18 of Our Childhood Favorites Getting a Reboot

Bethany Quinn | May 31, 2019 Movies
18 of Our Childhood Favorites Getting a Reboot
Image: Nickelodeon

Are You Afraid of the Dark? cast

We can't help but scratch our heads when it's announced that movie remakes are on the way (well, some of them) -- as well as TV shows we once loved getting rebooted. Many of us love the original so much, we're secretly a little ticked off at the audacity of trying to recreate its magic. Others, however, are pretty curious to see how it turns out. While not every reboot can or will be a massive hit, sometimes, studios strike gold. Just take Batman, for example. The Batman franchise with Christian Bale was phenomenal. The one with Ben Affleck ... not so much!

But that doesn't stop producers and studios from playing on our love for nostalgia to keep those reboots coming. 

Fuller House was a hit, so maybe the new All That, will be, too. We really don't know which reboot we'll like or not like, but we do know we love seeing some of our favorite actors back on the screen playing the characters they made famous in the '80 and '90s. While some reboots are taking a whole new twist (BH90210), some are staying fairly true to the original. And of course, along with several television reboots, some of our favorite movies are getting the remake treatment in 2019 or 2020. From comic book characters to classic films -- even a Nickelodeon series or two -- these reboots and remakes have us pretty excited!

Here are 18 movies and television shows from our childhood that are getting rebooted.

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