18 Hallmark Movies Perfect for Halloween

Martha Sorren | Oct 24, 2019 Movies
18 Hallmark Movies Perfect for Halloween
Image: Christos Kalohoridis/Crown Media

Christopher Russell, Autumn Reeser in Midnight Masquerade
Christos Kalohoridis/Crown Media

Usually, the Hallmark Channel is known for its winter holiday programming. The network has 24 original movies coming for its 2019 Countdown to Christmas, and they begin airing before Halloween. Still, just because the network is known for one thing doesn't mean it doesn't do a lot of other things. Beginning in 2015, the channel started its Fall Harvest lineup, releasing new fall and Halloween Hallmark movies to celebrate the spookiest month of the year. 

Still, not as much attention is paid to Fall Harvest. (The network only released three new films as part of that programming in 2019.) That makes sense, considering audiences aren't necessarily flocking to watch Hallmark for its movies about changing leaves and pumpkin patches.

But just because there are fewer Fall Harvest entries doesn't mean the films aren't up to the usual Hallmark movie caliber.

Many of the channel's staple actors can be seen in these stories, including leading ladies like Ashley Williams, Julie Gonzalo, and Lindy Booth -- as well as male love interests, like Wes Brown, Benjamin Ayres, and Jesse Hutch. These movies feature romantic story lines about competing pie bakers, pumpkin growing contests, family farms threatened by big city lawyers, and more. 

All the classic Hallmark content. 

Though Fall Harvest is technically over (the Good Witch Halloween special closed the programming on October 19), many of these movies are still available to watch online or throughout the Hallmark scheduling season -- making them perfect for Halloween.

So without further ado, here's what to watch.
  • 'October Kiss'

    Sam Jaeger and Ashley Williams in October Kiss
    Bettina Strauss/Crown Media

    Poppy (played by How I Met Your Mother's Ashley Williams) takes on a job as Ryan's (played by Parenthood's Sam Jaeger) nanny. She's a temporary fill-in during the Halloween season, but she soon becomes a lasting part of Ryan's and his children's lives. This movie is filled to the witch's brim with Halloween spirit, from giant pumpkin patches to costume parties to over-the-top spooky decorations.

    October Kiss has it all.

  • 'Pumpkin Pie Wars'

    Julie Gonzalo, Lucia Franglione, Eric Aragon in Pumpkin Pie Wars
    Bettina Strauss/Crown Media

    A generational feud is put to the test in this film when Casey and Sam, the children of competing bakery owners, face off in a pumpkin pie contest. But since the battle between them was passed down instead of earned, they may soon find themselves in a Romeo and Juliet situation. Hopefully their love story goes a little better.

  • 'Good Witch: Halloween'

    Rhys Matthew Bond, Bailee Madison Good Witch: Halloween
    Brooke Palmer/Crown Media

    Hallmark's Good Witch series is known for its annual Halloween specials, and this was its first. The plot follows Cassie as she prepares for the harvest festival while also transforming her bed and breakfast into a haunted house. The story line all takes place with Halloween quickly approaching, and the spooky vibes can be felt throughout.

  • 'Falling for Vermont'

    Julie Gonzalo, Benjamin Ayres, Christian Michael Cooper in Falling For Vermont
    Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media

    Angela Young is a successful author who just wants a day off. Frustrated by the constant whir of appearances and book signings, she tells her team, "I want to go apple picking or carve a pumpkin, come on guys it's fall." 

    She soon gets more than she bargained for when a car crash leaves her unable to remember anything about her former life. Without anywhere to go, she begins a new life in the countryside, complete with fall festivals, bobbing for apples, and that pumpkin carving she craved so much. If she ever remembers the life she left behind, will she even want to go back?

  • 'Hoops & Yoyo's Haunted Halloween'


    This animated Halloween special is a little different than Hallmark's usual romantic movie offerings. It features Hoops and Yoyo, two Hallmark card characters that became so popular, the network gave them their own fall holiday special. 

    In the movie, Hoops and Yoyo are trying desperately to find Halloween costumes, but they accidentally get locked inside the mall at night, which seems pretty haunted after dark.

  • 'The Good Witch's Destiny'

    Catherine Bell in The Good Witch’s Destiny
    Russ Martin/Crown Media

    When Cassie disappears right before her October 24 birthday, her friends fear for the worst. But a Halloween costume party may be the perfect place for her to re-appear to ring in the spooky season with her loved ones.

