Hallmark's 2019 Valentine's Day Lineup Is Bringing Back Our Favorite Love Stories

Samantha Sutton | Jan 31, 2019 Movies
Hallmark's 2019 Valentine's Day Lineup Is Bringing Back Our Favorite Love Stories

Meghan Markle in Hallmark Movie, the Dater's Handbook
Hallmark Channel

In case all of those jewelry deals, chocolate displays, and heart-themed decor isn't enough of a hint, we're here to announce that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Some folks like to think of the February 14 as the perfect excuse to show off their romantic side, whether it's through a candlelit date night dinner or a super sappy card. Others -- especially those who are nursing a broken heart -- would rather skip over that day entirely. But no matter how people plan to celebrate this famous February holiday, it's always a good idea to squeeze in a themed movie or two. Between iconic rom-coms, something gross and gory in the horror genre (yes, those do exist), or a classic breakup flick, there's something for everyone.

And, of course, there's always the Hallmark Channel.

Obviously, the makers of our favorite cheesy Christmas movies are cashing in on all of the love, breaking out some of their classics -- including one that stars the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle -- from February 2 to the weekend after February 14. While most of these movies are ones we've seen before, even as recently as the channel's Winterfest, there will be three new ones add to the mix.

And honestly, we couldn't be more excited.

We're already setting our DVRs and planning our days and nights around tales of business executives falling in love with small-town innkeepers, or former lovers and rivals reuniting and find out -- wait! -- they're actually meant to be. Over-the-top and highly improbable is the genre of our choice. And luckily, there will be a whopping 59 films that will satisfy our taste over the next two weeks.

Here's a rundown of the Hallmark Channel's 2019 Valentine's Day movie lineup. Be sure to check those local listings!

  • 'Love on the Sidelines'


    Airs: February 2

    Combining football and Valentine's Day over Super Bowl weekend, The Walking Dead's Emily Kinney plays an aspiring fashion designer who gets hired as a personal assistant for an injured football player.

  • 'Cooking With Love'

    Airs: February 2, 6, 9, 10, and 12

    When a TV producer and TV chef -- both of whom claim to have no time for relationships -- work together on a children's cooking show, their outlook on love starts to change.
  • 'Appetite for Love'

    Airs: February 2, 3, 6, 9, and 11

    When work sends Mina back to her hometown to convince a restaurant owner to sell his property, she realizes that owner is her ex. While he refuses to negotiate, there's obviously still feelings there -- which doesn't sound promising for her 5-year-plan-type boyfriend back at home, or her job.

  • 'A Dash of Love'

    Airs: February 2, 5, and 9

    An aspiring chef lands a job as an assistant to her idol, only to realize that they've been stealing her recipes. When she and another chef (read: love interest) get fired, they make a plan to open their own pop-up restaurant.

  • 'Walking the Dog'

    Airs: February 2 and 5

    Two rival lawyers are brought together after their dogs fall for each other. And pretty soon, it's possible the pets aren't the only ones in love.

  • 'Love at First Glance'

    Airs: February 2 and 11

    After a young woman's fiancé tells her he wants someone more adventurous, she finds a handsome stranger's phone on the train ride home -- leading her on adventure of her own to return it.

  • 'Valentine Ever After'

    Airs: February 2, 9, and 14

    When two city girls are caught up in a bar brawl during a trip to Wyoming, they're forced to stay and do community service, leading to life-changing results.

  • 'SnowComing'


    Airs: February 2, 3, and 10

    Another football-love combo, this revolves around a woman who returns home to celebrate her father's retirement from coaching -- only to run into her high school sweetheart, who's now an NFL quarterback.

  • 'Very, Very Valentine'

    Airs: February 2, 4, 10, and 14

    Danika McKellar plays a florist who enlists the help of a friend to track down the guy she met at a masked ball. But perhaps, the perfect man is already in front of her.

  • 'My Secret Valentine'

    Airs: February 2, 8, 10, and 14

    A man buying a family winery arrives right as a woman (Lacey Chabert) starts getting messages from a secret admirer.

    Hmm …

  • 'Valentine in the Vineyard' (New)


    Airs: Premieres February 2. Repeats February 7, 9, 10, and 14

    First there was Autumn in the Vineyard, then there was Summer in the Vineyard, and now, we get to see how this winemaking couple (played by She's All That star Rachel Lee Cook, and Brendan Penny) spends Valentine's Day in the vineyard.

  • 'Anything for Love'

    Airs: February 2, 10, and 13

    An executive and male nurse, who both altered their careers on their dating profiles, fall in love while hiding their true identities -- which gets trickier when the woman's father ends up in the hospital under the man's care.

