The Cast of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Comes Together for a Special Reunion

Dermot Mulroney and Julia Roberts
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With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, our hearts (and time) have been consumed with all things Hallmark and rom-coms -- that is, romantic comedies. And boy did Christmas come early with this nostalgic walk down memory lane. (Yes, we know that holiday has come and gone, but it's still timely as we can now watch Hallmark Christmas movies year-round. Yay!) The cast of My Best Friend's Wedding came together for a reunion, decades after the iconic romantic comedy graced us with its presence in theaters.

And the photos are heartwarming to say the least.

  • Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney, and Rupert Everett came together for an epic reunion.

    The stars of the '90s hit are gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly's February rom-com issue -- and we are totally here for it!

    For anyone who isn't cool (kidding ... but kinda not), My Best Friend's Wedding is about a gal (Julia Roberts) who loves her male bestie (Dermot Mulroney) ... who happens to be getting married to someone he kinda just met (Cameron Diaz). Julia's character, Julianne, struggles with supporting her friend and telling him how she feels. Thankfully, she has an awesome best friend by the name of George who tries to be her Jiminy Cricket.
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  • "I think about these guys every day," Dermot Mulroney, who plays Michael in the film, tells Entertainment Weekly.

    "People come up to me and they bring up this movie every day for the last 22 years," he tearfully tells the publication about My Best Friend's Wedding and how important the movie is to him.


  • My Best Friend's Wedding is definitely a go-to fave that delivers the feels.

    Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney, and Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding
    Siemoneit/Sygma via Getty Images

    The laughs. The off-key singing. The relatable yearning for someone we can't have.

    It's all there.

  • And apparently, Julia *not* getting the guy is what people wanted.

    "The focus group didn't want Julianne to have a happy ending," director PJ Hogan told Entertainment Weekly about why Julia's character didn't end up with her friend. "They still hadn't forgiven her. They just weren't ready for her to end up in the arms of another guy. I thought the answer was George, because the film really worked when Rupert was on camera. Rupert and Julia's chemistry is so great."

    "When I read the [final scene] I couldn't believe it. It's beautiful," Rupert Everett added. "The whole end is so wonderful and tragic in a way. It's very, very moving. And that's another thing in the film: It's a comedy, but it's got things that are really, really touching and moving."

  • Needless to say, fans of the film are super excited to see this bunch back together.

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    Judging by the comments, a number of folks thought this was an announcement about a sequel.

    We wish!
  • And so are we!

    This truly blessed us today.

    (Sidenote: We definitely need to watch this again!)

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