The 20 Best Hallmark Movies of 2019 (Thus Far)

Martha Sorren | Oct 10, 2019 Movies
The 20 Best Hallmark Movies of 2019 (Thus Far)

Bethany Joy Lentz and Andrew Walker in Bottled With Love
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The Hallmark Channel might be known for its Countdown to Christmas programming, but it also pumps out romantic content 365 days a year. The 2019 Hallmark Channel movies so far have included story lines about Valentine's Day, summer, autumn, and post-Christmas winter. After all, viewers don't stop wanting content after December 25.

The official Countdown to Christmas doesn't start on The Hallmark Channel until October 26, but many of this year's Hallmark favorites that have already been released are available to watch now. The network re-airs its movies often (check those local listings), and some are available on the streaming site, Hallmark Movies Now.

So far in 2019, the network has released a whopping 43 movies, and it looks like we now know which ones resonated more with Hallmark fans. It's easy to see why the 20 below movies were rated as viewer favorites. Not only do they have classic Hallmark story lines, but they also feature several of the network's favorite actors. Erin Krakow, Lacey Chabert, Maggie Lawson, Ryan Paevey, Sam Page, and more all star in films released this year.

What can we say, the channel knows what viewers like.

The top 20 Hallmark films of 2019 (so far) are considered the best of the best, featuring classic rom-com tropes -- like two totally opposite people falling for each other, a princess in disguise as a regular citizen, a stranger finding love in a foreign country, and more.

Here's a look at the top 20 Hallmark films of the year that viewers should check out.

  • 20.) 'A Summer Romance'


    Hallmark darling Erin Krakow (When Calls the Heart) stars in this sweet summertime film with frequent Hallmark leading man Ryan Paevey. Krakow plays Samantha, whose Montana family ranch is threatened when big city developer Richard wants to buy the land. He may win both her ranch and her heart in the end.

  • 19.) 'Good Witch: Curse From a Rose'


    Premieres: October 19

    This movie hasn't even premiered yet, but the anticipation from Hallmark fans is high. Every year, the Good Witch TV show does some sort of Halloween special tie-in movie, and Curse From a Rose is this year's offering. The film will introduce Cassie's former college roommate, Autumn Delaney, who threatens to spoil all the town's Halloween plans.

  • 18.) 'The Story of Us'


    This Valentine's Day-themed movie features Psych star Maggie Lawson as Jamie, and The Bold Type's Sam Page as Sawyer. Jamie has crushed on Sawyer since she was a kid, and he suddenly comes back into her life as an architect who wants to redevelop her neighborhood. She could lose her bookstore in the process, but something tells us they'll come to an agreement about the city changes and find love along the way.

  • 17.) 'A Taste of Summer'


    Bright Shore newcomer Christina decides to chase her dreams and finally open a restaurant. However, she's about to be in direct competition with a dreamy former baseball player named Caleb. He has his own restaurant in the area, and he doesn't like to lose. Will running their competing eateries actually bring them closer together?

  • 16.) 'Valentine in the Vineyard'


    Valentine in the Vineyard is the third film in this Hallmark trilogy. After Autumn in the Vineyard and Summer in the Vineyard came this film with Sorrento Farm owners, Frankie and Nate, planning a romantic secret wedding around Valentine's Day. 

    Perhaps a 2020 installment will see Christmas in the Vineyard with babies?

  • 15.) 'Love Takes Flight'


    This film follows single mother Dr. Lizzie Beauman who runs a tight ship and doesn't leave room for much fun. Enter EMS pilot Charley Allen, who literally whisks Dr. Lizzie away and shows her how to let down her guard. 

    Love Takes Flight is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.

  • 14.) 'Flip That Romance'


    HGTV lovers rejoice, because Hallmark has a movie for everyone. Flip That Romance follows two competing house flippers named Jules and Lance who each take on one half of a duplex. They may not agree on issues of work, but they might be able to come together on some romantic decisions along the way.

