20 of the Most Hallmark-y Things to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Martha Sorren | Sep 13, 2019 Movies
20 of the Most Hallmark-y Things to Watch on Netflix Right Now
Image: Nicola Dove/Netflix

Christina Milian and Adam Demos in Falling Inn Love
Nicola Dove/Netflix

In case no one told ya, Hallmark movies have a specific vibe to them. They're often set in small towns, on rustic farms, or in quaint inns. They usually feature a cheesy but sweet romantic story line between a down-to-earth local, and a big-city slicker who eventually falls in love with both the country life -- and the country guy (or gal).

(Bonus points if someone's occupation is firefighter or farmer or contractor.)

Watching one of these movies can feel like getting a warm hug or sipping a mug of hot cocoa on a rainy day. Sometimes, it just feels right to put one on and sit back and enjoy the uncomplicated plot and seemingly ever-present fall foliage, or snowy setting. But since the Hallmark Channel isn't only ever playing movies, we can turn to streaming. There are a ton of Hallmark-y movies on Netflix that will hit the spot when the craving for a little cheesy romance in the country starts to rise.

In recent years, Netflix has been hopping on the feel-good film train with original content that includes a lot of those Hallmark tropes. The streaming site has mostly focused on Christmas movies of late, releasing cult favorites like A Christmas Prince with Rose McIver, and The Princess Switch with Vanessa Hudgens. Recently, Netflix released Falling Inn Love, which is less holiday-oriented while still hitting all those Hallmark highlights. (The leading man is both a contractor and a firefighter, so there's that.) The star Christina Milian is also a made-for-TV movie veteran, appearing in ABC Family classics like Snowglobe and Christmas Cupid.

Aside from Netflix's own original content, the streaming site also offers up made-for-TV movies from Lifetime, which has a similar vibe to Hallmark, and some Canadian networks that also nail that same tone and countryside setting.

There's a ton to choose from, so get cozy and hit play.

  • 'A Christmas Prince'


    Rated: TV-PG

    In A Christmas Prince, a journalist pretends to be a royal school teacher, only to fall in love with a prince story. This movie was so beloved by Netflix viewers, that it spawned two sequels. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding hit the site in 2018, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is slated to premiere this winter.

  • 'Falling Inn Love'


    Rated: TV-PG

    In this film, Gabriela (Christina Milian) wins a contest to own an Australian inn. She soon realizes it's in disrepair and decides to stay and try to fix it up. Will she fall for the gruff local contractor in the process?

  • 'The Princess Switch'


    Rated: TV-PG

    Vanessa Hudgens plays both a small-town baker and also a princess in this movie. When the two run into each other and realize they're basically identical, they switch places to trade lives for a bit. Hijinks ensue, and shenanigans are had.

  • 'Set It Up'


    Rated: TV-14

    This Netflix original follows two overworked assistants as they try to set up their bosses. As one might imagine, they start to fall for each other in the process.

  • 'Christmas Wedding Planner'


    Rated: PG

    This is definitely cheesy Christmas movie that's a fave. In Christmas Wedding Planner, Kelsey is an up-and-coming wedding planner trying to work on her cousin's nuptials. She's distracted when a handsome private investigator comes to town to check up on the groom-to-be. It has so many WTF moments and plot twists that it's a true joy to watch.

  • 'When We First Met'


    Rated: TV-14

    When We First Met has it all: time travel, a magic photo booth, unrequited love. In the flick, Adam Devine plays Noah, a guy who keeps going back and forth in time to try to get the girl of his dreams.

  • 'The Holiday Calendar'


    Rated: TV-PG

    In this Netflix original, a photographer (Kat Graham) is gifted a magical advent calendar that predicts her future. But what if what she really wants was in front of her the whole time?

  • 'Christian Mingle'


    Rated: PG

    The movie version of the popular dating site features Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert trying to find the love of her life. She also tries to get in touch with her faith along that way that could lead to divine intervention when it comes to the man of her dreams.

  • 'My Perfect Romance'


    Rated: PG

    A dating app creator and tech company CEO are pushed together when they need to test the dating app technology. This movie also stars Hallmark veteran actor (and Full House star) Jodie Sweetin.

  • 'The Spirit of Christmas'


    Rated: Unrated

    This holiday movie is legitimately about a modern-day woman falling in love with a centuries-old ghost. But he looks hot in glasses, so it's cool.

  • 'Christmas With a View'


    Rated: TV-PG

    This holiday romance film follows the conflict between a celebrity chef and a failed restaurant manager. Will their tension turn to love?

    Almost certainly.

  • 'Good Sam'


    Rated: TV-PG

    In this movie, The Good Place's Tiya Sircar plays a reporter tracking a story about a man leaving cash around NYC. She just happens to find love along the way.

    Oh, and there are firefighters in this movie, of course.

  • 'Christmas Inheritance'


    Rated: Unrated

    In Christmas Inheritance, a big-city heiress is forced to spend some time in a small town inn. The charming, handsome inn owner helps her see how doing good for others is even better than getting money.

  • 'Rodeo & Juliet'

    Rated: Unrated

    IMDb says this cowboy version of Romeo and Juliet follows what happens when city gal finds herself in the countryside. It's there she meets a handsome cowboy, and a "special horse," whatever that means.

  • 'Always Be My Maybe'


    Rated: Not Rated

    This rom-com contains a common trope of two people who love each other but come from different worlds. Sasha is a famous chef, and Marcus is a local musician. Can they make things work against all odds?

    Spoiler: Keanu Reeves makes a cameo.

  • 'Christmas in the Smokies'


    Rated: TV-G

    A young woman tries desperately to save her family's berry farm in the Smoky Mountains. That is already as Hallmark-y a plot as ever, but then her country music ex-boyfriend shows up in town.

    Betcha can't guess what happens next?!

  • 'The Competition'


    Rated: TV-14

    Lauren (Thora Birch) doesn't want to get hurt, so she always breaks relationships off before they can get too serious. Then, she meets a man who wants to put a stop to that pattern for good.

  • 'Merry Kissmas'


    Rated: Unrated

    Kayla is prepping for her wedding to a famous choreographer. Then, everything changes when she has a spark with a stranger over a shared kiss. This film delivers the Hallmark-y feels.

  • 'The Ugly Truth'


    Rated: R

    This Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler movie follows the classic hate-to-love plot. TV Producer Abby (Heigl) can't stand gruff TV star Mike (Butler). But will she come around to him in the end?

  • 'A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale'


    Rated: TV-G

    In A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale, snooty, spoiled Luce has her lifestyle challenged by a down-to-earth dog walker who just wants to do good. He helps Luce see the error of her ways, and how she can be helpful to the town, too.

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