  • 'Love By Chance'


    Airs: February 3

    Claire is busy running her restaurant, so her mom takes it upon herself to find her the perfect guy -- something that could have serious consequences once Claire finally finds out about the setup.

  • 'All Things Valentine'

    Airs: February 3 and 7

    A blogger, who has no luck with Valentine’s Day, finally meets a nice guy, but -- dun, dun dun! -- discovers that he blames her for his breakup and has been leaving mean comments. So what does it mean? Is this the real thing?

    That's what she’ll have to figure out ...

  • 'All for Love'


    Airs: February 3 and 6

    Under the direction of her publisher, a romance novelist (Sara Rue) is forced to spend time with a Navy SEAL.

  • 'Dater's Handbook'

    Airs: February 3

    Yes, that's Meghan Markle! She plays a woman following the advice of a dating expert to finally find the right guy. But when it leads two good ones, she'll have to make a tough decision and follow her heart.

  • 'Love at the Shore'


    Airs: February 3

    A single mom and author must work through her family vacation so she can meet her deadline, all while having a neighbor who cranks his music and lets his dog run everywhere. Later on, she starts seeing him in a whole new light.

  • 'One Winter Proposal'

    Airs: February 3

    In a follow-up to One Winter Weekend, a group of four return to a ski resort where old flames are reunited and current relationships grow stronger.

  • 'Winter Love Story'


    Airs: February 3

    Sparks fly between a new author and the best-selling author when they go on a book tour together.

  • 'Yes, I Do'


    Airs: February 4

    A woman, who left her fiancé at the alter twice, has to prove that, actually, she really does want to marry him.

  • 'Falling for You'


    Airs: February 4

    A radio host convinces a busy businessman to participate in a fundraising bachelor bake-off.

  • 'Season for Love'


    Airs: February 4

    Two high school sweethearts, who both ended up becoming chefs, reunite as they head back to their hometown to compete in the annual barbecue cook-off.

  • 'Love in Design'


    Airs: February 5

    A home-makeover TV show star (Danica McKellar) is sent back to her hometown to renovate an old manor, and her ex is overseeing the project to make sure she maintains its historical integrity.

  • 'Tulips in Spring'


    Airs: February 5

    While trying to save her family's farm -- in part by winning a contest -- a woman falls for a man who helps connects them to local distributors.

  • 'Pearl in Paradise'


    Airs: February 5

    A travel photographer and author team up to find a Fijian "pearl."

  • 'Surprised By Love'


    Airs: February 6

    When a woman's parents disapprove of her boyfriend, he hatches a plan to make himself look good: Have her take her underachieving ex to their anniversary party instead. Unfortunately, things backfire, and a choice must be made.

  • 'Portrait of Love'


    Airs: February 6

    A fashion photographer returns to her hometown and is left having to choose: career success or love?

    Frances Fisher is in this one!

  • 'The Wedding March'


    Airs: February 7

    Just as a woman is about to say "I do," her college sweetheart from two decades ago pops back into her life when he's booked as the singer at her wedding.

  • 'Royal Hearts'


    Airs: February 7

    A woman -- who's described as a "hopeless romantic" -- and her father (played by James Brolin) find out that not only has he inherited an estate, he's also king of the faraway land where it's located.

  • 'Moonlight in Vermont'

    Airs: February 7

    A recently dumped real estate broker heads to her family's Vermont inn to decompress -- only to run into her ex and his new girlfriend. She has a plan to win him back, though, and it involves pretending to be in love with the inn's head chef.

  • 'Eat, Play, Love'


    Airs: February 8

    A veterinarian who loves dogs also happens to have a crush on the owner of a local shelter. Sadly, he's set to marry a TV star -- meaning it's time for his sister to step in and help fate find its way.

  • 'A Summer to Remember'


    Airs: February 8

    Overwhelmed with work and life, Jessica Tucker takes a trip to Fiji, where gets close to a resort owner and considers making some major changes.

  • 'A Country Wedding'


    Airs: February 8

    A country singer returns home before his wedding to an actress -- only to reconnect with his high school sweetheart and feel inspired to write music again. Now, he has to decide if he's making the right choice when it comes to the woman he'll spend the rest of his life with.

  • 'Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe'


    Airs: February 8

    A Christmas movie in February? Yep! We're not complaining about the fact that Hallmark will be re-airing this story about a woman who heads home over the holidays, spends time with her family, and falls for her former rival.

  • 'Love on Safari'


    Airs: February 9

    A woman inherits a wildlife reserve that's in financial jeopardy. And to keep her from selling it -- and to get her to fall for him -- the head ranger takes her on a safari.

  • 'A Harvest Wedding'


    Airs: February 9

    A wedding planner is tasked with putting together a wedding in her own hometown, where the bride's brother and venue owner is her first love.

