50 Christmas Movies We Can Stream Now That Bring the Holiday Feels

Bethany Quinn | Oct 26, 2018 Movies
50 Christmas Movies We Can Stream Now That Bring the Holiday Feels

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The weather is cooling off, summer is long gone, and the kiddos are back in school. And while many are enjoying the crispness of fall, others can't wait to skip over the next few weeks and get right to Christmas. Most people wait all year for December to arrive, and to relish in that feeling of joy of being with family. And of course, there's the Christmas food and the Christmas carols, and the Christmas presents, which together make this holiday one of the best days of the year. It truly is the most magical time in many peoples' lives, especially children! But hey, just because it's October, doesn't mean we can't get start getting in on the holiday cheer right now!

Also, since it's proven that prepping for Christmas earlier equals more happiness, why not get a jump on the holidays with a great Christmas movie or two? After the crazy year that 2018 has been, there's nothing wrong with escaping reality for awhile and getting lost in a holiday movie. We've rounded up 50 holiday movies that are available to stream right now. These films include some classics, some cult favorites, and some that have flown under the radar that are just as good nonetheless.

The best part about these films, though, is that they are available to watch today. (The first 25 films on this list are available to stream on Hulu, and the last 25 are available on Netflix.) So why not curl up with the family and get Christmas started early with one of these feel-good films? Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye, so get started on these amazing movies before it's too late!

  • '12 Dates Of Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Amy Smart and Mark Paul Gosselaar star in this ABC Family film about a woman who keeps reliving Christmas Eve over and over again. She gets set up on a blind date, which she must also live over and over again, until she figures out a way to break the cycle.

  • '12 Dog Days Till Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    A troubled teenager gets assigned to a dog shelter as part of his probation and in the process learns that the shelter is due to close. He has 12 days to find forever homes for all the dogs and is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle.

  • 'A Cinderella Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    A wealthy heir and a young event planner meet at a masquerade ball and fall for each other without knowing each other's true identity. Once identities are revealed, the woman must decide whether to follow her heart to romance, or pursue her dream job.

  • 'A Dog for Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    All young Kassandra wants is a dog. And while her parents refuse to buy her one, Santa takes matters into his own hands and answers the girl's wish!

  • 'A Fairly Odd Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    This movie follows the character Timmy Turner and his fairies as they get into a number of mishaps -- running the risk of spoiling Christmas for everyone. They must fix their mistakes and save the holiday before it's too late.

  • 'A Puppy for Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    The main character in this film, Noelle, has it all: a great job, a loving boyfriend, and an amazing life. She decides to adopt a puppy, but soon her perfect life is turned upside down. She and her dog must pick up the pieces or face spending Christmas alone.

  • 'Angels in the Snow'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    A bickering family, the Tuckers, head to a cabin for Christmas only to find out that the cracks in these family ties run deep. They find themselves snowed in after a blizzard and are surprised when the next door neighbors knock on their door needing shelter.

  • 'Christmas Belle'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Haylie Duff stars as Isabella, a woman who leaves her hometown for the dream job of facilitating an estate sale for a mansion. She meets the home's owner, who is less than friendly. However, over time the two begin to warm up to each other.

  • 'Christmas Cupid'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Christina Milian stars as a PR exec to famous Hollywood actors. After her number one client dies, she comes back as a ghost to help her publicist discover the love of her life.

  • 'Christmas With the Andersons'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Each year, Michael and Caroline Anderson throw the biggest Christmas party in town. But this holiday season, plagued by financial troubles, they may not be able to. They get a visit from an eccentric aunt who helps the family remember what Christmas is really about.

  • 'Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    The lovable George and The Man in the Yellow Hat prepare for Christmas but can't seem to figure out what to get each other. Time is ticking, and both must decide quickly before Christmas morning arrives.

  • 'DreamWorks Home: For the Holidays'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Oh is back in this hilarious Christmas special. When he decides to introduce the other Boovs to the traditions of Christmas, it goes all wrong.

  • 'Girlfriends of Christmas Past'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Three women team up to take down their cheating ex while on a holiday retreat. But one women gets distracted when she is met with a potential new love interest.

  • 'Happy Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Anna Kendrick stars as an irresponsible young woman who goes to live with her brother and his wife in Chicago. She shakes up the family's dynamic, helping her brother's wife to make some much-needed changes.

  • 'Holly’s Holiday'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Holly, an advertising executive, walks by the same store window every day. And when she takes a nasty fall just outside the shop, the display comes to life.

  • 'Married By Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Carrie has worked her entire adult life running her father's company, while her sister has not. She soon discovers that ownership of the company will be handed to whichever sibling marries first. She rushes to find a spouse before Christmas ... and before her sister.

  • 'My Dad is Scrooge'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Kids, Oliver and June, get their dad into the spirit of Christmas, with the help of some animals from Woodsley's Farm. It's an adorable take on the classic tale.

  • 'Naughty & Nice'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    After a cynical radio host is sent to a small town in Colorado from his hit show in Los Angeles, he and his new co-host get into a fight on-air -- but manage to capture the interest of the whole town in the process.

  • 'Santa Hunters'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    A young boy sets out to prove that Santa is real after he receives his pipe as a gift from his uncle. His sister and cousins help him as he tries to prove that Santa exists, but they get more than they bargained for once their mission proves to be successful.

  • 'The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Sally and Nick, and of course, their fish, help a lost baby reindeer find its way back home before it's Christmas. The Cat in the Hat is full of surprises in this sweet Christmas special.

  • 'The Christmas Calendar'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Emily is a down-on her-luck baker in a small town. When she receives a Christmas calendar from a secret admirer, the whole town comes together to help her solve the mystery.

