Lifetime's 2019 Christmas Movie Lineup Has 28 New Films on the Way

Martha Sorren | Oct 16, 2019 Movies
Lifetime's 2019 Christmas Movie Lineup Has 28 New Films on the Way
Image: Courtesy of Lifetime

Ali Liebert & Jake Epstein star in A Storybook Christmas
Courtesy of Lifetime

Christmas starts before Halloween on Lifetime, which recently revealed the holiday movies that are part of the 2019"/It's a Wonderful Lifetime" slate of programming. This year, Lifetime has 28 new Christmas movies coming to the channel from October through December. It's a whopping 10 more original films than the network produced for the 2018 holiday season.

The flicks embrace many of our favorite Christmas movie tropes. There are exes reunited by snowstorms, baking competitions that lead to love, widowed single parents finding romance again, and plenty of adventures that take city slickers and bring them back to their quaint Christmassy hometowns for the holidays.

Among the titles are tons of A-listers who are getting into the Christmas spirit for their films. Viewers can catch Sabrina the Teenage Witch stars Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye in two of the movies. (Sadly, they're not in one together). There's also set to be a One Tree Hill reunion in A Christmas Wish, which stars Hilarie Burton and Tyler Hilton.

The Hallmark Channel, which competes with Lifetime in the original Christmas programming category, has 24 new holiday films coming to that network as well. So viewers can alternate between Lifetime and Hallmark all season long to get their Christmas fill starting before Halloween and going all the way up to Christmas.

(There can never be too many holiday movies!)

The first one on Lifetime airs on October 25, and it's called Sweet Mountain Christmas. For the lowdown on that film and the 27 others coming to Lifetime, keep reading.

  • 'Sweet Mountain Christmas'

    Megan Hilty & Marcus Rosner star in Sweet Mountain Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: October 25

    Broadway star Megan Hilty plays a country music singer in this movie. She hit it big at 17 and got right out of her small hometown. But when a bad snowstorm touches down near Christmas, she gets stranded where she grew up and roped into the town's holiday musical. It may not turn out for the worst when she meets a handsome snowplower.

  • 'The Road Home for Christmas'

    Rob Mayes & Marla Sokoloff star in The Road Home for Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: October 26

    Full House star Marla Sokoloff (she played Stephanie's friend, Gia) is all grown up and playing the lead in one of Lifetime's new holiday films. She stars as musician Lindsay who has a dueling piano act with musician Wes. With no shows to play on Christmas Eve, they decide to road trip home together -- and they may just fall in love along the way.

  • 'No Time Like Christmas'

    Ed Ruttle & Kyla Pratt star in No Time Like Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: October 27

    Emma's sister sets her up with her former college flame who now has a daughter. The two quickly reconnect and join together to save a local theater. Having a common Christmastime good-deed goal is the best way to fall in love in these movies.

  • 'Christmas Reservations'

    Melissa Joan Hart & Michael Gross star in Christmas Reservations
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 2

    Melissa Joan Hart stars as event coordinator Holly who works at her family's ski lodge. Her holidays get a blast from the past when her (now widowed) college boyfriend checks in for a stay and brings his two kids along for the ride. The couple may not have had the right timing in school, but the Christmas season might be enough to rekindle their love.

  • 'Always and Forever Christmas'

    Different decoration, toy for xmas tree on christmas market, close up of cozy handmade hearts
    romrodinka/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 3

    Lucy inherits her grandfather's Christmas shop and makes the trek back to her hometown to check on things before she decides to sell it off. Once there, she may succumb to its holiday charms -- and the charms of a local diner owner -- and keep the store running after all.

  • 'Radio Christmas

    Keshia Knight Pulliam stars in Radio Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 9

    Another small-town focused holiday movie, this one centers on DJ Kara Porter who is forced to broadcast her Christmas show from a tiny town called Bethlehem. Determined to stand out, she decides to track down the town's Secret Santa for her radio show. She learns a lesson about love, family, and the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

  • 'A Sweet Christmas'

    Loretta Devine star in A Sweet Christmas
    ersler/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 10

    Nothing goes together better than baked goods and Christmas. This movie has both. Food stylist Holly (yes, she's the second character named Holly in these films thus far) decides to chase her dreams of becoming a cook. The Lifetime synopsis for this film literally ruins the ending, so we won't. But just know it involves a baking contest, a rival cooking competitor, and love -- of course.

