Movies With the Same Plot Released the Same Year

Bethany Quinn | Jul 15, 2019 Movies
Movies With the Same Plot Released the Same Year

Armageddon and Deep Impact
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Sometimes, we watch a movie and get the overwhelming feeling that we've seen it before. Sure, there are things like remakes, reboots, and sequels (2019 brought a ton of them). But sometimes, two different movies have plots that are so identical, we're left scratching our heads as to how they got made! Sometimes, these films even come out the same year, which just boggles our minds even more.

Perhaps it has to do with competing movie studios looking to beat out the other for the next big blockbuster -- or maybe it's just sheer coincidence -- but the 20 movies on this list have near identical plots and were released in the same year. And if we're being totally honest, for some of these films, one was quite enough!

(Who needs two films about friends who decide to hook up to save themselves from dating drama?)

We'll admit that for some of these films, two isn't enough! We could see movies with dog sidekicks and talking pigs forever! (Bring it on!) Check out these 20 movies with the same plot that came out the same year and just try to keep it all straight. We barely could!

  • 'No Strings Attached' & 'Friends With Benefits' (2011)


    Two platonic friends turn not so platonic in these competing romantic comedies. Aside from the similar plots, the characters also give us cause for confusion. One stars Ashton Kutcher opposite Natalie Portman. The other stars his wife, Mila Kunis, opposite Justin Timberlake. Many people have criticized these movies for being exactly the same!

    Wonder what the studios were thinking here?

  • 'Deep Impact' & 'Armageddon' (1998)


    The year 1998 was a time when we got not one, but two asteroid flicks about the end of the world. These films were so similar in their plots that even their movie posters looked the same. However, Armageddon managed to pull way ahead, due its stellar cast performances (ugh Ben Affleck in that last scene) and one awesome song!

  • 'Despicable Me' & 'Megamind' (2010)


    Both of these films are based on the idea of a terrible villain who leaves his evil past behind him and turns good! Both films were a hit, although the Despicable Me franchise is still turning out hit after hit and even spawned the Minions spin-offs!

  • 'Rough Night' & 'Girls Trip' (2017)


    OK, so we all know bachelorettes love to party, and planning an epic bash with the bridal party makes for a great comedy! In fact, any trip involving a group of longtime friends reuniting for a vacation sounds appealing to us. These two films had extremely similar plots, although there were some major differences: bachelorette vs. girl's getaway; someone meeting the big end vs. grapefruits!

  • 'This Is The End' & 'The World's End' (2013)


    While many movies about the end of the world depict massive destruction, terror, and drama, these films decided to take a different approach, focusing on partying hard until the final minute! Both films are hilarious and star some of the comedy greats of this generation.

    With that said, only one film stars Rihanna!

  • 'Chasing Liberty' & 'First Daughter' (2004)


    Mandy Moore and Katie Holmes went head to head in these flicks about the president's daughter who gets tired of her strict, sheltered life. While one runs to Europe and the other to college, they both fall in love with Secret Service agents who are posing as regular dudes!

  • 'Observe and Report' & 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' (2009)


    We can't really believe that not one, but two mall cop movies came out in the same year, but that's exactly what happened with these films. Paul Blart clearly was the favorite here. Then again, both films aren't exactly Oscar contenders.

  • 'Antz' & 'A Bug's Life' (1998)


    Remember when ants were all the rage in animated films? No? Well, we do, and both of these films were rather good despite being so similar. Antz was directed by Woody Allen (he even voiced the main character). A Bug's Life was a Disney Pixar flick and was much more lighthearted and perhaps better suited for younger kids. It also was nominated for an Oscar!

  • 'Babe' & 'Gordy' (1995)


    For many, there really is only one movie pig that matters, and that's Babe. But there was another film about a pig who was trying to save his family, and that was Gordy! While Babe won over audiences and the box office, Gordy is worth a watch for those who can't get enough of talking animal films.

    That'll do pigs!

  • 'The Prestige' & 'The Illusionist' (2006)


    These two magician films took place in the 19th century. Both came out in 2006, and while the plots are fairly similar, The Prestige was actually a much better film. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman go head to head as competing magicians, and it was just too good for Ed Norton's The Illusionist to compete against.

  • 'Turner & Hooch' & 'K-9' (1989)


    Add a dog into the mix, and a film is sure to be a success -- if not garner dog-loving audience members! Both of these films are about a cop and his dog partner. Yes, Turner and Hooch is more popular, but K-9 really isn't all that bad.

  • 'After Earth' & 'Oblivion' (2013)


    Both these films star Hollywood heavyweights (Will Smith in After Earth, and Tom Cruise in Oblivion). They both show people who come back to Earth years after it was evacuated by humans. The planet is pretty much inhabitable, and of course things go terribly wrong before they go right. Both films tanked at the box office!

  • 'Olympus Has Fallen' & 'White House Down' (2013)


    Perhaps the most identical of the films on this list, Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down are about a Secret Service agent who saves the president from attacks and explosions. Gerard Butler starred in Olympus Has Fallen, while Channing Tatum had the lead in White House Down. While both films were hits, Olympus Has Fallen came out on top and spawned sequels.

  • 'Mirror Mirror' & 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (2012)


    These films had different takes on the same plot. They both focused on the evil queen in the Snow White tales, but Mirror Mirror was much more lighthearted and funny, while Snow White and the Huntsman was darker and much more serious. Julia Roberts played the queen in Mirror Mirror, while Charlize Theron was absolutely terrifying as the queen in Snow White and the Huntsman.

  • 'The Equalizer' & 'John Wick' (2014)


    At first glance, one wouldn't think that these films had anything in common. Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington are totally different leading men, yet both films are about spies who try to leave their dark past behind but get pulled back into the life. The Equalizer and John Wick are fantastic and have gotten sequels!

  • 'Cop Out' & 'The Other Guys' (2010)


    Opposites attract in these films about two cops. The characters in Cop Out and The Other Guys couldn't be more opposite, forced to partner together on the job. In predictable form, the cops start out by not getting along, only to become BFFs by the end of the films. However, we can't deny that we laughed out loud during both films!

  • 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' & 'Captain America: Civil War' (2016)


    While these films are from different comic book franchises (DC and Marvel), the plots are fairly similar. Each focuses on a battle within the groups of superheroes in their fight to save to world. The heroes turn on each other with humanity's best interest at heart, but who will save the superheroes from themselves?! While they were both good, the clear winner is the Marvel franchise ... always!

  • 'Open Season' & 'Over The Hedge' (2006)


    In 2006, viewers got two movies about the threat of humans on animal life and the environment (in the form of lovable animated characters, of course). In Open Season, the animals band together to avoid hunters. In Over the Hedge, the animals must fight for their survival when a new neighborhood gets developed in their area while they are hibernating. The plots are on the dark side as far as kids movies go, but they each do have an important lesson!

  • 'Hercules' & 'The Legend of Hercules' (2014)


    Both of these films were quickly forgotten after their release, and it's not hard to see why. While one starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- and wasn't too bad considering his career was just reaching its peak -- the other starred Kellan Lutz of Twilight fame, and was just terrible. It probably didn't help that this film was up against The Rock!

  • 'Zootopia' & 'Sing' (2016)


    In each of these movies, the animals act like humans -- they talk, walk, have jobs, and are chasing dreams. While Sing features far more music than Zootopia, they're both inspirational tales about believing in oneself and overcoming obstacles.

    We're fans of both!


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