22 Famous Acting Duos Who've Starred in Multiple Movies Together

Samantha Sutton | Feb 26, 2019 Movies
22 Famous Acting Duos Who've Starred in Multiple Movies Together

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love
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Lately, whenever we turn on the TV or watch a movie, we seem to get déjà vu. Haven't we seen something just like this before? Well, the answer is probably yes. It's the day and age of sequels and reboots, meaning everything old is being revamped for a whole new audience.

We're not complaining. When something works, it's worth repeating -- outfits (we're guilty), recipes (obviously), and for some celebrities, relationships (although there's definitely a limit there -- our own hearts can only take so much). 

That's also the case when it comes to costars.

Consider this: When two people happen to share a special chemistry on-screen, it makes sense for the folks who are doing the casting to try and recreate that. After all, certain actors and actresses just work well as a fake husband and wife or manage to play a believable pair of best friends (probably because they sort of are in real life). And if their last film (or at least one in recent history) was a success, it's likely the audience won't mind seeing them share a screen once more, either.

By now, we've seen a handful of great "acting duos," aka two people who've worked with each other time and time again. Sometimes, it's just for two or three films. Other times, they can have as much as nine (yep, they like each other that much) credits together. And sometimes, they keep things streamlined and stick to just one genre, such as comedy or action, which others have partnered for a decent range.

So which pairs of pros can't seem to quit each other? We've rounded up 20.

  • Christian Bale & Amy Adams

    When these two get together, there's a pretty good chance they'll get nominated for some type of award. Amy Adams and Christian Bale command the screen together in films such as The Fighter, American Hustle, and Vice.
  • Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn


    This comedic duo makes us laugh SO HARD. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn deliver the laughs in films such as Wedding Crashers, The Internship, Zoolander, and Starsky & Hutch to name a few.

  • Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly


    When these guys get together, they come out with one-liners we'll never stop quoting. They played silly, immature step-brothers in the aptly titled Step Brothers and were race care drivers in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Their most recent film was Holmes & Watson, which came out on Christmas 2018.

  • Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence


    Yes, we know the world is all about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga right now, following the success of A Star Is Born, but we can't forget about JLaw! These two share a special connection, too, that came across in movies such as Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

  • Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore


    We definitely swooned when Adam sang to Drew in The Wedding Singer, and really rooted for their success in 50 First Dates. (We wouldn't mind a sequel to either, by the way.) Although 2014's Blended was less of a success, it seems these stars are not done working together -- which is good news for fans of their work!

  • Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone


    Once we saw Emma and Ryan perform that Dirty Dancing lift scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love, it became obvious that these two had some serious on-screen chemistry. So why would they waste it? They once again shared the spotlight in Gangster Squad, but their performance in La La Land was award-worthy.

  • Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson


    The question here is when haven't Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson worked together? All the way back in 1996, they were both in The Cable Guy. They played male models in not one but two Zoolander movies, and they even remade Starsky and Hutch. 

    We can't wait to see what they do for their next big project (because that's definitely happening).

  • Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet


    Leo and Kate were only costars for two different films -- Titanic and Revolutionary Road -- so why does it feel like they're always working together? Maybe it's because both of those movies were quite iconic or because they're friends in real life, too. 

    Considering the magic that happens when Leo and Kate share the screen, we hope they'll continue to work together in the future, too!

  • Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway


    Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are both top-notch talents, so why have they only been in two films together (just like Leo and Kate)?! Does no one remember the tear-jerker that was Love and Other Drugs? Or the iconic Brokeback Mountain? 

    We want more!

  • Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan


    Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were pretty much the #fakecouplegoals of the '90s. From Sleepless in Seattle to You've Got Mail, we were always rooting for them to get together at the end of whatever rom-com they were starring in. Thankfully, they didn't leave their partnership in the past: They also starred in Ithaca together in 2015.

  • Seth Rogen & James Franco


    Really this partnership started back in those Freaks and Geeks days (they both starred on the TV show), but from there, it grew. Seth and James went on to collaborate with each other on Pineapple ExpressThe Interview, and more. They never hesitate to work with Judd Apatow, either, which could be a secret to their magic.

  • Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader


    Although Kristen and Bill have appeared in nine of the same movies, sometimes they had no interaction at all -- such as in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But that was definitely a mistake, as when this duo gets together, they have the ability to make the audience cackle, just like they did on SNL and in the dark comedy The Skeleton Twins.

  • Tina Fey & Amy Poehler


    Another SNL pairing we love seeing together might be one of the greatest of all time: Tina and Amy! Aside from cohosting The Golden Globes side by side, they've been in Baby Mama, Sisters, and even Mean Girls together (although, they didn't share any dialogue in the latter). Considering they're real-life BFFs, we're sure there will be plenty more movies where those come from!

  • Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter


    Where there's a classic Tim Burton film, there's probably Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Not only did they sing together in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, they were animated in Corpse Bride and took us on a magical, faraway adventure in Alice in Wonderland.

  • Emma Thompson & Alan Rickman


    Before Alan Rickman passed away, he and Emma Thompson were quite the pair. Although his character cheated on her in Love, Actually (ugh) and we hated him for it, we choose to replace that hate with our love for the Harry Potter series, in which he played Professor Snape and she played Professor Trelawney. They also starred alongside each other in Sense and Sensibility.
  • Ben Affleck & Matt Damon


    It's pretty much impossible to think about Ben Affleck's acting career without thinking about Matt Damon's, too. After all, the real-life pals have costarred in so many films together, from the famous Good Will Hunting to Dogma to Jersey Girl.

  • Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson

    These days, both Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are kicking butt in all of those Avengers movies, but they haven't just shared the screen while playing superheroes. They were practically babies when we saw them together first in the 2004 movie Perfect Score. They also appeared in 2007's The Nanny Diaries together.
  • Jonah Hill & Emma Stone


    Another great Emma pairing -- and it goes back to the early days of her career. The actress played Jonah's crush in Superbad, and although it wasn't that big of a role, they weren't done collaborating. Years later, we saw them together again in the Netflix mini-series Maniac, where their roles were a lot more dramatic than high school students.

  • Rob Schneider & Adam Sandler


    Something that's pretty great about Adam Sandler? He loves working with his friends. Many of his most iconic movies include Rob Schneider, who's popped up in Big Daddy, Water Boy, 50 First Dates, and more. Whenever they get together, we're pretty much guaranteed a laugh.

  • Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone


    Perhaps the cutest thing about this duo is that they are husband and wife in real life. Even though Ben mostly works behind-the-scenes, he does pop up here and there in small, on-screen cameos. For instance, who can forget when Melissa's character, Megan, from Bridesmaids hit on Ben on the plane? 


  • Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg


    Another duo that we've gotten to witness grow on-screen together is Kristen and Jesse. We can hardly believe that Adventureland came out in 2009, somewhere in between all of Kristen's Twilight films. In 2015, the two both appeared in American Ultra, and year later they starred in the 1930s-set movie Café Society.

  • Bruce Willis & Samuel L. Jackson


    There are two words to describe what happens when these well-known actors get together: action-packed. Their shared credits include titles such as Loaded Weapon 1Pulp Fiction, and Unbreakable -- the last of which was followed up with the recent film, Glass.

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