Hallmark's 2019 Countdown to Christmas Lineup Includes 24 New Holiday Movies

Martha Sorren | Sep 11, 2019 Movies
Hallmark's 2019 Countdown to Christmas Lineup Includes 24 New Holiday Movies

Kristin Chenoweth, Scott Wolf in A Christmas Love Story
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It wouldn't be the holiday season without Hallmark Christmas movies. The 2019 Hallmark holiday movie schedule officially kicks off in October, with its first movie, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses, premiering on October 26. It's all part of Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! Twenty-four brand-new holiday movies will debut on the channel from late October all the way until Christmas (and days after).

The upcoming holiday films will traverse all our favorite Hallmark holiday movie tropes, from exes reunited and small town holiday events, to coworkers who find love, and strangers who connect thanks to some Christmas magic.

Now in its 10th year of the Countdown to Christmas programming, Hallmark knows what it's doing and what its viewers want to watch. Staple Hallmark movie actresses -- like Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Rachel Boston, Kellie Pickler, and more -- will make appearances in the new movies alongside some of Hallmark's favorite leading men, like Wes Brown and Ryan Paevey. 

Since not everyone wants to start celebrating Christmas before Halloween, rest assured that Hallmark is likely to replay many of these new movies throughout the holiday season in case peeps can't catch them the first time around. Everyone will be able to watch and re-watch at their own holiday celebrating speed. In addition, Hallmark will also re-air some old classics from previous Countdown to Christmas celebrations, so the holiday spirit will be strong on the network pretty much all day, every day until December 25 rolls around.

We can basically make it Christmas tomorrow if we tune in to those while we wait for October 26 to come with the full Hallmark holiday movie schedule. Basically, the holidays are upon us, and Hallmark is ready.

Good thing we are, too.

(Note: For even more Hallmark-y goodness, check out the several holiday films Netflix has available for streaming right now that mimic the Hallmark tone to a tee)

  • 'Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses'


    Premieres: October 26

    Hallmark's decision to combine Christmas with home renovation is a one-two punch of what viewers are loving these days. In Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses, Jill Wagner plays a single mom who's also an interior designer. When she has to decorate a wealthy businessman's estate for the holidays, she may find love where she least expected it. Legally Blonde star Matthew Davis plays the love interest in this film.

  • 'Merry & Bright'

    Jodie Sweetin and Andrew Walker
    JBUS15/Splash News; Barry King/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 2

    Full House star Jodie Sweetin stars in this holiday film, which is sort of a take on You've Got Mail. Sweetin plays Cate, the CEO of the Merry & Bright Candy Cane Company, and Hallmark fave Andrew Walker plays Gabe, who has been tasked with making Cate's business more profitable.

    ... only Cate doesn't know that.

    She thinks Gabe is the guy her mom wanted to fix her up with. The mix-up is sure to lead to some fun holiday hijinks.

  • 'Christmas Scavenger Hunt'


    Premieres: November 3

    This film reunites old exes when characters (and former lovers) Belinda and Dustin have to team up at the hometown scavenger hunt. Expect plenty of glares and snide remarks in the beginning as they complain about having to team up. In the end, the biggest prize may not be the scavenger hunt winnings, but the love they're almost certain to find along the way.

  • 'A Christmas Duet'

    Wireless microphone with santa hat on it - stock photo
    pashapixel/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 9

    This movie is another one about two people reuniting at Christmas after a long time apart. A Christmas Duet follows musicians Averie and Jesse who once played music together but have since parted ways. Averie now owns a lodge while Jesse still tours on the road. But when the Yuletide Festival brings Jesse to Averie's lodge, more than just their music careers may be rekindled.

  • 'The Mistletoe Secret'


    Premieres: November 10

    Not to be confused with The Mistletoe Promise (another Hallmark holiday film), The Mistletoe Secret stars country musician Kellie Pickler. Although she's primarily known for her singing, Pickler has acted before in other Hallmark movies, like Wedding At Graceland, and Christmas at Graceland. There's no synopsis for The Mistletoe Secret yet, but it's sure to be filled with holiday cheer and probably a little bit of country music.

