Build-A-Bear Called Out for Selling Deadpool Bear

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and Deadpool Build-A-Bear
Twentieth Century Fox; Build-A-Bear Workshop

Stuffed animals are practically a staple for children, and this latest option is definitely turning heads. Build-A-Bear now has a Deadpool bear that's sparking a bit of controversy given how inappropriate the character is for children.

  • Deadpool is a Marvel character who's an antihero that does what he wants and says whatever he feels.

    Ryan Reynolds brought this character to life on the big screen, playing Wade Wilson (Deadpool), a former special forces op who's diagnosed with terminal cancer. He's offered a cure that painfully triggers dormant mutant genes, resulting in a more disfigured look. Though Deadpool slices and dices bad guys, he's not super keen on being known as a good guy.

    A guy with a potty mouth and wisecracks?

    Sounds more like him.

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  • And it looks like Build-A-Bear is celebrating with an exclusive bear.

    "Here comes Build-A-Bear as Deadpool!" the listing reads on the website. "This action-packed character is outrageously fun as an online exclusive collector's item. He even comes with a plush sword accessory set that can attach to his back or wrists. Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is a wacky, zany and mouthy hero that’s a must-have for your collection!"

  • Welp, lots of folks feel Build-A-Bear is being inappropriate offering such a bear.

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    The reaction is crystal clear: A number of people aren't here for it and are calling out the children's retailer for selling a bear based on an R-rated superhero who cusses, kills, and maims.

    (In case you're curious, Deadpool is definitely not the movie to watch with little ones.)

  • Others, however, see nothing wrong and think critics need to calm down.

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    To clarify, this Deadpool-inspired bear will not be sold in Build-A-Bear stores. It's something offered on its website, so the chances of your little one running across Simba and this Marvel antihero are very slim to none.

  • Is this really that big of a deal?

    Although parents have every right to think Deadpool is an inappropriate movie, is Build-A-Bear wrong for offering this bear on its website? Plus, if some children aren't being shown films from this franchise, will they even know what it is -- or why some folks have issue with it?