Vanessa Hudgens's New Christmas Movie Comes With a Royal Twist & People Are Excited

Vanessa Hudgens in Netflix The Princess Switch

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we have another Christmas movie we're adding to our list! Vanessa Hudgens is starring in Netflix's The Princess Switch that many feel is a mix between The Prince and the Pauper and The Parent Trap. (They definitely aren't wrong.) And people are losing their absolute sh*t over it.

  • In The Princess Switch, Vanessa Plays Stacy, a gal from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro.

    Just when you think there's no more room for holiday movies -- outside of Hallmark films (LOL).

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  • They decide to switch places that has Stacy assuming her royal position as a future princess.

    We could totally picture her hanging with Kate Middleton and the crew.

  • And the Duchess enjoying the life of a commoner.

  • There's laughs, diversity, and all the Christmas-y feels.

  • Both ladies find love -- possibly falling in love with the man in the other person's life -- that makes this film a feel-good option.

    We love a good love story.

  • People can't wait to watch The Princess Switch.

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    If you can't tell by the reaction, people are here for it.

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  • And are ready to clear their schedules to tune in.

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  • We're not gonna lie: We love a good holiday movie (cheesy or not), and are kinda interested.

    OK, we're really interested (LOL).

  • You can check out the trailer for The Princess Switch, available on Netflix on November 16, here:

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