The Official Trailer for 'It: Chapter 2' Dropped & It's Creepy Good

Bill Hader and James McAvoy in It Chapter Two
Brooke Palmer/Warner Bros.

"For 27 years, I've dreamt of you. I craved you. I missed you." Yup, that's creepy. After many fan-made videos and waiting, it looks like the official trailer for It: Chapter 2 is here, and when we say it's super creepy, do believe us.

  • Warner Bros. just dropped the first full-length trailer for the upcoming sequel to the 2017 film It.

    A teaser trailer was released back in May for the horror movie that gave us a taste of what to expect.

    And now that we see all of what's in store, we're kinda terrified.
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  • The movie picks up 27 years after the first, with The Losers now adults who must once again go toe-to-toe with a familiar foe.

    Pennywise is out of hibernation and ready to prey on the innocent in Derry. As a result, Beverly, Bill, Ben, Eddie, Richie, Mike, and Stan reunite (most have moved out of the small town) to put an end to the terrorizing, supernatural clown once and for all.

  • Pennywise is up to his old tricks that likely mean bad news for anyone who gets in his way.

    With no members of The Losers remembering Pennywise ( points out anyone who left Derry forgets Pennywise, thanks to the evil being) except for Mike, there are so many fears of the unknown that will likely get unpacked.

  • With It: Chapter 2 having "the bloodiest scene in horror movie history," we can only imagine what's in store.

    Well, we know a lot of red as the "bloodiest scene in horror movie history" is definitely no joke -- or small feat for that matter.

  • It: Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6.

    You can check out the full trailer here. This definitely looks like a trip that's going to take us on a very deadly ride.