20 of the Best Kid-Friendly Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

Madison Breaux | Nov 28, 2018 Movies
20 of the Best Kid-Friendly Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

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Well, Thanksgiving now in the past, so there's no longer any judgement allowed when it comes to gearing up for Christmas. So go ahead ... put up those lights, hang up the stockings, making some hot chocolate, and settle down on the couch to watch a classic holiday movie. Every  season, there seem to be more and more ways to watch or stream the best of the Christmas flicks, but one of the best ways (and most convenient) is to just log onto Netflix. The popular streaming service really amped up the amount of holiday movies available to everyone this year (no complaints coming from us). It's now easier than ever to watch some of the popular movies -- and ones we forgot existed.

Netflix really didn't hold back when choosing its holiday selections, and lucky for us, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy. From the littlest tots to those tricky teenagers, Netflix has a movie or holiday special that will surely put everyone in the holiday mood.

(No Scrooges this year, sorry!)

With this many movies to choose from, it's going to be near impossible to not want to break into Christmas carols. There are animated films, period pieces, and even classic cheesy Hallmark-style love stories that people just can't help but love. So, for those who just can't get enough of the holiday spirit, here are 20 kid-friendly Christmas movies available to stream on Netflix. Pop some marshmallows in that cocoa and get watching.

Happy holidays!

  • 'Trolls Holiday'


    Rated: TV-PG

    Fans of Trolls are definitely going to want to sit down and watch the adorable holiday special.

  • 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'


    Rated: PG

    Settle down with all the kiddos and watch this Christmas classic starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

  • 'The Christmas Chronicles'


    Rated: TV-PG

    Peeps really can't go wrong with a Netflix original film. This is the story of two siblings who are plotting to capture Santa on Christmas Eve.

  • 'White Christmas'


    Rated: Not Rated

    The 1950s produced some pretty classic movies, and White Christmas is certainly at the top of the list. What could be better than four people falling in love and Bing Crosby's crooning?

  • 'The Star'


    Rated: PG

    The Star tells the story of an adorable little donkey named Bo who breaks free from his village mill and goes on wild adventures. It features animals, Christmas, and animation -- what could be better?

  • 'Beethoven's Christmas Adventure'


    Rated: PG

    Is there a more lovable dog than Beethoven? Kid and adult dog-lovers alike will certainly enjoy this adorable Christmas flick feature many cute pups.

  • 'The Christmas Project'


    Rated: TV-PG

    Nothings says holiday spirit quite like getting some brothers together to fight against bullies.

  • 'Get Santa'


    Rated: PG

    What happens when Santa crashes his sleigh? Gather the whole family together and find out in Get Santa.

  • 'Santa Buddies'


    Rated: G

    Puppies and Christmas? Sounds like a rockstar combination to us. Santa Buddies would be suitable even for younger kids!

  • 'Santa Claws'


    Rated: TV-PG

    More of a cat family than a dog family? Don't worry. Santa Claws is basically the feline version of Santa Buddies, so it's surely not going to disappoint.

  • 'A Christmas Star'


    Rated: Not Rated

    Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson team up together to star in this British Christmas film.

  • 'The Christmas Candle'


    Rated: PG

    Made back in 2013, this holiday film is about an angel-blessed candle and Christmas miracles. Sounds pretty 'tis the season to us!

  • 'The Magical Snowflake'


    Rated: Not Rated

    For the youngest kiddos out there, try The Magic Snowflake, which tells the story of a young Saint Nick trying to do Santa's work for one whole year.

  • 'The Princess Switch'


    Rated: Not Rated

    And what's Christmas without some cheesy love stories to celebrate with? Vanessa Hudgens stars in The Princess Switch as a baker who finds herself switching places with a duchess who looks just like her.

  • 'A Christmas Prince'


    Rated: TV-PG

    Was this the movie that broke the Internet? (Spoiler: It kinda did.) Teens and tweens would love to relive this gloriously predictable love story over and over again.

  • 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'


    Rated: TV-PG

    And for those that couldn't get enough of the first one ... Amber and Prince Richard are coming back to Netflix this holiday season with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

  • 'Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas'


    Rated: Not Rated

    Now, of course, this one is a classic and can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone in the family. Netflix also has Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, so why not make it a whole Disney binge?

  • 'Christmas Inheritance'


    Rated: Not Rated

    Here's another one perfect for any hopeless romantic teens out there. A young heiress is sent to a small town called Snow Falls, and yup, there's a lot of classic rom-com cheese.

  • 'The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas'


    Rated: G

    For those young kiddos out there, why not watch The Cat in the Hat try to help a baby reindeer get home in time for Christmas?

  • 'The Christmas Calendar'


    Rated: Not Rated

    Whaddya know ... another carefree love story! Kat Graham stars in The Christmas Calendar, and young teens are sure to enjoy this one just as much as Netflix's other lovable Christmas tales.

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