  • 13.) 'One Winter Proposal'


    This movie is a sequel to 2018's One Winter Weekend. The original story line followed two best girl friends on a ski trip who just happened to get snowed in with two eligible bachelors. In the follow-up film, the group of four returns to the lodge for another vacation. 

    And as the title hints, someone's gonna get engaged.

  • 12.) 'Paris, Wine & Romance'


    The title reveals that this movie's got it all: foreign travels, tasty beverages, and, of course, love. Paris, Wine & Romance follows a winery owner, Isabella, on a trip to Paris where she meets Jacques. Naturally, Jacques isn't just handsome -- he's also from a rival winery family. It's a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

  • 11.) 'Just Add Romance'

    Did every Hallmark movie that came out this year feature some sort of opposites attract story line? Here's another, because Just Add Romance follows polar opposites Carly and Jason as they compete on a cooking show. The grand prize may be a chance to open a restaurant, but love may be a bonus prize on the table, too.
  • 10.) 'Winter Castle'

    Could anything be more romantic than an ice hotel? Not to Hallmark! This wintry setting sets the stage for bridesmaid Jenny to fall in love with best man Craig. The only small snag is that Craig already has a plus one to the wedding! Can Jenny catch his eye instead? If they were anywhere else, maybe not. But they're at an ice hotel, so our odds are on Jenny.
  • 9.) 'Love to the Rescue'


    Kate's a single mother who's been burned by love before. She doesn't want to go down that road again, but she's thrown into it headfirst when Kate agrees to co-adopt a sweet rescue dog with another family. That family just so happens to be helmed by single father Eric.

    If (when) they fall for each other, it'll be a serious case of puppy love.

  • 8.) 'Love, Romance & Chocolate'


    Not to be confused with Paris, Wine & Romance, Love, Romance & Chocolate takes place in Belgium and is about candy, not wine. Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert stars in Love, Romance & Chocolate as Emma. She's competing for the prize of Belgium's Royal Chocolatier, but she may win fellow competitor Luc's heart instead.

  • 7.) 'Love on the Menu'


    Chef Hank's restaurant is in trouble, but frozen food executive Maggie could have just what he needs to save his business -- and his heart. This movie scored 7 out of 10 stars on IMDb. Love on the Menu is definitely one not to miss as Hallmark continues to replay the lovable film since it first aired.

  • 6.) 'Bottled with Love'


    Fate brings Abbey and Nick together in this Hallmark film. The story begins when Abbey writes a love letter and puts it in a bottle to toss in the ocean. Fisherman Nick finds her note months later and falls for the woman on the page. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there's only one Abbey for Nick.

  • 5.) 'Winter Love Story'

    Recent divorcée Cassie has just written her first novel about her failed marriage. But she may find new love again on her book tour when she meets big-shot author Elliot. Their budding relationship will definitely be fodder for her second book.
  • 4.) 'Sister of the Bride'

    Former Glee actress Becca Tobin stars as Stephanie in this whirlwind romance film. Stephanie is engaged to Ben, but they've only been dating for six months -- and her family thinks they're moving too fast. Will true love prevail or are her parents right that Stephanie and Ben aren't a good match?

    It's a mystery for the ages.
  • 3.) 'A Brush with Love'


    Painter Jamie Spellman is forced to choose between two men while also struggling to decide if a career in the arts is the best path for her.

    So many decisions! 

    Arielle Kebbel plays Jamie in A Brush With Love, and Gilmore Girls fans may recognize her as Dean's wife, Lindsay.

  • 2.) 'Sailing into Love'


    Claire is always a bridesmaid and never a bride, until she reconnects with an old boyfriend. Tom is now developing a resort on Blue Island (Claire's favorite place), and Claire is teaching a biology class in the area. They're basically destined to run into each other and fall back in love.

  • 1.) 'A Winter Princess'


    The No. 1 Hallmark movie from 2019 voted on by Ranker readers is A Winter Princess. It follows an in-disguise royal named Princess Carly, who is pretending to be a regular person. When she meets Jesse, the ski resort owner's brother, sparks fly.

    But can he handle the pressures of her real royal life?

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