Major Fans of 'The Holiday' Might Be Stumped by This Quiz

Samantha Sutton | Dec 14, 2018 Movies

Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in The Holiday
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What's better than a regular old rom-com? Why, a rom-com with a holiday twist of course! And what's better than a movie that stars Kate Winslet? A movie that also stars Cameron Diaz -- and Jude Law and Jack Black! Honestly (and despite its fairly generic name), The Holiday is a hit all around, a true must-watch for us each and every December. Sure, it does get a little depressing at times -- there's unrequited love, cheating boyfriends and girlfriends, a man who is a widower, and a speech about the negatives of long-distance relationships -- but it has plenty of heartwarming moments, too. Plus, the ending is a happy one, which is always a good call for this time of year -- unless, of course, we're in the mood for a horror film.

Still, as much as we love this movie and can quickly repeat major plot points to anyone who asks, we often have trouble remembering the little details -- and maybe some big ones, too. For instance, we definitely forgot that Lindsay Lohan and James Franco make an appearance (they're actually in a movie that Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, cuts for work), or that John Krasinski and Katherine Hahn also pop up as Amanda's coworkers. (Yup, that totally happens.) On top of that, we're unsure about the names of important people -- such as Graham's (Jude Law's) kids or the guy that Iris (Kate Winslet) is madly in love with.

So we figured that if we, as fans of the film, find the facts to be a bit fuzzy, there may be more folks who would be equally stumped by some trivia, too. Ahead are 10 questions -- ranging from average to kind of difficult -- meant to test the knowledge of even the most religious The Holiday viewer.

Good luck!
  • Question 1: Who Is Graham to Iris?


    a. Her ex

    b. Her younger brother

    c. Her older brother

  • Question 1: Answer


    c. Her older brother

    After showing up at Iris' house drunk, Graham tells Amanda that he's her big brother.

  • Question 2: What is name of the website the two women use to swap houses?


    a. House Swap 

    b. GuesttoGuest

    c. Home Exchange

  • Question 2: Answer


    c. Home Exchange

    Amanda can be seen clicking on the URL. Fun fact: The site exists in real life!

  • Question 3: Which famous actor pops up in the Blockbuster scene? (RIP, Blockbuster.)


    a. Ed Burns

    b. Dustin Hoffman

    c. John Krasinski

  • Question 3: Answer


    b. Dustin Hoffman.

    He makes a surprise appearance as Miles (Jack Black) is talking about the score to The Graduate and says, "can't go anywhere ..."

  • Question 4: Where in England does Iris live?


    a. Surrey

    b. Cornwall

    c. Cotswolds

  • Question 4: Answer


    a. Surrey

    Although Amanda originally clicked on Cotswolds to check out the houses there, she thought it looked too much like the valley. Also, Amanda's neighbor, Arthur, later talks about how Cary Grant was from Surrey, too -- which is actually a mistake (he's from Bristol).

  • Question 5: Which famous line did Arthur claim to have helped write?


    a. Gone With the Wind's “Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

    b. Casablanca's "Here's looking at you, kid."

    c. The Wizard of Oz's "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

  • Question 5: Answer


    b. Casablanca's "Here's looking at you, kid."

    He told Iris that he added "kid" to the famous line. In other words, he's a legend.

  • Question 6: Where did Miles's girlfriend pretend to be filming a movie?


    a. New Mexico

    b. New York

    c. Colorado

  • Question 6: Answer


    a. New Mexico

    He caught her in the lie after he saw her with another guy. Ugh!

  • Question 7: What are the names of Graham's two daughters?


    a. Sally and Ophelia

    b. Sofia and Olive

    c. Sophie and Olivia

  • Question 7: Answer


    c. Sophie and Olivia

    He's raising them by himself after his wife died.

  • Question 8: What is Amanda unable to do until the end of the movie?


    a. Cry

    b. Let herself fall in love

    c. Quit her job

  • Question 8: Answer


    a. Cry

    She hasn't cried since she was 15, when her parents broke up, but leaving Graham actually made the tears flow.

  • Question 9: What is the name of Iris' engaged ex-boyfriend?


    a. Grant

    b. Gerrard

    c. Jasper

  • Question 9: Answer


    c. Jasper

    And he's constantly contacting her so that she couldn't get over him.

    [Insert eyeroll here.]

  • Question 10: What does Arthur call it after Iris finds him wandering around the neighborhood and drives him home?


    a. Serendipity

    b. A meet cute

    c. Divine timing

  • Question 10: Answer


    b. A meet cute

    It's how two characters meet in a movie.

  • Congrats!


    Six or more correct answers means this movie has really made an impact! As for anything less? Well, it's worth watching again (and again and again).

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