20 Reasons Those Hallmark Christmas Movies Are Annoyingly Addictive

Samantha Sutton | Nov 9, 2018 Movies
20 Reasons Those Hallmark Christmas Movies Are Annoyingly Addictive

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'Tis the season to be jolly -- especially for those of us who love a good holiday movie. Although we're not trying to rush things and forget about all of those Thanksgiving classics (and yes, there are even more than we originally realized), there's another, maybe larger part that feels genuinely excited for stories about Santa, festive towns, and Christmas miracles. Of course, we're big fans of the mainstream hits such as Elf and Home Alone, but we refuse to forget about the original TV movies that pop up on Hallmark (and Lifetime, for that matter) each year. In 2018 alone, the channel created a whopping 22 new, original holiday movies, which will be playing morning to night from now until the end of December.

The truth is, we're about a minute away from putting on our sweatpants, popping some popcorn, and snuggling up with a blanket in front of a TV. Why? Because these future-classics are always super cheesy and highly addictive. Rarely are we able to tear ourselves away from the ridiculous tales of big city executives reconnecting with high school sweethearts after inheriting an inn, a Christmas tree farm, or some cupcakery from family members.

The stories are so bad that they end up being so good -- and we've got already got an argument prepared for people who say otherwise.

We put together 20 reasons why we will definitely be tuning into Hallmark over the next two months and are hoping to convert a few people along the way. From the chance of spotting old familiar faces to the super sweet (and kind of random) plot lines, we're thinking there will at least be a few folks who won't need much convincing.

  • They're Timely


    The whole countdown kicks off right when we're ready to start celebrating, aligning perfectly with our holiday spirit.

  • There's So Much to Choose From


    This year alone, there are 22 new films in Hallmark's lineup, which doesn't count all the ones from last year -- or the 25 that Lifetime has in store for us, too.

  • The Random Plot Lines Are Oddly Satisfying


    There's always some big town event that the main character is forced to assist with or childhood sweetheart who mysteriously and unknowingly matches with them through a pen pal program.

    Uhh ... what?!

  • Love Stories, Love Stories & More Love Stories


    Sometimes, we just want to watch a cheesy, romantic comedy -- OK? It's pretty much guaranteed that after all of that stress and drama, the couple we hope will work it out in a Hallmark movie actually ... end up working it out!

  • The Family Drama Make Ours Look Like Saints


    There's also a good chance that when it comes to love or career, the main character experiences a bit of pushback from his or her family. Eventually, family members come around, and by the time the credits roll, they're bonding over dinner or hugging in the snow.

  • It Has Cheesy Dialogue That Feeds Our Souls


    We're not expecting Shakespeare here, but -- gah -- some of these lines. They're incredibly cheesy, and we've experienced moments where we couldn't help but chuckle (and cringe) at the use of all those clichés.

  • Those Random Jobs That Are So Rewarding


    Ever watch House Hunters and see a couple -- one who wrangles bunnies and another who photographs flowers -- looking for a house ... with a budget of $2 million?

    Yeah, Hallmark movies are kinda like that.

    For every marketing assistant, event planner (boy, there are a lot of those), and cookie decorator, there's someone who runs a Christmas tree farm that they inherited from their grandpa.

    Now that's something we don't hear every day.

  • There Are So Many Relatable Moments


    Even with a few unrealistic elements, there's still part of us that can totally understand "the one that got away" thing -- or the struggle to choose between work and family.

    Been there!

  • There's Magic ... So Much Christmas Magic


    Even if for a moment, it's nice to escape the stress of reality and open our mind to the possibility of miracles ... and wonder if the delivery guy who continues to turn up at the right moment is actually Santa!

  • They're Familiar


    Maybe we haven't seen this particular movie before, but we already know it'll have a happy ending. The couple will end up together, feuding family members will apologize, and the whole town might even gather around for some carols. We're rarely disappointed.

  • They're Visually Pleasing


    Repeat to self: I will not Google the salary it would take to afford this beautiful home, and I'll try to forget that it rarely snows in NYC on Christmas.

    Just concentrate on the pretty lights!

  • So Many Old Faces Star in Hallmark Movies


    Any time we wonder what happened to our favorite '90s and '00s stars, they end up appearing in a Hallmark Christmas movie. The good news is, Chad Michael Murray is still as hot as he was on One Tree Hill.

  • We've Come to Love the Regular Stars


    Some faces we still see pretty regularly -- such as everyone from the cast of Fuller House -- pop up, too. Hallmark Christmas movies are sort of their thing, and we're not complaining!

  • They're Pretty Funny


    Half of the time, we're laughing at the silly hijinks and the jokes that were said. The other half, it's unintentional as stories sometimes take a very cheesy, unrealistic turn -- making us chuckle.


  • They're a Win in the Family Friendly Department


    It's not like anything on this channel is X-rated, meaning for the most part, the kids are able to cuddle up and watch too!

  • We Can't Help but Binge!


    There have been nights where we didn't plan on binging these heartwarming tales, but then we're sucked into a story about two former enemies putting on a Christmas play and -- whoa -- three movies later, we're still tuned in.

  • Hallmark Movies Are on All. The. Time.


    We know that when we're at a loss for what to watch, we can flip to the Hallmark Channel, and either a new holiday movie or an old one will be playing. They're on morning to night!

  • It's Tradition


    For many people, these cheesy holiday movies have become a seasonal staple. And as long as Hallmark keeps releasing them year after year, we'll keep tuning in.

  • They're Fun to Talk About


    Yes, it's fun to discuss these Hallmark movies with friends who've seen them, too. But it's even more fun to describe them to those who haven't watched. It's only once we're breaking it all down out loud that we realize just how weird they are!

  • They Really Aren't That Bad


    The truth is, these movies have everything we could ask for: an interesting story, a great cast, love, drama, humor, and holiday magic.

    Really, what's not to love?!

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