21 Childhood Throwbacks Available to Stream on Disney+

Martha Sorren | Nov 12, 2019 Movies
21 Childhood Throwbacks Available to Stream on Disney+
Image: Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The cast of Boy Meets World
Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Our November just a lot more nostalgic now that the list of movies and shows that are streaming on Disney+ are available. The online network is  absolutely filled with fan favorites -- from way back in the 1940s all the way through 2019. But it's the 1990s shows and films on the platform is what really has us excited. It's been more than two decades since we've seen some of these Disney classics, and we just can't wait to watch them again.

As a bonus, the recent Disney and Fox merger also means that Disney+ will be streaming some old Fox properties as well. Now that Disney+ is officially unveiled, we cannot wait binge watch. It costs $6.99 a month to access the over 300 new and throwback titles on the site.

Disney+ isn't just adding old titles, though. The streaming site is going the Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix route of creating its own content. We're talking a Lizzie McGuire reboot, a Home Alone reboot, new Marvel projects, and Star Wars shows -- and a new take on High School Musical called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

(For real.)

All these new projects are likely to be exclusive to the streaming site, so between the throwback movies and shows and all these in-the-works ideas, people who sign up for a subscription are certainly getting their money's worth. There's so much content on the platform to browse.

Disney is known for locking some of their more popular movies in the infamous "Disney Vault," only letting them out to be seen every once in a while. With Disney+, it feels like we're inside the vault. We forgot some of these epic '90s projects existed, and we're so excited to see them again. Here are 21 that everyone is gonna want to stream right away come November 12.

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  • 'Hocus Pocus'


    Max, his sister, and a friend accidentally awake three witches when they visit an abandoned house in Salem, Massachusetts. The witches want their revenge after being executed centuries earlier, and they'll do whatever it takes. So the kids must band together to put an end to the women's plan to turn themselves into evil, immortal beings.

    It was recently announced that a Hocus Pocus sequel is also coming to Disney+, giving new life to the 1993 original.

  • 'Tom and Huck'


    Starring every young girl's '90s crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, this movie is loosely based on Mark Twain's book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It follows Tom (played by JTT) and Huck (Brad Renfro) who witness someone's life taken. When the wrong person is charged with the crime, they work together to clear the innocent man's name.

  • 'Sister Act'

    In this movie, Whoopi Goldberg plays a singer who's forced into witness protection after she witnesses the mob take someone out. She's hidden away at a convent as a nun, but she has a very different personality than the rest of her sisters. Soon, she totally shakes up the choir, leading to some of the most memorable '90s movie song performances.
  • 'X-Men: The Animated Series'

    This animated series ran for six years in the '90s and didn't just follow the traditional X-Men that most of us know (like Wolverine). A whole host of Marvel superheroes showed up throughout the series as they joined forces to combat evil villains. Even Captain America made an appearance.
  • 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'


    Whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie has long been debated. But, if it's considered a Christmas movie, then it's heading to Disney+ just in time for some pre-holiday viewing. The story follows the King of Halloween Town as he's suddenly thrust into snowy Christmas Town and forced to impersonate Santa Claus.

  • 'Boy Meets World'


    Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Mr. Feeny ... the gang's all here -- or they will be on Disney+ in November. The streaming site is going to have all seven seasons of Boys Meets World available for viewing. And we just know that once we start re-watching, we won't be able to stop.

  • 'Blank Check'

    At 11, Preston nearly gets run over by a fleeing crook who quickly gives the boy a blank check to remedy the situation. But when Preston cashes the check for a million dollars, he'll soon have a whole criminal gang on his tail. Fortunately, he gets to go on a wild spending spree first. It's every kid's dream.
  • 'The Sandlot'


    A group of sandlot baseball players join forces to help newcomer Scottie Smalls out. He had borrowed a signed baseball from his dad to play a game, and then accidentally hit it over the fence. The kids use all their smarts to help Scottie get it back in this heartwarming film.