  • 'Double Holiday'


    Premieres: November 16

    According to the Deseret News, Double Holiday is not just Christmas-focused. It will also feature Hanukkah for the first time on the network since Hitched for the Holidays came out in 2012. There's no official synopsis yet, but the title and subject matter suggests that the central couple will be figuring out how to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah in a way that works for them.

  • 'The Christmas Club'


    Premieres: November 17

    This movie is based on the Barbara Hinske book of the same name. Just like in the novel, two strangers, Olivia and Edward, come together to help an old woman try to find her lost Christmas money. Olivia and Edward may find more than cash along the way. (Love, they'll probably find love.)

  • 'Picture a Perfect Christmas'

    Closeup image of golden baubles on Christmas tree at fireplace - stock photo
    Artfoliophoto/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 23

    This film features The Royals star Merritt Patterson as a sports photographer who takes up an interest in her grandmother's neighbor, played by Shadowhunters actor Jon Cor. He thinks he's just looking after his nephew, and she thinks she's just taking care of her grandmother, but they may end up helping each other out in the end.

  • 'Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays'

    Toasting for Christmas - stock photo
    DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 24

    According to the official Graceland website, this movie isn't a sequel to the Kellie Pickler Christmas at Graceland and Wedding at Graceland series. But it does still feature Elvis Presley's infamous home and seems to be inspired by the success of those other two Graceland Hallmark films. This new movie also has quite the star-studded cast, featuring The Devil Wears Prada star Adrian Grenier, Empire actress Kaitlin Doubleday, singer Chase Bryant, and Elvis' former wife Priscilla Presley.

  • 'Check Inn to Christmas'

    Christmas night in Quebec City - stock photo
    windjunkie/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 25

    There's no synopsis for this movie yet, but it has potential based on the "inn" factor alone. Perhaps Check Inn to Christmas will be like Lifetime's The Spirit of Christmas, where a holiday inn is haunted by a hot ghost. Maybe it will take after Netflix's Falling Inn Love where an American wins a dilapidated New Zealand inn and finds love along the way with her handsome contractor. Check Inn to Christmas stars Hallmark movie regulars Rachel Boston and Wes Brown. 

  • 'A Gift to Remember 2'


    Premieres: November 26

    Ali Liebert and Peter Porte reprise their roles in this sequel to the 2017 TV movie A Gift To Remember. In the original film, Liebert's character, Darcy, falls for a man with amnesia at Christmastime. To catch up on the first movie before watching the sequel, tune into Hallmark on September 13, October 27, or October 29 ahead of the second movie's premiere.

  • 'Christmas Under the Stars'

    Santa flying over night sky - stock photo
    Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 27

    Hallmark hasn't yet released a description of this movie, but Christmas Under the Stars stars Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe, and The O.C.'s Autumn Reeser. It's possible that this movie is based off the book of the same name. In the book, a Canadian couple deals with love and loss during a scary storm. Hallmark tends to go more cheery, so if this is adapted from the book, the loss part of the plot may be written out.

  • 'Write Before Christmas'


    Premieres: November 28

    Pretty Little Liars star Torrey DeVitto plays Jessica, a gal who decides to write Christmas cards to all the people who have left a mark on her life. She sends them to her aunt, her brother who's away at war, her former music teacher, a popstar she loved when she was younger, and her best friend. If she thought they impacted her life, wait until she sees what her letters do to theirs. 

    Write Before Christmas also stars One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray, Dynasty's Grant Show, How To Get Away With Murder actress Lolita Davidovich, and singer Drew Seeley.

  • 'Christmas at the Plaza'


    Premieres: November 29

    Frequent Hallmark leading man Ryan Paevey joins Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D star Elizabeth Henstridge in this holiday film. According to IMDb, they play Nick and Jessica, respectively, although no plot has been revealed yet. Given the title, Christmas at the Plaza, it's likely to take place during the holiday season at New York's Plaza Hotel. Perhaps it will be a grown-up version of beloved children's movie Eloise at Christmastime, which also takes place at the Plaza Hotel.