  • 'Christmas a la Mode'

    Katie Leclerc & Ryan Cooper star in Christmas a la Mode
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 15

    A struggling family dairy farm faces being sold off until part-owner Emily invents a holiday ice cream flavor and it goes viral. Will the increased attention help Emily save her family's legacy in time for Christmas?

  • 'Christmas in Louisiana'

    Baked cookies for Christmas celebration
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 16

    Sarah Winter doesn't just have the perfect last name for the holiday season, she was also Miss Christmas as a young girl in Louisiana. When she returns home as an adult, she runs into the former Mister Christmas from her childhood and sparks fly. Their rekindled romance could be hot enough to melt even the coldest of winters.

  • 'Random Acts of Christmas'

    Christmas gingerbread in chocolate, a mug of tea, books and shining garland on a wooden
    yul38885 yul38885/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 17

    This movie's synopsis is filled with intrigue as it hints that someone may not be who they say they are. Investigative journalist Sydney is looking into the mystery person doing random acts of good this holiday season in her town, and she meets a competing journalist, named Cole, who is investigating the same story. She falls for him, but he may be lying about his true identity and intentions. Drama, drama, drama. 

  • 'The Magical Christmas Shoes'

    Female and male legs in stylish shoes and bright socks
    Sviatlana Barchan/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 22

    The Christmas season is filled with magic, and so is this movie. It tells the story of a magical pair of shoes that help Kayla rekindle her love for the holidays while finding her love for the holidays. 

    If only such a pair of shoes existed IRL.

  • 'Twinkle All the Way'

    Wedding ring
    MikeyGen73/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 23

    Former Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew stars in this holiday special as a wedding planner who's also a single mom. She's hard at work on a holiday marriage ceremony and partners up with a man who runs a Christmas decoration and lights company to outfit the wedding venue. Turns out, he's also a single dad. Will they come together to create one whole family for Christmas?

    Bet on it.

  • 'Christmas 9 to 5'

    Beautiful festive Christmas storefront with decorated artificial Christmas trees and toys
    MaximFesenko/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 24

    Journalist Jennifer Clarke gets what may be a literally impossible assignment when she's assigned an article on what the true meaning of Christmas is. She goes undercover at a department store, where she works from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but she quickly learns that the holiday isn't really about shopping at all.

  • 'A Very Vintage Christmas'

    Patricia Richardson, Jesse Hutch & Tia Mowry-Hardrict star in A Very Vintage Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 27

    Sister, Sister actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict plays Dodie, the owner of an antique shop in a small town. One day, she comes across a treasure box in her shop and becomes obsessed with returning the mementos inside to its original owner. The new guy in her building soon joins her in the search, and she may find love with him along the way.

  • 'A Christmas Wish'

    Hilarie Burton stars in A Christmas Wish
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 28

    In a small Louisiana town, Faith makes a wish to find true love and meets a handsome man named Andrew the very. next. day. But he may not turn out to be her true love after all when her best friend Wyatt starts seeming like more of a perfect match than Andrew.

  • 'Staging Christmas'

    George Stults & Soleil Moon Frye star in Staging Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: November 29

    Former Punky Brewster and Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Soleil Moon Frye stars as Lori in this new holiday film. Lori stages houses for sale but is suddenly given an unexpected task from a wealthy single father. He asks her to stage his home for the holidays to cheer up his daughter. And while his house may not really be for sale, his heart sure seems up for grabs.

  • 'Merry Liddle Christmas'

    Defocused bright christmas room
    Nastco/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 30

    According to Entertainment Weekly, this movie is based on a real "Christmas catastrophe" that happened to Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland. In the film, she plays tech entrepreneur Jacquie who suddenly has to play host to her eclectic family for the holidays. But letting a little merry mess into her life may help Jacquie see past her own strict rules and maybe even fall for her hot neighbor. 

