Ready for a Live-Action 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Movie? It Might Happen

The Nightmare Before Christmas photo

We've said it before, but we'll say it again: Sequels and remakes are having a moment -- and it's only getting more and more intense. Disney alone has a ton of live-action flicks coming out in the near future, including Toy Story 4, Aladdin, and a realistic-looking Dumbo. And now, it's considering going the same route for another much-loved classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • Word has it that Tim Burton's film might receive an update.

    A source told Moviehole that the studio is talking about doing something with "Nightmare Before Christmas -- probably a sequel but live-action possible."

    Hmm ...

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  • People are particularly passionate about this spooky classic, so naturally, they have a lot of thoughts.

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    To sum up the reaction, don't do it, Disney!

  • They argue that stop-motion is already "live-action,"

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    They do have a point.
    (Never really thought about it that way.)

  • and that everything *does not* for the modern world.

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    Sure, the trend is still going strong, but some classics are meant to be just that -- classics! Also, that comment about Will Smith in Aladdin ... LOL! People have mixed feelings about that one, too.

  • Still, a few folks said they'd be down if Tim Burton is involved.

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    The guy is talented, and surely he wouldn't want to do anything to mess up his legacy.

  • Or maybe Disney can just explore another part of that world.

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    Forget about Jack -- we need to see some leprechauns -- or Cupid!

    So many holidays to explore!

  • Maybe just hold off and think about it a bit more, Disney!

    At least wait until we can check out Aladdin and The Lion King before starting a whole new project!

    (Just our opinion.)

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