A 'Home Alone Christmas Reunion' Movie Trailer Surfaced & It's Epic

Home Alone
Twentieth Century Fox

Just when you think your holiday movie lineup couldn't get more exciting, here comes this gem. A "trailer"/ for a Home Alone Christmas reunion film is making the rounds online, and when we say it's hilariously good, believe us. (Spoiler: If you're holding your breath to catch this in theaters, don't.)

  • Kevin and his family are back together 28 years after the original Home Alone debuted and forever changed our lives.

    Oh, the memories.

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  • The Christmas reunion takes place at the McCallister home -- you know, the one people are still arguing about?

    Was Kevin's dad a "businessman"? Did he have ties to the mob to pay for such a big a** house, all those pizzas, and other expenses throughout the film -- during the '90s -- like it was NBD?

  • Catherine O'Hara (Kevin's mom) is present and accounted for.

  • As well as Devin Ratray (Kev's older brother, Buzz), who was pretty mean and annoying AF back in the day.

    Siblings -- gotta love them.

  • We even get to see Buzz's girlfriend after all these years in a surprise cameo.

    And boy is it a surprise, LOL.

  • There are so many quirky moments and hat tips to the original Home Alone throughout this trailer.

  • And some fan favorites who make appearances.

    Guess these fan favorites didn't die after all these years. That deserves a medal of some kind.

  • There's also some NSFW moments -- such as language and maybe someone's head getting blown off -- that makes this trailer no bueno for little ones.

    Consider this a parental warning label.

  • The Home Alone Christmas Reunion looks interesting and also happens to be fake (in case you couldn't tell) as the trailer is a parody a fan made.

    The creator pieced together clips from various movies to make the masterpiece.

  • And TBH, it's not that bad.

    Home Alone is definitely one of our favorite Christmas movies that gives us all the '90s feels.

  • You can check out the full Home Alone Christmas Reunion trailer and all of its glory here:

    "Keep the change, ya filthy animals."

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