tempting Fate
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    What started as playful banter during a movie I was obviously trying to watch turned into a somewhat serious conversation about stepping out and second chances.

    "Are we really going to act like people can't be taken back?" I asked my man, perplexed AF, between commercials. "Did your cousin not feel the warmth of forgiveness after stepping out on his wife?"

    Oh yeah, we can get into real-life examples. Obviously, I can't finish this wild movie in peace, so what's up?

  • ... but you can try if you want to.

    Though a man's guide to surviving Hallmark movies is floating around, I don't think the gents should watch Lifetime movies, and this experience proves why. Granted, my husband and I speak sarcasm like a foreign language, I really do think he felt some kind of way about me watching this movie (LOL).

    So, ladies, let's just keep these to ourselves.

  • With that said, I can definitely see why Jenna Dewan is with Steve Kazee.

    Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee
    Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

    Based on what I see of those two, I highly doubt Steve is pulling an Elliott in real life by ignoring Jenna. I do, however, feel his warmth and nice guy-ness from the movie wasn't hard for him as it seems he's genuinely a nice person.

    And that kissing scene in the beginning of Tempting Fate? Yeah, I see why Jenna and Steve have a baby on the way!

    (Sidenote: Peep the Jefrrey Dean Morgan/Negan vibes Steve is giving us with this leather jacket. I'm just sayin'.)

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