The Scariest Horror Movies & Series to Stream on Netflix for Halloween

Martha Sorren | Sep 24, 2019 Movies
The Scariest Horror Movies & Series to Stream on Netflix for Halloween

Jaden Klein, Olivia Rainey, Lucas Jade Zumann, Laila Haley, and Caden Marshall Fritz in Sinister 2
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Halloween might be a single day, but all of October can be a spooky month if we play our cards right. 'Tis the season for binge-watching scary movies and TV shows on Netflix, and the streaming site has plenty of offerings to terrify us all month long. In addition to the spooky movies and shows already available on the site, Netflix is releasing a bunch of original movies and shows in September and October to fuel our creeptastic TV marathons.

Between the new releases of old classics, the original films and series, and everything Netflix already offered in the horror genre, viewers are going to be scared all month. If they choose to be, of course. Those of us who prefer not to terrorize our minds can check out something a little more tame on Netflix. Like, say, these cheerful Hallmark-y films.

Netflix revealed its new projects on September 13 (Friday the 13th) with a teaser trailer titled "Netflix & Chills." The package includes five original Netflix series and five original movies. Additionally, Netflix picked up the streaming rights for several classic horror films to round out its October releases.

The horror movies and shows on Netflix cover a lot of areas within the genre. There are vintage teen slasher flicks, like Scream 2, projects based on Stephen King books, like The Mist, anxiety-inducing thrillers, like The Silence, real-life ghost stories, like in Haunted, and so much more.

Get the popcorn ready and maybe a buddy to watch with (in case things get too scary) and settle in with these spooky, scary movies all September and October long.

  • 'Marianne'


    Netflix's newest horror TV series is Marianne, which debuted September 13. The eight-episode show follows horror author Emma who returns to her hometown and is haunted by a terrifying witch named Marianne. Some viewers are saying that the series is so scary that it's hard to watch at points. 

    One fan wrote on Twitter, "I just started Marianne on Netflix. 10/10 would recommend, the first horror to ever make me have to close my eyes, first horror that made me paranoid & scared enough to cry, first horror to give me nightmares that woke me up every 30 minutes u bet imma keep watching."

  • 'The Silence'


    Fans of A Quiet Place may like Netflix's take on the concept. The Silence stars Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka in a horror film that is also about terrifying monsters who prey on people who make too much sound. The big difference in this film is that, in attempting to escape the monsters' threat, a family of survivors accidentally stumbles across a creepy cult.

  • 'Slasher'


    The third season of this horror series recently hit Netflix, giving viewers a total of 24 terrifying episodes to enjoy. The show is an anthology, so every season has a different theme -- but they all feature people trying to survive serial killers and scary situations. The most recent season, "Solstice," covers a murder at an apartment complex and what happens next for the neighbors who lived there at the time.

    Hint: It probably won't end well for them.

  • 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle'


    Fans of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House should check out We Have Always Lived in the Castle, because both projects are based on books by author Shirley Jackson. In We Have Always Lived in the Castle, two hermit sisters have occupied their large house ever since their family suddenly (and suspiciously) died. Their world is turned upside down when a suspicious cousin comes knocking and could end up exposing a dark family secret.

  • 'Creeped Out'


    For a little more family-friendly scary fun, watch Creeped Out. The anthology series tells tales just scary enough (it's rated PG) for some spooky TV viewing. It's recommended for children ages 7 and above.

    The first season is already out and the second season hits Netflix on October 4.

  • 'The Perfection'


    This movie follows Charlotte, a cello player who becomes close with her music teacher's star student. A sinister set of events unfold, and this movie has a completely unpredictable plot. Be warned, though, it's reported some scenes in the movie are almost vomit-worthy due to their gross-out level.

  • 'The Mist'


    This TV show is based on a novella by Stephen King. In the series, a small town is threatened by a mysterious fog that turns out to be more sinister than anyone expected. All 10 episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

  • 'Mercy Black'


    In this film, a woman named Marina is being haunted by an evil spirit. It drove her to take a life once before, resulting in Marina being institutionalized. After 15 years, she's released, but the spirit may come back for more.

