13 Famous TV and Movie Houses Fans Can Rent by the Night

Nicole Pomarico | Oct 28, 2019 Movies
13 Famous TV and Movie Houses Fans Can Rent by the Night

Bella Swan house from 'Twilight'; Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison in Twilight
Airbnb; Summit Entertainment

Ever watch a TV show or movie and think Whoa, I wish I could live there for real? Thanks to the rise of Airbnb, that's now totally possible ... well, sort of. There are a lot of Airbnbs that were used for some of our favorite shows and movies, making it possible for everyone from Downton Abbey fans to fans of The Bachelorette to live their dreams for a night or two. Although some will certainly hit our wallets where it hurts, in a lot of cases, these experiences are actually a lot more affordable than some might think.

Like all listings, these vary greatly. Some are for the whole house, whereas others are simply for a private room inside a home. Many of them are enthusiastically listed by owners excited to share the magic with fellow fans -- and they all have house rules that should be followed by anyone who decides to stay there. (Sorry, that means that actually making meth in the house from Breaking Bad is off the table.)

For fans of reality TV, there's something awesome waiting too -- such as a chateau featured on Real Housewives and a house that Chip and Joanna Gaines remodeled and decorated on the HGTV favorite Fixer Upper. There's truly something for everyone here, and these rentals offer up a much more unique experience than guests would get at a traditional hotel.

Read on for houses available to rent that have been used in films and TV shows for real. Whether fans will be in the area already or are planning a visit around these destinations, it should make for a pretty memorable experience ... and some seriously cool Instagram photos.

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  • Bella Swan's House From 'Twilight'


    The Twilight phase has officially passed, but there are definitely still some hardcore fans out there. And now, all their dreams can come true by staying at the Twilight Swan House for $330 per night. The house, which is in St. Helens, Oregon, sleeps up to nine guests.

  • The Windmill From 'The Bachelorette'


    Remember where Hannah Brown and Pilot Peter had their overnight date and allegedly "did the do" four times? Now, that magical experience can be any Bachelorette fan's for the low, low price of $72 per night -- and a plane ticket to Nikithianos, Greece, of course. Perfect for a girls' night or plan a more personal Fantasy Suite date in this Airbnb.

  • Shosana's Tokyo Loft From 'Girls'


    When Shosh took Tokyo on Girls, she stayed in a loft that somehow matched both her personality and the vibe we think of when we think about Japan. It's adorable, colorful, and, yes, available on Airbnb. For $198 a night, fans can stay in this perfectly Instagrammable loft -- for a minimum of three nights, of course.

  • 'Fixer Upper' House


    Most of us will never get the chance to live in a house that Chip and Joanna Gaines remodeled, but this is the next best thing. Any fans planning a trip to Waco might want to consider staying in a house that was featured on Fixer Upper, like this one. For $340 per night, stay in the house that was fixed up in season two, episode nine.

  • Tony Stark's Cabin From 'Avengers: Endgame'


    Ever wanted to feel like Iron Man? Now, fans can finally escape to Tony's lakeside cabin in the woods, just 20 minutes from Atlanta. The bad news? It's pricey. Stays are $800 a night, but up to six people can stay, because they'll have the cabin all to themselves.

  • House From 'Breaking Bad'


    Used in the filming of season five, episode three -- where Jesse and Walter cooked up meth while pretending to be pest control -- this Airbnb is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Reasonably priced at $165 a night, the house sleeps up to 16 guests across four bedrooms, which is pretty impressive. And now that El Camino is finally here, what better way to celebrate?

  • House From 'Definitely, Maybe'


    Fans of the Ryan Reynolds' rom-com are going to love this! Unfortunately, just a private bedroom is available in this charming house where the movie was filmed, but for $75 a night, who's complaining? This movie served as Ryan's character's home with his daughter, played by Abigail Breslin.

  • 'Sherlock' Filming Location


    Used in the filming of shows such as Sherlock and Doctor Who, this castle-like home is worth a stop while in South Wales. At $509 per night, up to 10 guests will have the entire house to themselves. It's called "Listed Luxury," and it certainly seems to live up to the name.

  • Cottage From 'Murder, She Wrote'


    Located in Albion, California, this cottage is the same one used for exterior shots in Murder She Wrote. It's a sweet little escape for just $149 a night. And who knows? Maybe it'll serve for a little inspiration.

  • Villa Sophia From 'Entourage'


    Loved the Entourage finale and the movie? This is the perfect villa to crash in during a trip to LA. Described as an "Italian-style hillside retreat," for an estimated $395 per night, fans can stay in the guest house on the property.

  • Chateau From 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'


    Reality fans are going to love this one, but they might want to sit down before they hear the price. To stay in the French chateau from RHOBH, it'll cost $4,672 a night. The good news: It sleeps 15, so that's a lot of friends to split that price. 

    Oh, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married here too -- NBD.

  • Highclere Castle from 'Downton Abbey'


    In celebration of the Downton Abbey movie, Highclere Castle, the iconic filming location for the series, was available for a one night stay for the fastest clicking fan on Airbnb. Priced at $159 for the evening (for two guests), it included a tour of the castle, as well as meals. (What more could a fan want?) Though the deal is no longer available, maybe it will pop up again in the future?

  • MTV 'Jersey Shore' House


    Fans of Jersey Shore can get their gym, tan, laundry on in this famous reality show house. Word is this Seaside Heights abode is available to rent for about $3,000 a night that has six bedrooms -- including one for smushing, just like on the show.

  • Honorable Mention: Barbie's Malibu Dream House

    Barbie's Malibu Dream House

    Most of us who grew up loving Barbies also grew up wishing we could live in the Malibu Dream House, and for $60 a night, it was available for a two night stay. It was just a promotion, so the chance is gone now, but we can dream. It looked identical to the toy we loved as kids, but real.

    (Hey, maybe it will come back.)

  • Honorable Mention: 1950s Barbie Dream House


    Although the aforementioned Barbie dream house isn't available to rent anymore, this one is. This 1959 Barbie dream house was designed by Donald Wexler and boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Located in Palm Springs, this dream home can accommodate up to eight people and goes for about $339 per night.

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