  • 'Love, Of Course'


    Airs: February 9

    Kelly Rutherford! Gabby Douglas! A ton of famous faces pop up in this movie about an empty-nester who becomes close with a professor while planning a harvest festival.

  • 'Love Struck Cafe'


    Airs: February 9

    Megan Quinn has a lot on her plate at the moment -- including helping her family with their café -- that doesn't need another stressor to add to it. Unfortunately, that means it's the perfect time to run into the guy who broke her heart.

  • 'The Sweetest Heart'


    Airs: February 9

    A handsome banker is helping a woman save her cupcake business -- just as a guy from her past comes back into her life.

    Now she had to choose between the two!

  • 'My Favorite Wedding'


    Airs: February 9

    The maid of honor and best man at a wedding are there to help the bride and groom ... but it's possible that they're meant to be together, too.

  • 'The Story of Us' (New)

    Airs: Premieres February 9. Repeats February 10 and 14

    With her bookstore struggling and her architect ex hoping to give their neighborhood an unwanted revamp, a woman relies on old valentines from customers to help save the day.

  • 'Winter Castle'

    Airs: February 10

    When her sister decides to get married at an ice hotel, a California girl falls in love with the decor and hits it off with the hotel's owner.

  • 'A Winter Princess'

    Airs: February 10

    A princess escapes her day-to-day life by working at a ski resort where she helps to plan an anniversary celebration with the owner's brother.

  • 'A Novel Romance'

    Airs: February 10

    A romance novelist, who's written his books under a pen name, meets a journalist on a plane. And when the two hit it off, it leads to love and inspiration. The only problem? She doesn't know his true identity, and his agent wants him to make it public.

  • 'All of My Heart: The Wedding'

    Airs: February 10

    The couple from All My Heart are getting married and finally opening their inn ... when a storm hits town, messing up their plans and leaving them in need of money.

  • 'Love at First Dance'

    Airs: February 10

    Glee’s Becca Tobin plays a dance instructor tasked with teaching Manhattan's former "Most Eligible Bachelor" how to dance before his big wedding -- something that would be easier if the two weren't developing feelings for each other.

  • 'The Perfect Bride'

    Airs: February 11

    Molly runs a bridal boot camp, but she can't get over her own marital issues from her past -- until she meets a photographer, who's engaged to her perfectionist client, and realizes it's time to move on.

  • 'My Summer Prince'

    Airs: February 11

    A publicist gets an opportunity to further her career by helping a prince fix his image, and finds love in the process.

  • 'Perfect on Paper'


    Airs: February 11

    Ready to get her life in order, a book editor takes a job in L.A., where she find herself working for a tough, best-selling author (Morgan Fairchild) and having to choose between two guys: a surfer and an attorney.

  • 'Lucky in Love'

    Airs: February 12

    Jessica Szohr plays a woman whose dreams start coming true on April Fool's Day. But she soon finds out that the perfect job, perfect guy, and perfect house may not be all they're cracked up to be.

  • 'Love Blossoms'


    Airs: February 12

    Under pressure to finish a scent before Valentine's Day, a perfumer hires a botanist to help her, but romance may get in the way.

  • 'Falling for Vermont'

    Airs: February 12

    When a best-selling author crashes her car, she's left with no memory and no ID. The town doctor allows her to stay in his guest house while she recovers, ultimately leading to her choosing between her real life and her current one.

  • 'Autumn in the Vineyard'


    Airs: February 12

    The first in the series, a man and a woman become rivals after shared ownership of a vineyard forces them to divide it down the middle.

  • 'Sun, Sand, and Romance'


    Airs: February 13

    While on vacation with her boyfriend, Kate runs into her high school friend and fellow camp counselor, Shep, who's now an activities director at their resort. When her boyfriend is pulled away for business, Kate reconnects with Shep, helps him discover his potential, and re-discovers her fun side in return.

  • 'Bridal Wave'


    Airs: February 13

    Just as a bride-to-be is having doubts about whether or not her fiancé is "the one," she meets an ex-architect at an island resort, who just may be the guy for her.

  • 'Elevator Girl'

    Airs: February 13

    Lacey Chabert and Ryan Merriman play two opposites who meet in an elevator and immediately feel a connection. But only time will tell if they'll be able to embrace their differences.

  • 'Summer in the Vineyard'


    Airs: February 13

    The vineyard co-owners are now a couple and getting ready to reveal their new wine -- until issues arise, putting their business and their relationship at risk.

  • 'Love, Romance & Chocolate'


    Airs: February 16

    When her boyfriend ditches her before their big trip to Belgium, Emma goes alone and meets, works, and falls for a chocolatier.

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