The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2019

Madison Breaux | Feb 20, 2019 Movies
The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2019
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It Movie
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Everyone loves a nice scare every once and a while, right? Whether it's a paranormal thriller or a suspenseful mystery flick, there's a genre of scary movies that pretty much everyone can enjoy. And luckily for those people who just can't get enough of the horror movie adrenaline rush, 2019 has an amazing lineup for scary flicks. This year is going to see zombies, killer clowns, and lots and lots of ghosts and murderers. We might as well just set up camp at our local movie theaters and keep the endless popcorn coming, because we're going to be coming back frequently. Almost every month this year has one or more scary movies coming out, and we can't wait!

Some of the upcoming films are lesser known, and others have been highly anticipated for quite a while now (ex. the IT sequel). Highly hyped or not, 2019's horror movie lineup is definitely going to be a thing to remember. Sure, some years are duds when it comes to anticipated horror blockbusters, but not this year. We're in for a treat ... a scary treat, that is. And don't worry, for those people who get a little squeamish at full-on horror movies, there are some that will offer comic relief mixed in with a little scare.

(No one has to go all-in on the terror if they don't want to! However, with a movie lineup like this one, we'd strongly recommend it. To each his own, though!)

So, better start training those scare reactions, because we're anticipating a lot of screams here. These are 16 horror movies headed to theaters this year that we don't want to miss out on!

  • 'Corporate Animals'


    Rated: R

    Hit theaters: January 29

    Demi Moore is a CEO of Incredible Edibles, who takes her takes her staff on a team-building excursion to New Mexico. While there, they get trapped underground. Yeah, it's safe to say they're in a situation no one really wants to be in.

  • 'Greta'


    Rated: R

    Hits theaters: March 1

    Chloe Grace Moretz's character befriends an older woman, but she soon realizes that there's something very off ... and very deadly about her new friend.

  • 'Us'


    Rated: R

    Hits theaters: March 22

    Whether we believe in doppelgangers or not, they are coming to life in this movie! One family is shocked when a group of people that break into their house look exactly like them, but with far more gruesome features.

  • 'Pet Sematary'


    Rated: NR

    Hits theaters: April 5

    A family of four moves out to a rural home where they learn of the creepy "pet sematary" that's nearby. After their cat tragically dies after being hit by a truck, the family buries their beloved pet in the cemetery, and things go wrong from there.

    We can thank Stephen King for this one.

  • 'The Haunting of Sharon Tate'


    Rated: R

    Hits theaters: April 5

    In The Haunting of Sharon Tate (based on a true story), 26-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon Tate (played by Hilary Duff) is pregnant with a big-league director's child. As she waits for him to return from Europe, she starts being haunted by visions of her upcoming death at the hands of the Manson Family.

  • 'High Life'


    Rated: R

    Hits theaters: April 12

    Way beyond our solar system, a father and daughter struggle to survive in their deep space surroundings.

  • 'The Curse of La Llorona'


    Rated: R

    Hits theaters: April 19

    A concerned social worker and her kids are quickly dragged into an eerie supernatural world after investigating a mother suspected of child endangerment. This one might give The Conjuring films a run for its money!

  • 'Brightburn'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: May 24

    Sure, we've all seen some sort of movie that involved a mysterious person arriving from another world. Well, in Brightburn, this mysterious person ... this time a child ... isn't exactly interested in doing good things for mankind.

  • 'Ma'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: May 31

    Yes, Octavia Spencer is back! She's the unlikely villain in this thriller, Ma. Ma lets a group of teens throw a party at her house. And well, things turn badly, as we might have guessed. The movie's tag line, "get home safe," is just as eerie as it sounds.

  • 'The New Mutants'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: August 2

    Five young adult "mutants" are just learning what power their abilities hold while being kept away in a secret facility. Their fight to escape is a tough one, and this movie is shaping up to be like X-Men but ... frightening.

  • 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: August 9

    It's hard to imagine our worst fears coming out of the woodwork to haunt us, but well, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is ready to bring all of this to life. A group of small-town teenagers must face their deepest fears in order to save Mill Valley.

  • 'It: Chapter Two'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: September 6

    YUP, it's back ... literally. The clown that was the source of all of our nightmares back in 2017 is coming back later this year. This sequel takes place 27 years after our favorite group of kids took down the demonic clown, but the fight isn't over.

  • 'Midsommar'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: September 9

    This movie follows a young couple as they decide to go on a trip to a small Swedish village where they soon realize that the locals are a little ... strange. This horror film is going to introduce a lot of new faces, like Florence Pugh, who plays the main female character.

  • 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: October 4

    While the exact plot hasn't been released just yet, this movie is a spinoff of the classic Nickelodeon series Are You Afraid of the Dark? Gary Dauberman -- who wrote scary movies such as  It and The Nun -- is writing the screenplay for the film and wants to "honor the darker, scarier tone of the show."

    It'll be a fun (but also terrifying) blast back to the '90s with this movie!

  • 'Zombieland: Double Tap'


    Rated: TBD

    Hits theaters: October 11

    For a little comic relief, we have the Zombieland gang getting back together for a sequel. Yes, that includes Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson, and yes, they are still fighting off those zombies.

  • 'Doctor Sleep'

    Rebecca Fereguson and Ewan McGregor
    Grant Buchanan/Splash News; Grant Buchanan/Splash News

    Rated: R

    Hits theaters: November 8

    Well this is the follow-up to The Shining that no one asked for ... but everyone secretly wanted. It follows Danny Torrence as he meets a young girl who possesses similar powers to his. It's bound to be freaky, but Jack Nicholson isn't involved, so maybe we'll actually be able to sleep after this one.


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