20 of the Best Galentine's Day Movies to Watch With the Bestie

Bethany Quinn | Feb 7, 2019 Movies
20 of the Best Galentine's Day Movies to Watch With the Bestie

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and for some that means flowers, chocolate, a candlelit dinner, and a night of over-the-top romance. February 14 is hyped up to be the most romantic day of the year, but what if ya don't have a bae to celebrate with? What if someone just got out of a relationship? What if someone is just not into the romantic cheesy stuff? What is someone is so over everything red and pink and celebrating love just one day out of the year? Valentine's Day might be a day of love, but that doesn't have to mean romantic love.

Why not celebrate the love of family, like that of parents or children -- or even better, celebrate the love of friends!

Let's get real, there's no one who will have our backs more than our girlfriends. They're the real ride-or-die pals, and more often than not, are there for us before our special someones -- and will be during and possibly after the relationship.

Celebrating the joy that is female friendship is one of the best things ever, and luckily there are a ton of movies that will get us in the Galentine's Day spirit -- a term that was thought up by none other than Parks and Recreation's lead character and all around girl's girl, Leslie Knope.

So this year, let's save ourselves some money, potential heartbreak, and disappointment and curl up with our besties for one of these female-centric films that celebrate all things girl power. From comedies to dramas, new favorites to old classics, girls rule in these 20 films.

Grab the ice cream, the chocolate (perhaps some wine) and remember, "ovaries before brovaries!"

  • 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion'


    Rated: R

    Long time besties Romy and Michele gear up for their high school reunion by trying to reinvent themselves -- only to learn they are pretty freaking awesome just the way they are.

  • 'Steel Magnolias'


    Rated: PG

    This film is quite the tear-jerker, so have some tissues nearby. Steel Magnolias is also one of the best films to depict the power of female friendship and the strong bond between mother and daughter.

  • 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'


    Rated: PG

    Young Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel star in this film that shows that real friendship can survive even when tested by distance. A pair of jeans helps solidify the bond between these four best friends!

  • 'Now and Then'


    Rated: PG-13

    Four friends come together after years of being a part to remember the greatest summer of their lives. This coming-of-age film is a classic!

  • 'Thelma & Louise'


    Rated: R

    Girlfriends until the end ... literally! This classic film stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as they try to outrun the law. It's underlying message of, "why women don't report" is more timely than ever.

  • 'First Wives Club'


    Rated: PG-13

    Slapstick comedy: check! Three legendary actresses: check! A song and dance number to end all song and dance numbers: check! This movie has got it all and is still inspiring women to this day.

  • 'Hidden Figures'


    Rated: PG

    Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae star in this true story about mathematicians who helped in the early years of NASA's space program.

  • 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood'


    Rated: PG-13

    A daughter, Siddalee, gets "kidnapped" by her mother's friends to repair tensions that have been building between the two of them for years. In the process, she learns important facts about her mother's youth.

  • 'Bridesmaids'


    Rated: R

    Get ready to laugh ya a** off in this hilarious comedy that stars Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolf, Melissa McCarthy, and a slew of other extremely funny ladies.

  • 'Pitch Perfect'


    Rated: PG-13

    Anna Kendrick stars as a college freshman who helps revamp the schools a cappella team, The Bellas, taking them all they was to the finals.

    Get ready to sing along ... a lot!

  • 'Beaches'


    Rated: PG-13

    Beaches is the consummate chick flick that stars Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey who are lifelong BFFs. Their friendship goes through many ups and downs, but remains steadfast. It's a major tearjerker!

  • 'Clueless'


    Rated: PG-13

    This '90s classic gives an inside look at teen life in Beverly Hills, and how a little help from our girlfriends can go a long way.

  • 'Frances Ha'


    Rated: R

    Friends forever, right? This movie shows the strength of female friendship, but also how it can grow and change over the years.

  • 'How To Be Single'


    Rated: R

    This raunchy comedy stars Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson as they navigate the world of love and dating.

  • 'Bend It Like Beckham'


    Rated: PG-13

    This movie embodies female empowerment at its core: two women who love soccer show just what it means to "play like a girl!"

  • 'Mona Lisa Smile'


    Rated: PG-13

    Julia Roberts stars as a forward-thinking teacher in a traditional all-girls college in the 1950s. She inspires her students to break free from the roles society expects of them, and of course, is met with backlash.

  • 'Mean Girls'


    Rated: PG-13

    This film is a modern-day classic. With its memorable one-liners and hilarious cast, it truly is one of the best female-centric films ever made.

  • 'The Sapphires'


    Rated: PG-13

    Four talented Australian Aboriginal sisters get discovered and form an all-girl singing group. They perform for the US troops in Vietnam, and learn a lot of life lessons along the way.

  • 'Frozen'


    Rating: PG

    This movie is not just for kids, and it's definitely refreshing to see a Disney film that features two strong female leads who aren't just waiting to be rescued by a prince.

  • 'The Heat'


    Rated: R

    Two FBI agents that couldn't be more different are paired as partners as they try to take down drug lords. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock star, so be prepared for some serious LOLs.

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