20 Movie Sequels We Forgot Are on the Way

Bethany Quinn | Jun 6, 2019 Movies
20 Movie Sequels We Forgot Are on the Way

Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in Avatar
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There's nothing more we love than binge-watching some pretty great television shows. The "binge" culture has taken over, and audiences have become less and less patient when it comes to watching their favorite shows and movies. While we take joy in being able to watch an entire series in one sitting, we can't do that when it comes to movies. Sure, we can watch a film in its entirety in one sitting, but what if we want more? That's where a sequel comes in. Sometimes, we fall in love with a movie so much that we wait with anticipation for the sequel, only to be left hanging for years and years.

Sadly, there are times when we don't even get one, but sometimes, we do -- and it's really such a great feeling knowing that our favorite characters will be back on the big screen! In fact, between now and the end of 2020, we can expect several sequels to some of our fave films -- some we've waited over 30 years to see!

(That just goes to show the true power of a great film!)

We can't wait to see what Maverick and Ice Man are up to now, or how the Men In Black franchise will continue without Will Smith -- or what mind-blowing situation Rambo will have to get himself out of now! While some sequels will likely disappoint, the sheer thrill of waiting is sometimes good enough! (Hey, don't judge us!) From the classics to superhero flicks, and even a cheesy horror movie, here are 20 movie sequels we forgot were on the way.


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