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Robin Williams in Jumanji
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The 1990s brought us many things, including mom jeans, neon, the best of Disney (don't fight us on this), and a slew of Robin Williams classics. It was truly an epic decade. Of course, along with all the fantastic Disney films (again, don't fight us), came a bunch of other incredible awesome movies -- movies that are actually pretty great to watch with the kiddos today. Family-friendly films from the the '90s ran the gamut from everything to animation to live-action films. They also included themes like sports, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. But somehow they were all appropriate enough to watch as kids.

(Ahh, the good old days.)

It seemed that every '90s movie had a better soundtrack than the next. From new classics to old favorites, the songs that accompanied films from this decade were just as iconic. It truly was a fantastic decade for movies.

Now we are sure many millennials will be shocked to realize that 1990 was 29 years ago! That means the films they enjoyed watching themselves they can now watch with their kids, which is one of the greatest joys of parenting if ya ask us. Sitting down with the family for a '90s cult classic may even bring a few LOLs, too. For example, kids may recognize Paul Rudd as Ant Man, but we'll never forget him as one of our '90s heartthrobs from the classic Clueless. Kids today might even roll their eyes at the subpar graphics and cheesy costumes of the Ninja Turtles films from the decade.

Either way, these movies are timeless! Here are 33 cult classics from the '90s that are perfect for family movie night.

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