Cary Elwes' Response to 'Princess Bride' Reboot Discussion Is Gold

Cary Elwes and The Princess Diaries
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images; MGM

With new TV and movie reboot news coming out almost every day, it sounds like The Princess Bride is the next to get the revival treatment. But fans aren't exactly on board -- and neither is one of the stars of the original film. Cary Elwes has spoken out about the Princess Bride reboot, and let's just say his opinion is reflecting a lot of other people's on the topic.

  • News that a 'Princess Bride' remake could be coming broke earlier this week.

    Although the original producer of the iconic movie told Variety that "very famous people" are into the idea of making a 2019 version, nothing has been confirmed or is set in stone. Needless to say, that was enough to send hardcore Princess Bride fans into quite a tizzy. 

    And yep, that includes Cary, who played Westley in the 1987 film.

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  • Cary took to Twitter to share that he is not on board with a reboot.

    His words sum up what so many of us are thinking: This movie is a true classic, and the fan following is still so strong. Why mess with a good thing?! 

    We know reboots are all the rage right now, but maybe we should leave this one alone -- especially because the dude who starred in it thinks it's a bad idea.

  • Even Chris Evans couldn't help but voice his opinion about how horrible the idea sounds.

    He tweeted in agreement with Cary, and we've gotta defer to Captain America on this one. If both Westley and Steve Rogers are against a Princess Bride reboot, then we are, too. Who else can we trust in this world if not those two?!

  • We'll be keeping an eye out for news on this ... and crossing our fingers it doesn't happen.

    Like we said before, nothing is official, so there might be hope a Princess Bride reboot will never see the light of day. Maybe the public outcry will be enough for the studios to avoid this one altogether. 

    The Princess Bride is a classic, and it should remain untouched for the rest of time. Is that really too much to ask?

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