  • 'Camp Nowhere'


    Tired of their traditional summer camps, Morris "Mud" Himmel and his friends devise a sneaky plan. They hire a fake counselor and rent a campground to start their own summer camp where kids can have fun. Soon, though, their parents stop by for a visit and threaten to expose their secret trick.

  • 'Life With Mikey'


    In Life With Mikey, famed Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox plays Michael Chapman, a former child star. Michael has since grown up and started a talent agency, where he recruits an up-and-coming child star who ends up shaking up his whole life.

  • 'A Kid in King Arthur's Court'

    Time travel is a popular movie concept, but this one had a twist on the genre. In A Kid in King Arthur's Court, a little league baseball player accidentally travels back in time to Camelot thanks to an intense earthquake in modern day California. Once in the Middle Ages, Calvin Fuller is recruited by Merlin to save Camelot and all who live there.
  • 'Spider-Man: The Animated Series'


    While the Spider-Man live-action movies won't yet be on Disney+, this 1994 animated series will. Created by Stan Lee and voiced by The Brady Bunch Movie star Christopher Daniel Barnes, the cartoon follows the trials and tribulations of Peter Parker as he becomes Spider-Man and works to save his city from evil.

  • 'Muppet Treasure Island'


    Jim Henson's gang of Muppets put their own spin on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island story in this 1996 film. The group hits the high seas to find pirate treasure, but there's a traitor in the crew who has a different idea for what to spend the money on.

  • 'A Goofy Movie'

    A true Disney classic, A Goofy Movie follows Goofy's son Max, who's focused on making headway with his crush Roxanne. His plans go awry when Goofy decides to take a father-son road trip to bond. The ensuing journey always makes us laugh, cry, wince, and smile. It's truly an iconic animated film.
  • 'First Kid'


    Sinbad stars in First Kid as a former boxer who becomes a Secret Service agent for the president. After he's tasked with watching the president's teenage son, he realizes he's in over his head with the unruly kid. But what starts as an antagonistic relationship could turn into a true friendship after so much time spent together. It'll warm the coldest of hearts.

  • 'Kazaam'


    Not to be confused with the made-up movie Shazaam starring Sinbad that never existed -- despite many people claiming it did -- Kazaam starred NBA player Shaquille O'Neal as a genie who gets released by a young kid. The child is told that he gets three wishes, but he just has one: to reunite with his dad. Too bad Kazaam is too busy trying to start a music career to care much.

  • 'Smart Guy'


    Smart Guy ran for three seasons in the '90s and stars Tahj Mowry, Tia and Tamera's younger brother. He plays 10-year-old T.J. Henderson, who is way smarter than kids his age. He skipped six grades and is now in high school -- which presents a whole hilarious set of challenges for him, his teenage siblings, and the people he goes to school with.

  • 'Three Men and a Little Lady'


    This movie is a sequel to the 1987 film, Three Men and a Baby. In the second installment to the franchise, which was released in 1990, young Mary and her actress mother live with Mary's dad and two male friends who have all helped out with raising Mary. It's sort of the movie version of Full Houseand it stars a young Ted Danson and Tom Selleck.

  • 'Newsies'


    Before it was a hit Broadway musical, Newsies was a 1992 movie. The film version is also a musical, and it chronicles the events of the real life 1899 New York City newsboy strike. It also stars a young Christian Bale in one of his first big roles.

  • 'The Rocketeer'

    The 1991 film The Rocketeer has it all. There's a superhero origin story, a pilot who falls in love with an actress, an attempted Nazi takeover, an accidental jetpack discovery, and more. The movie is based on a series of comic books of the same name by Dave Stevens, and it's quite a roller-coaster ride.
  • 'Recess'


    A group of sixth graders band together on the playground during recess to make sure no one messes with one another. There are a ton of different personality types in the group, which makes it easy for viewers to identify with. And no matter how different they are, the friendships run as deep as they come.

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