    Rowland is married in real life, so that neighbor plot line seems to have been invented just for the romance factor in the movie.

  • 'You Light Up My Christmas'

    Holiday Christmas lights
    ArtBoyMB/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 1

    Lifetime is billing this movie as being based on a true story. In the film, a woman named Emma comes home to check in on her family's Christmas light factory. She soon discovers that the town is in desperate need of some holiday cheer. She reunites with a former boyfriend to rekindle the spirit of the city once more, and she may restart their romance as well.

  • 'A Storybook Christmas'

    Ali Liebert & Jake Epstein star in A Storybook Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: December 6 

    Celeste wants to hire a nanny to help with her niece for the holidays, since she's busy being an event planner. But she actually hires a manny (a male nanny), and he may turn out to be the love of her life. A true Christmas miracle.

  • 'Christmas Unleashed'

    Cute Havanese puppy is dreaming about Christmas
    Dorottya_Mathe/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 7

    When Marla's puppy runs away on Christmas Eve, she'll do anything to find him -- including reuniting with her ex-boyfriend to form a search team. The adventure may not only lead them to the dog, but back into each other's arms.

  • 'Grounded for Christmas'

    Julianna Guill & Corey Sevier star in Grounded for Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: December 8 

    A freak storm closes the airports, promoting pilot Nina to invite her fellow pilot Brady home for the holidays. She wasn't thrilled about the idea until she ran into her ex at her parents' party and suddenly decided to use Brady as a fake boyfriend to make her ex jealous. Good thing we all know that fake romance usually leads to real love.

  • 'Christmas Stars'

    Christmas Decoration with Poinsettia Flowers
    TuiaDesign/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 13

    This movie stars actress Erica Durance as an R&B artist who meets a songwriter named Spence, who is played by real country music star J.T. Hodges. The two team up, but soon her career is threatened when Spence starts to outshine her in the industry. Can their relationship last through it all and make it to Christmas in one piece?

  • 'Matchmaker Christmas'

    Corey Sevier & Emily Rose star in Matchmaker Christmas
    Courtesy of Lifetime

    Premieres: December 14

    Playing matchmaker is a dangerous game, which Maggie learns firsthand when she tries to set up her boss for the holidays. Her boss ends up falling for Maggie's ex-boyfriend, whom Maggie isn't entirely over yet. Who will win his affections in the end?

  • 'Rediscovering Christmas'

    Shopping mall blur background with holiday lights
    fotohunter/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 15

    Mia spends months decorating shop windows for the holidays as part of her job, so she wants to spend Christmas day itself on an island getaway. Her plans go awry when her sister asks her to come home for the town Snowflake festival.

  • 'The Christmas Temp'

    christmas present on on white table in office
    LightFieldStudios/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 20

    A failed artist seeks work at a Christmas-themed temp agency, but struggles when assigned holiday tasks for the agency's human resources manager. Can she get out of her rut in time for December 25 and find her passion for art once more?

  • 'Christmas Love Letter'

    Tartlet, wine and card for Santa
    Tom Merton/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 21

    Amalie Hess is a relationship advice writer who returns to her hometown to track down someone special. She had received a love letter from a mystery admirer and is determined to find her own happy ending with the secret Santa

  • 'The Christmas Hotel'

    Christmas, royal interior, New Year, design, holiday, winter, luxury, celebration, decor, house, xma
    GANNAMARTYSHEVA/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 21

    Erin works at a big city hotel, but is forced to return to her rural hometown for the holidays when tasked with buying the town's inn. When she goes home, she finds that her ex-boyfriend is leading the charge against the inn acquisition. Suddenly being back around him forces her to reconsider what she really wants out of life.

  • 'A Date By Christmas Eve'

    Holiday setting
    hkt83000/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 22

    Chelsea works for a dating app called The Nice List and is granted magical powers to teach anyone she deems "naughty" to be better. However, her love interest is added to the "naughty" list by mistake and she has to fix things before Christmas Eve hits. Otherwise her chance at romance could be spoiled forever.

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