  • 'Christmas in Rome'

    Colosseum in Rome at Christmas during sunset, Italy - stock photo
    bukki88/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: November 30

    Different from the Hallmark movie Rome In Love, Christmas In Rome stars Mean Girls' Lacey Chabert, and The Bold Type's Sam Page as Angela and Oliver. Angela is an American tour guide hired by American businessman Oliver to help him explore Rome. Oliver says he's trying to get to "the heart and soul of Rome" via his tour, but we'll give you one guess whose heart he's most interested in by the end of the movie.

  • 'Christmas Town'


    Premieres: December 1

    Candace Cameron Bure is a Hallmark holiday movie staple, and this year, she's returning to the channel in Christmas Town. In the film, she plays Lauren Gabriel, a Bostonian who stumbles upon the small town of Grandon Falls. The charming town (and perhaps also a handsome local man) may win this city lady over in the end.

  • 'A Christmas Love Story'


    Premieres: December 7 

    A Christmas Love Story is being presented as a Hallmark Hall of Fame film, and for good reason since it stars heavy hitter Kristin Chenoweth. The Broadway star plays a choir director who likely falls for her student's recently widowed father played by '90s heartthrob Scott Wolf. Expect Chenoweth herself to sing in this production, because it would be a crime if she didn't belt out a Christmas tune.

  • 'Christmas at Dollywood'


    Premieres: December 8

    Graceland isn't the only famous musical location getting a tribute this Christmas on Hallmark. Dolly Parton herself stars in Christmas at Dollywood, which takes place at her theme park. The movie follows single mom and Broadway producer Rachel Lewis (played by Danica McKellar) as she puts on the 20th anniversary of the Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival at Dollywood. Along the way, she may find love when she least expects it.

  • 'Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy'

    Christmas lights, Christmas decorations on the street - stock photo
    EvgeniiAnd/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 14

    This movie is the third film in the Christmas in Evergreen series, following Christmas in Evergreen, and Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. There's no description of Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy available yet, but the cast list has been announced. It includes some of the same actors from the previous two films -- including Barbara Niven, Holly Robinson Peete, Ashley Williams, and Jill Wagner. It also features two new characters played by When Calls The Heart star Paul Greene, and Psych star Maggie Lawson.

  • 'Alice in Christmasland'

    Green hat of Crazy Hatter - stock photo
    Grape_vein/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 15

    There's no plot description or cast list available yet for this movie. However, based on the title, Alice in Christmasland likely features a main character named Alice and a loose interpretation of the Lewis Carroll story. Perhaps leading lady Alice falls down a hole and gets trapped in a Christmas snow globe -- or the North Pole, or some other Christmas-themed location. Whatever happens, we can almost guarantee that she'll find love along the way. This is Hallmark at the holidays. Love is inevitable.

  • 'It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas'


    Premieres: December 21

    There is also no synopsis available yet for It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. All that's currently known about the film is that it stars Eric Mabius. Prior to this movie, Mabius played Oliver O'Toole in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' Signed, Sealed, Delivered TV series and its 10-plus TV movie sequels. Last year, he also starred in the Hallmark holiday movie Welcome to Christmas.

  • 'Holiday Date'


    Premieres: December 22

    Hallmark movie veteran Brittany Bristow is joined by newbie Matt Cohen (General Hospital) in this new holiday film. No other details are known about it yet, but it's probably about two people who go on a date around the holiday season and unexpectedly fall for one another. Bonus points if the date is a blind date on Christmas Eve.

  • 'When Calls the Heart Christmas'


    Premieres: December 25

    Just as Lori Loughlin's character was written out of the When Calls the Heart TV series, she will not be in the Christmas special either. The rest of the cast will star in this holiday film, which doesn't have a plot description yet. When Calls the Heart is known for its cheery Christmas specials, and this film will likely be more of the warm-hearted same.

  • 'New Year, New Me'

    art Christmas or New years eve; holiday background - stock photo
    Konstanttin/iStock/Getty Images

    Premieres: December 28

    Since this movie premieres after Christmas, it's fitting that, based on the title, it seems to be more a New Year's film than a Christmas one. The plot of this movie isn't known yet, but New Year, New Me will star Aimee Teegarden. Last year, Aimee starred in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film Once Upon a Christmas Miracle. She's also known for her work on shows like The Ranch, Friday Night Lights, and Star-Crossed.

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