20 'After Dark' Movies to Watch When the Kids Aren't Around

Madison Breaux | Feb 19, 2019 Movies
20 'After Dark' Movies to Watch When the Kids Aren't Around
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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut
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There's a time and place for family-friendly movies, right? When the entire fam gathers for a movie night, there are only certain flicks that are acceptable for everyone, including the kiddos. But every once in a while, the adults get to choose a film to watch all by themselves. And for those types of nights, we got ya covered. There are plenty of quality after-dark movies that are pretty much NSFC (not safe for children) -- and NSFW -- but they're also 100 percent shame-free. Let's be honest, sometimes, we're just in the mood for something that's a little bit less PG and a little bit more NC-17.

And, well, that's where the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy comes in to play -- along with some other flicks.

While Christian Grey came to us fairly recently (thank the kinky heavens for that), there are some more classic, erotic movies that come from the '80s and '90s we have yet to forget about. Movies that fit everyone's naughty mood have been gracing screens for decades, so it's easier now more than ever to find the perfect flick for the right vibe. There are some that are just cut-and-dried love stories, and some that have a little more intrigue to them -- like crime and murder.

Some were almost too scandalous to even be made into a movie at all.

Yes, there's definitely something for everyone when the kids aren't in the room. However, the 18-and-over moments can't last forever, so it's important to choose the movie carefully.

So, for nights when it's adults-only, here are 20 perfect after-dark movies to choose from. With a list like this, the kid-free zone might last all night.

Happy movie marathon-ing!

  • 'Basic Instinct'

    Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct
    TriStar/Getty Images

    Rated: R

    A classic after-dark '90s flick! This movie involves a brutal murder, and a very suspicious yet seductive woman.

  • '50 Shades of Grey'


    Rated: R

    OK -- so we all know what's going on in this movie. Why not just make it an after-dark movie marathon and binge all three of the films?

  • '50 Shades Darker'


    Rated: R

    Why stop with one 50 Shades movie when there are two more in the series? 50 Shades Darker -- and 50 Shades Freed -- not only show the evolution of Christian and Anastasia's relationship, but just how steamy things can get in the bedroom.

    ... and beyond.

  • 'Magic Mike'


    Rated: R

    If it ain't broke, why fix it? Magic Mike has been a go-to film when we want to escape life for a couple hours and enjoy some six-pack abs and a bit of gyrating. Channing Tatum did his thing!
  • 'Blue Valentine'


    Rated: R

    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a very troubled married couple, and their entire love story is shown by switching from various time periods.

  • 'Eyes Wide Shut'


    Rated: R

    Can't really go wrong with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, right? One doctor sets out for a night of sexual adventures ... and well, things escalate.

  • 'Cruel Intentions'


    Rated: R 

    Two step-siblings at a Manhattan prep school decide they want to see if they can take the headmaster's daughter's virginity before the new school term begins. This film has such a rock star cast for such a vicious plot-line.

  • 'Unfaithful'


    Rated: R

    While we're not advocating for anyone to step out on his or her spouse, this movie explores infidelity that definitely comes at a high price.

  • 'Indecent Proposal'

    Demi Moore, Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal
    Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

    Rated: R

    Robert Redford and Demi Moore like ya never have seen them before! Redford's billionaire character offers a married Demi $1 million in exchange for one night with her. Oh yeah, and Woody Harrelson stars in it, too.

    What could be better??

  • 'Exotica'


    Rated: R

    A neurotic man frequents a club called Exotica in order to escape his past. But things don't really go according to plan for him.

  • 'Blue Velvet'

    Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan in Blue Velvet

    Rated: R

    A young man becomes interested in a beautiful nightclub performer whose child has been kidnapped by a group of criminals. This movie is a far more scandalous version of Rear Window.

  • 'Dangerous Liasons'

    Dangerous Liasons movie
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images

    Rated: R

    Set in 18th century France, a mischievous widow and her ex-lover make a bet that they can seduce a recently wed young woman.

  • 'Fatal Attraction'

    Michael Douglas, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
    Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

    Rated: R

    This '80s classic stars Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, whose characters have a scandalous one-night stand that turns into a frightening stalking situation.

  • 'Blue Is the Warmest Color'


    Rated: NC-17

    This French coming-of-age flick involves two young women meeting each other and discovering themselves (and their sexuality) as a result.

  • 'A Bigger Splash'


    Rated: R

    Now this is a rock star cast. Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Tilda Swinton all gather in Italy, where jealousy and danger pursue.

  • 'Shame'


    Rated: NC-17

    A 30-something sex addict living in New York City finds his secretive life disrupted when his sister comes to visit.

  • 'American Gigolo'


    Rated: R

    Fans of Richard Gere will love this one. The Pretty Woman roles are reversed, and now he plays an escort.

  • 'Henry & June'


    Rated: NC-17

    Set in Paris during the 1930s, the famous inter-connected romance between Anais Nin and Henry Miller and his wife June is told in this 1990 flick.

  • 'Love and Other Drugs'


    Rated: R

    A woman battling Parkinson's disease and a charming pharmaceutical rep start an unlikely romance in 1990s Pittsburgh. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are truly irresistible!

  • 'Original Sin'

    Rated: R

    Angelina Jolie definitely turned heads in this 2001 flick. In Original Sin, she played a woman with high hopes of pulling a con on a rich man (Antonio Banderas). And boy were those love scenes SUPER steamy!


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