20 Movie Sequels Being Discussed We're Curious to See

Madison Breaux | Jan 11, 2019 Movies
20 Movie Sequels Being Discussed We're Curious to See

Mean Girls
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Nowadays, it seems as though everything coming to theaters is a remake, reboot, or a sequel of some other movie we've all already seen. The idea of movie sequels certainly isn't a new one, but it seems to be gaining more traction in Hollywood today. Some reboots have certainly earned their successes, but others, unfortunately, have flopped. In the mean business of filmmaking, a few failures are bound to happen, but that hasn't stopped production companies from keeping sequels a part of the daily discussion. But sometimes, the last thing fans want is a sequel that has the possibility of completely ruining the first movie for them.

With some films, it's the exact opposite. Over the years, there have been some extremely successful movies franchises. (Ever heard of Harry Potter?) So, as filmmakers continue to bank on the idea of sequels, we can only hope that the directors and actors are producing some high-quality reboots. Just in the last few months, there have been talks of continuing the story lines to several beloved movies. 

Some are already in the beginning stages of production, but others are still just being discussed and fought for. No matter how far along the plans are for these sequels, there's still a good possibility of the movies actually happening. So like it or not, some of our favorite movies could be getting new plots and new characters. Here are 20 movie sequels that are being discussed right now. There are definitely some surprising ones in here.


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