20 Original Netflix Movies on the Way That Are Worth Streaming

Samantha Sutton | Nov 16, 2018 Movies
20 Original Netflix Movies on the Way That Are Worth Streaming

Jennifer Anison in Dumplin movie
Bob Mahoney/Netflix

From late fall to the throes of winter, we don’t exactly need an excuse to be extra lazy on the weekends. More often than not, it's the cold, sometimes snowy weather that has us trapped indoors for a few days -- outside of being too busy prepping and getting ready for the holidays to follow through with our plans. That also means it's a great time to sign into our Netflix account and watch something good. And thankfully, there more than a few new releases hitting the streaming service this weekend, as well as in the weeks leading up to 2019. There's the question of whether we be able to find the time to watch it all, and while the jury's still out on that one, we're at least willing to try. (Goodbye, being productive.)

Aside from some much-anticipated holiday movies, like A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and The Princess Switch -- both of which look perfectly cheesy, seasonally appropriate, and star some pretty big names. We also have Sandra Bullock's creepy AF Bird Box to look forward to -- or rather, to keep us up at night, since it's not exactly a family-friendly rom-com. 

Of course, the hits don't just stop happening after January 1; they only end up getting better and better, with a variety of famous faces and crazy story lines coming to Netflix Originals, instead of appearing in movie theaters. We may have so much great content to choose from now and throughout 2019, that it's probably wise to just cancel our weekend plans for spring and summer, too -- especially since we're not exactly sure when many of these thrillers, action movies, and comedies will be released. (We do, however, know about the Christmas movies as Netflix released secret codes to access them all.)

Ahead, we're rounding up 20 great movies (and miniseries, which will basically be like movies, anyway) that will definitely be worth watching.


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