21 Interesting Facts About the Original 'Halloween' Movie That Are Pretty Killer

Becky Bracken | Oct 18, 2018 Movies
21 Interesting Facts About the Original 'Halloween' Movie That Are Pretty Killer

Halloween 1978
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It's been 40 years since John Carpenter first introduced audiences to Michael Myers and Halloween, a scary movie centered on a psychotic killer who escapes an asylum the day before Halloween to return to his hometown to continue his murderous rampage. On October 31,1978, Michael Myers returns, 15 years to the day after murdering his older sister, Judith. At the time of the killing, Judith was a teenager when Michael became a full-fledged murderer at the age of 6. Now, Michael turns his rage on a young girl named Laurie (also his sister -- dun-dun-dun) who spends Halloween night fighting for her life.

But the babysitter slasher flick wasn't John Carpenter's idea. (Shocking, right?) Halloween was a nightmare horror movie conjured on by producer Irwin Yablans, who made enough horror films to earn the nickname "The Merchant of Menace."

"I dreamed up Halloween on an airplane," Yablans told The New York Times in a 1981 interview. "I was coming back from a film festival in Milan, and I was looking for an idea that wouldn't cost money because I didn't have any money. I couldn't afford to buy a book or a play. And it happened to be Halloween night. The thing that baffled me -- to this day, I'm amazed -- is that in 75 years of movie-making, nobody had ever used the title Halloween for a picture."

Today, Halloween is a blockbuster franchise which, 40 years later, is about to get its latest installment -- a final showdown between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis all these years later.

In honor of its 40-year milestone, here are 21 little-known facts about Halloween that are almost as strange as the original movie itself.


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