19 Unsolved Mystery Documentaries That Keep Us in Suspense

Madison Breaux | Mar 11, 2019 Movies
19 Unsolved Mystery Documentaries That Keep Us in Suspense
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Some things in this world can't be explained -- no matter how hard we try. For centuries, hundreds of unsolved crimes, mysterious extraterrestrial behavior, and other cryptic happenings have occurred around the world that's left us mere humans stunned and puzzled. Even today, we can't piece together some of the world's greatest mysteries. The allure of the unknown is what draws so many to the genre of true crime, and because of this, there are hundreds of documentaries and television series about crime, murder, and scientific wonders to choose from.

Everything from Bigfoot to uncovering the gruesome minds of serial killers are present and accounted for as documentarians and filmmakers have been working hard for decades to find evidence, clues, and hidden details about these instances. 

And even then, most of these crimes or happenings remain complete mysteries. 

But just because we don't have all of the answers doesn't mean we can't try to piece some things together ourselves. Whether we watch these crime documentaries for fun or to pretend we're actually scientists/analysts finding clues, there's a subject to fulfill just about everyone's curiosities. 

So for the mystery movie marathon we never knew we needed, here are 19 of the best unsolved mystery documentaries to watch now. Who knows, maybe we just might solve a few of them ourselves.

Anything's possible, right?

  • 'Unsolved Mysteries'


    There's no way to talk about unsolved mysteries without bringing up Unsolved Mysteries!

    In true crime television fashion, Unsolved Mysteries uses reenactments to play out all of the best unsolved mysteries -- including some paranormal incidents. It truly is up to the viewer to piece together the clues!

  • 'Paranormal America: Unexplained Mysteries' 

    Mysterious woman

    Paranormal stories are always crowd-pleasers, no? This documentary explains some of America's most puzzling and confusing paranormal mysteries.

  • 'The Bermuda Triangle'

    Ocean swirl, Bermuda triangle
    kishore kumar/iStock

    The Bermuda Triangle has a long and legendary history of being one of the mysterious spots on this planet. This documentary shows that some of the more unexplained happenings date back to Christopher Columbus.

  • 'Witches: Ancient Mysteries'

    Old witch book with pentagram, black candles, crystals and ritual objects

    Legends of witches have always carried a lot of folklore and ancient tales, and this History Channel series takes a look at the vast history of witchcraft -- from ancient times to the Salem trials.

  • 'The Book That Can't Be Read'


    For those who aren't familiar with the Voynich Manuscript, it's a mysteriously unreadable book filled with cryptic messages. Decoders have been trying to crack the ancient text for years, and now Naked Science has new clues that could lead to the author.

  • 'Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles'


    This 2011 independent film dives into the mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, unknown tiles that are scattered across the United States and four South American capital cities. The filmmakers set out to discover the origin of these cryptic tiles in an unforgettable quest.

  • 'Decoded: D.B. Cooper'

    Decoded dives into the case of D.B. Cooper and whether the infamous "skyjacker" was an airline purser named Kenny Christiansen.

  • 'Bizarre Beliefs: Cults and the Occult'

    The candle was lit on the altar.Vintage tone

    Ever want to get into the minds and beliefs of some of the world's most famous cults? Well, this documentary dives right into everything we ever wanted to know about these religious groups.

  • 'Stonehenge Decoded'


    Oh, Stonehenge.

    Sure, it's fun to go and sight-see this mysterious pile of rocks, but what do the rocks actually mean? This documentary presents some convincing information that the area was used as an astrological observatory thousands of years ago.

  • 'Unexplained Mysteries: Psychic Crime Solvers'

    Psychic with tarot cards

    When in doubt, get the help of ghosts, right? In this episode, psychics attempt to solve some mysterious and confusing crimes with the help of some trusty (or not-so-trusty) spirits.

  • 'Mysterious Black Holes'

    Stars and material falls into a black hole

    For some, outer space is wildly fascinating. But for others, it's downright scary. This documentary on the wonders of black holes is a must-see for any science buff.

    ... or those who enjoy a good space movie.
  • 'Incident at Loch Ness'


    Everyone loves talking about the mysterious Nessy, right? Although we'll probably never know whether this Scottish water beast is real, these documentarians are going to give it their best effort to uncover the truth.

  • 'Search for Alien Worlds'

    Woman walking towards glowing alien symbol in the forest at night

    Every now and again, reports resurface of UFO sightings or other extraterrestrial behavior. But what's real and what's just hearsay? This documentary could help us sort it all out!

  • 'Secrets of the Nazca Lines'

    Nazca lines - the spider

    Located in the deserts of Peru, the Nazca Lines are huge drawings in the soil that are believed to have come from an ancient civilization. What do they mean, exactly?

    Well, that's what everyone is trying to figure out, now isn't it?

  • 'The Universe: Saturn - Lord of the Rings'

    Planet saturn with rings

    Saturn's trademark is most definitely the beautiful rings surrounding the planet, but how exactly did they come about? Hopefully this episode of The Universe can help shed some light on this planet's mystery.

  • 'Mind Control - America's Secret War'

    Touch screen analysing commerce
    Laurence Dutton/iStock

    We generally think of mind control as being something only a superhero or a supervillain could possess, but then why would a US intelligence agency spend millions of dollars on some super hush-hush mind control projects?


  • 'Mysteries of Jerusalem - Stairway to Paradise'

    Walk into the light

    This three-part series from the '90s works to uncover all the religious mysteries that are connected with Jerusalem. These mysteries date back to the days of Jesus, so things are going to get pretty tricky when it comes to sorting these clues out.

  • 'Is It Real? - Bigfoot'

    Sasquatch Sighting

    If people aren't obsessing about the Loch Ness monster, then they're likely infatuated with Bigfoot. It's North America's claim to fame when it comes to mysterious creatures, and we can't help but wonder if he's actually out there.

  • 'Finding Atlantis: National Geographic'

    Ancient Atlantis Ruins Underwater

    One of the most talked-about hidden civilizations, Atlantis, has stumped scientists for centuries. This National Geographic series follows a team of people that think they found pieces of the lost land.

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