  • 'Haunted'


    In this Netflix original series, real people retell their personal experiences with alleged paranormal activity. Haunted comes complete with terrifying reenactments of the scary stories. The first season is already out, and season two hits Netflix on October 11.

  • 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' 


    Missed a chance to see season eight in real time? American Horror Story: Apocalypse is currently on Netflix, and the other seven seasons are available for streaming as well. Season eight was a crossover between the first (AHS: Murder House) and third (AHS: Coven) seasons of this anthology horror show. But viewers can still watch it even if they haven't seen the series before.

  • 'In the Shadow of the Moon'


    Hits Netflix: September 27

    Serial killer podcasts, shows, and movies are so in right now. Netflix is capitalizing on that interest with the upcoming film In the Shadow of the Moon. The movie follows a Philadelphia detective's obsession with a grisly female serial killer. It also stars Michael C. Hall, who himself played a serial killer for years on the TV show Dexter.

  • 'A.M.I'


    Hits Netflix: October 1

    This horror movie shows the dark side of artificial machine intelligence. In the film, 17-year-old Cassie grows too close to her phone's virtual assistant, and is eventually commanded by the artificial voice to murder others. It's very Black Mirror-y with its evil technology plot line.

  • 'House of the Witch'


    Hits Netflix: October 1

    This 2017 film is coming to Netflix to creep everyone out. The movie's plot follows several high school kids who suffer a Halloween prank gone wrong. They probably should have known better than to go into a spooky, abandoned house on Halloween lest they meet the evil witch who occupies the house -- but horror film characters aren't always the smartest.

  • 'Scream 2'


    Hits Netflix: October 1

    This classic '90s horror film takes place two years after the original when the cast is again threatened by a terrifying masked killer. When Scream 2 hits Netflix, viewers will be able to have a Scream series marathon. Netflix is already streaming Scream, Scream 3, Scream 4, and even the Scream TV series.

  • 'In the Tall Grass'


    Hits Netflix: October 4

    This Netflix original movie is based on the horror novella of the same name, written by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Anything by Stephen King is often straight-up terrifying, and this movie will likely be no different. The claustrophobic film follows a sister and brother who get trapped in a field of tall grass while searching for a lost child -- only to find out they're not alone in there at all.
  • 'Fractured'

    Hits Netflix: October 11

    In Fractured, Avatar actor Sam Worthington plays a father and husband in this Netflix original. After his daughter suffers an accident, the family goes to the hospital. Soon after, his wife and daughter disappear, leaving him to question what exactly the hospital is hiding.

  • 'Sinister 2'


    Hits Netflix: October 16

    Horror movies love a creepy set of twins, and Sinister 2 delivers on that trope. In this movie, a single mom and her twin boys relocate to a new house that turns out to be majorly haunted. For a sense of how scary it's gonna be, just know that the same producer for this film also did The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious.

  • 'Eli'

    Hits Netflix: October 18

     This chilling Netflix original follows an 11-year-old boy as he's placed in an experimental therapy clinic. The movie has the same producer as The Haunting of Hill House, and another terrifying Netflix original Gerald's Game. (Both of which are also streamable now.)

    Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink also stars.

  • 'Rattlesnake'


    Hits Netflix: October 25

    According to Collider, this Netflix horror original is directed by Zak Hilditch who also directed the Netflix horror series 1922 (which is available to stream now). It stars True Detective actress Carmen Ejogo as a single mother who's forced to commit an unthinkable act to repay a stranger who saved her daughter. It comes out just in time for Halloween, so viewers can get their scary movie on ahead of the holiday.

  • 'Assimilate'


    Hits Netflix: October 25

    This movie starts out innocently enough, with a bunch of friends filming a web series. They learn that the people in their town are being murdered and replaced with terrifying clone versions of themselves. It's really just all downhill from there.

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