  • 'Harvest Moon'

    Jessy Schram and Jesse Hutch in Harvest Moon
    Bettina Strauss/Crown Media

    Jen Stone leaves her precious city life behind to help out on her father's pumpkin farm. She's there to turn the business around, but farm manager Brett doesn't see eye to eye with Jen's proposed changes. Of course, he may change his mind once he starts falling in love.

  • 'Oliver's Ghost'

    Martin Mull and the Oliver's Ghost cast in the attic
    Crown Media
    In this spooky movie, a young boy named Oliver befriends a ghost named Clive who lives in his house. Clive is abut as friendly a ghost as they come, but he hates Halloween. Together, Clive and Oliver bond over their struggles, and Clive helps Oliver connect with the real world even as he spends more time in the spirit world.
  • 'Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House'

    Sarah Power, Catherine Bell in Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House
    Shane Mahood/Crown Media

    Cassie plans a launch event for an author whose magical book setting is eerily similar to her hometown. She helps transform the city into the Halloween-themed novel setting for a book-come-to-life feel. It helps make everything spooky for the season.

  • 'Growing the Big One'

    Shannen Doherty in Growing the Big One
    Chris Helcermanas-Benge/Crown Media

    Shannen Doherty stars as Emma in this pumpkin-filled movie. The plot follows Emma's attempt to grow the biggest pumpkin so she can win a contest and save her grandfather's farm. Along the way, she meets the farm's neighbor Seth, who helps her grow the pumpkin and also her love.

  • 'Love, of Course'

    Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison in Love, of Course
    Steven Ackerman/Crown Media

    Nothing says Halloween like a harvest festival filled with apple picking, pumpkin bowling, and more. Amy (played by Gossip Girl alum Kelly Rutherford) is in charge of planning this year's events, and she begins to fall for her co-harvest planner, Noah. But everything could be ruined if Noah chooses to take a job away from Amy in Australia ...

  • 'Good Witch: Spellbound'

    Bailee Madison in Good Witch: Spellbound
    Shane Mahood/Crown Media

    On Halloween night, a mysterious prophecy threatens to come true and ruin Cassie's annual party. It's set to enact a curse on the whole town unless Cassie and her friends can stop it in time and save Middleton from yet another spooky situation.

  • 'Autumn in the Vineyard'

    Brendan Penny, Rachael Leigh Cook in Autumn in the Vineyard
    Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media

    Frankie and Nate both own one half of a vineyard, and they're each determined to win the Best Wine contest at the Autumn Harvest festival. Because that's what the Halloween season is about -- competition. Don't worry, they'll almost certainly fall in love and merge their winery halves into a whole.

  • 'Midnight Masquerade'

    Christopher Russell and Autumn Reeser in Midnight Masquerade
    Christos Kalohoridis/Crown Media

    Elyse inherits a candy company that is suddenly thrust into a lawsuit with a rival business. Good thing she has lawyer Rob on her side ... and the potential for a romance with him. But she won't know for sure if they're meant to be until he comes to the Halloween costume ball to sweep her off her feet.

  • 'Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts'

    Catherine Bell in good witch tale of two hearts
    Shane Mahood/Crown Media

    Cassie and her friends are preparing for the Halloween harvest festival, which they hope will outdo their rival town's festival. But when the Heart of Middleton jewel goes missing, everything could be ruined -- including some of the Halloween romances. Good thing Cassie is on the case! 

  • 'Love, Fall & Order'

    Erin Cahill in Love, Fall & Order
    Fred Hayes/Crown Media

    Claire's family pumpkin business is in trouble and she's forced to go to court to save the business. The opposing lawyer is threatening her family's livelihood, but he's also just handsome enough to fall in love with. Can Claire change his mind before he destroys everything she's worked so hard to build?

  • 'Under the Autumn Moon'

    Wes Brown in Under the Autumn Moon
    Allen Fraser/Crown Media

    Alex visits a ranch with the intention of buying it for her company's corporate retreats, but she hits a snag when the man who owns the place isn't quite as willing to sell. He wants her to stay and learn about its history first. With all those pumpkins, autumn leaves, and rural fall magic at hand, it seems like she'll quickly be won over by the country style of life.

  • 'Good Witch: Curse From a Rose'

    Sarah Powers in Good Witch: Curse from a Rose
    Ben Mark Holzberg/Crown Media

    The 2019 Good Witch Halloween episode introduces Cassie's old college roommate Autumn. She threatens to ruin all of Middleton's seasonal plans when she suddenly shows up at Cassie's bed and breakfast. But it wouldn't be Halloween at Grey House without some drama, and Cassie's well prepared to handle it by the time the clock strikes midnight on October 31.

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