Netflix's 'Christmas Chronicles' Is Officially Getting a Sequel

Kurt Russell in 'Christmas Chronicles'

It might still be August, but we're already getting excited for Christmas movies, and now, we have another to add to our list. It's official: Netflix just ordered a sequel to Christmas Chronicles, which stars Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. So it seems like fans of the movie have a lot to look forward to, even though it probably won't be out in time to celebrate this year.

  • The first Christmas Chronicles movie is about a brother and sister who want to catch Santa on camera.

    The kids -- Kate and Teddy Pierce, who are played by Darby Camp and Judah Lewis -- end up on a wild ride when they sneak into Santa's sleigh and become stowaways. Sounds like a lot of kids' dreams, right? 

    According to MovieWeb, the first movie got over 20 million streams in the first week, so it makes sense that Netflix wants to go full steam ahead with another installment.

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  • Christmas Chronicles 2 is set to start production in September, which means fans will probably have to wait until next holiday season to see it.

    The good news? Chris Columbus will be directing, and yes, Kurt is returning to play Santa. it's a bummer that we'll have to wait until 2020 to see it, but at least this gives everyone a chance to watch the first movie who hasn't yet.

    And is anyone really going to miss out on the chance to see Kurt and Goldie Hawn in action as Mr. and Mrs. Claus again? We think not.

  • So far, fans are super pumped about the movie. 

    Sequels are tough -- while fans want more, they also don't want the original movie they adored so much to be ruined by a second movie that just isn't up to par. 

    But as far as these commenters are concerned, it seems like they couldn't be more excited about Christmas Chronicles 2 ... no matter what happens in the new movie. 

  • In fact, many of them even added the movie to their list of Christmas faves.

    Joining the ranks of Christmas Vacation?! That's pretty serious! 

    The Christmas Chronicles sequel is getting an overwhelmingly positive reaction, and we gotta say we're impressed. Then again, this is Netflix we're talking about -- of course they know how to do holiday movies right.

  • Fingers crossed we get more info on Christmas Chronicles 2 soon.

    And since Kurt's returning, it would only make sense that Goldie returns, too, right? Hopefully, we'll find out for sure soon. 

    Is it too early to start getting excited about Christmas 2020 even though Christmas 2019 hasn't happened yet?