Hallmark Fans Rejoice! Over 100 Movies Will Premiere in 2019

Mingle All the Way Hallmark movie
Hallmark Channel

For people who can't help but love a great feel-good movie, there's likely a chance Valentine's Day and even Christmas films from a certain brand are still on the DVR. (It's OK to admit it; we have 'em, too.) Hallmark movies are annoyingly addictive and something we can't stop watching -- because we don't want to. Welp, it looks like we're going to get our fix (and then some) as Hallmark unveiled its movie plans for the year.

... and it's going to be big.

  • Last year, the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries blessed us with 38 new holiday movies.

    That's right, people: We spent many hours -- like 500-plus hours if we say each of the 38 movies was about 90 minutes long (some were more, but we like simple math) -- over the holidays last year cuddled up to watch some gal return to her small town and rekindle a romance with a past lover.

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  • And it looks like we're getting more movies this year.

    The thought of more holiday movies on the way has us shamefully excited to put that Hallmark Christmas movie app in good use again.

  • ... *three times* the movies.

    Entertainment Tonight reports Hallmark will bring 103 original movies this year, in addition to specials, a daytime talk show (Home & Family), a prime time series, and a docu-drama.

  • Hallmark movies continue to see success each year, which means the executives are ready to up the ante.

    "Our movies are higher quality, the storytelling is better, the casting is better, production values are better. People love them and really, I think that's a big piece of it," Bill Abbott, president and CEO of Crown Media Family Networks, told Entertainment Tonight about Hallmark's success.

    "Someone said it to me the other day that Hallmark is a movement for people that want to feel positive and so, we are here to be bigger and bolder in that way," added Michelle Vicary, executive VP of programming and network publicity at Crown Media Family Networks.

  • And we're so excited!!

    Hundreds of Hallmark movies for us to consume ... in a single year?

    Yes, we're here for all of it.