  • 'The March Sisters at Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    A modern take on the classic Little Women, this Christmas movie follows four sisters as they fight to save their home -- only to be distracted by new and old love interests.

  • 'The Mistle-Tones'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Holly, a young woman, is gearing up to audition for the Christmas-theme pop group her late mother founded -- only to be denied a chance once she arrives late. However, her sister convinces her to start her own group and she sets out to do just that.

  • 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    This is a perfect film to watch early as it can also double as a Halloween movie. This classic Tim Burton film tells the tale of Jack the Pumpkin King as he tries to steal Christmas. The songs are amazing, and it's still a great film for all ages since its release in 1993.

    Seriously, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our faves.

  • 'Tiny Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Hulu

    An elf shrinks two kids on the night before Christmas, and they get swept up into Santa's bag of presents -- only to be dropped off at their neighbor's house across the street. They must find their way back home to safety, all while still being shrunken.

  • '48 Christmas Wishes'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Two elves set off to help a small town whose Christmas wishes were lost. They disguise themselves as children have to trick the people in the town into telling them their wishes.

  • 'A Christmas Prince'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    An up-and-coming journalist gets sent to England to profile a playboy prince who is soon to be king. She gets way more than interview in this sweet romantic comedy.

  • 'Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Tom Arnold voices the lovable Beethoven in this Christmas special from the classic series. Beethoven helps save Christmas when Santa's to bag is stolen by a couple of thieves.

  • 'Believe'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Matthew Peyton's business is struggling, but he still has to fund his town's annual Christmas pageant. He gets desperate and starts to make some bad decisions. Matthew meets a little boy who helps to change his outlook and bring the joy of Christmas back to his heart.

  • 'Christmas Inheritance'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    An heiress is sent on a mission to deliver a special letter before she can inherit her father's business. When she arrives in the small town of Snow Falls, she becomes stranded due to a storm. The hieress learns some tough lessons and also falls in love in the process.

  • 'Christmas in the Smokies'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    A woman fights to save her family's failing berry farm and decides to throw a benefit concert to raise money. She calls in a favor from her ex-boyfriend, who is also a famous country musician, and they work together to save the farm.

  • 'Dear Santa'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Crystal, a party girl, decides to change her selfish ways when she finds a letter to Santa in the street. The letter is from a young girl who asked Santa for a new mom, inspiring Crystal to help the girl and her family.

  • 'Get Santa'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    When Santa crashes his sleigh, he asks a father and son for help to round up his reindeer and save Christmas.

  • 'Holiday Baggage'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    In this movie, a single mom aims to repair the broken relationship between her ex-husband and their daughters by inviting him to their home for the holidays.

  • 'Holiday Breakup'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    A couple breaks up, only to pretend they are still together -- so as to not ruin the holidays and invoke pity from others.

  • 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    This classic telling of the Dr. Seuss story stars Jim Carrey as The Grinch. And it's just as funny and heartwarming as the book!

  • 'Love Actually'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    This star-studded cast of Laura Linney, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, and others will make anyone want to hold onto their loved ones a little closer after watching. This film is the definition of a modern-day classic!

  • 'Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    One of Mariah Carey's most famous songs is the hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You." (It even earned her the title of the Queen Of Christmas.) In this special, viewers can hear Mimi belt out that classic holiday hit as well of a slew of others!

  • 'Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    The Avengers team up once again to stop the evil Loki from stealing Santa's magical powers. With Christmas fast approaching, the superheroes must race to save the holiday for children everywhere.

  • 'Merry Kissmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    After a bad breakup with a controlling boyfriend, a woman finds herself falling for a new guy after a special kiss. When her old boyfriend comes back into the picture, she is torn between the two guys.

  • 'Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Mickey and crew throw an epic Christmas bash after being snowed in. Leave it to these lovable characters to make the most of not-so-great circumstances!

  • 'Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    This is movie is really three for the price of one. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and others tell three classic tales including -- The Gift of the Magi, A Very Goofy Christmas, and Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas. Lots of important messages in these sweet films.

  • 'Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    The follow-up to the previous movie includes five short films: Belles of IceChristmas Impossible, Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas, Donald's Gift, and Christmas Maximus.

  • 'Miss Me This Christmas'


    A seemingly perfect couple, Regina and Franklin, decide to divorce during Thanksgiving. Regina starts a new romance and with their split will be finalized on Christmas day, she must come to terms with her new feelings.

  • 'Santa Buddies'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Pups save the day in this adorable flick. Santa's dog Santa Paws notices that there's a serious lack of Christmas spirit in the world, which is only made worse by his puppy son. He and his other puppy friends must find their way back to the "nice list" in time for Christmas.

  • 'Santa Claws'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    In this film, Santa is allergic to cats, but decides anyway to bring Tommy a cat for Christmas because he has been such a good boy. When Santa gets an allergy attack upon delivering the pet, kittens step in to help by delivering the rest of the toys.

  • 'The Magic Snowflake'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    This animated French film follows a young boy as he takes over for a retiring Santa Claus. His new job proves to be quite hard as he is met with a few problems that threaten the magic of Christmas.

  • 'The Nutcracker'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Nothing says Christmas better than The Nutcracker. This version of the classic ballet is one of the most famous. Watch Marie, the Sugarplum Fairies, and a young Macaulay Caulkin, dance their tails off in this holiday classic.

  • 'White Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    This movie is a classic and stars Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney. In the film, the characters help their former WWII commander and raise some money for his failing hotel by throwing a holiday concert.

    Get ready for some serious warm and fuzzies!

  • 'You Can't Fight Christmas'


    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Grumpy Edmund ends up falling in love with the holidays and with his decorator after she warms up his cold heart.


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