40 Ways 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Sums Up the Horror of the Holidays

Samantha Sutton | Oct 12, 2018 Movies
40 Ways 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Sums Up the Horror of the Holidays

The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Sure, it may only be October, but once we're done worrying about everything Halloween (scary movies included) and November 1 finally rolls around? We'll be at the start of the "holiday season," complete with all of the Hallmark Christmas movies our hearts can take. It tends to come on quick these days, and we're predicting that it's only a matter of time before we walk into a store and come face-to-face with strands of tinsel, surrounded by green and red ... everything -- assuming that hasn't already happened. Yep, somewhere out there, we know someone's already listening to "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and is getting ready to dust off decorations that have been in storage for the past year. To those people, we have one thing to say: Is it too much to just wait a second?
We mean that in the nicest way, of course, simply because we know the holidays come with their own set of stressors. All the cooking we'll have to do. The presents we'll have to buy and then wait to be delivered. The extended family we'll have to travel to see -- or host.

Thinking about it all, there's really no better way to sum up our feelings than with scenes from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yes, we're talking about the Halloween (err, holiday?) movie, because believe it or not, it can be pretty darn relatable at times. Picture this: Jack Skellington trying to take charge and delegate tasks, all in an attempt to make this holiday perfect -- only to realize that nothing is going according to plan, and it's actually a disaster?

Needless to say, as moms, this story really speaks to us.

It's hard to believe The Nightmare Before Christmas is celebrating its 25th anniversary. (Yeah, we're getting old.) It's even crazy to think the movie portrays real-life horrors that the holidays bring in the eeriest and most accurate of ways. So without further adieu, here are some ways The Nightmare Before Christmas sums up the horrors of the holidays.

  • Putting On a Fake Smile & Pretending to Be Jolly All the Time


    Yes, everyone, please give us a rundown of what y'all have been up to for the past year. It's not like we haven't seen it on Instagram or anything.

  • The Hassle of Putting Up Decorations


    Why is there always that one light that doesn't know how to do its job?

  • Trying to Decide Who to Get Presents For


    So our friend's cousin's son is coming to dinner, but does he need a gift?

  • Buying Presents for That Hard-To-Buy-For Person


    Gift cards it is, then...

  • How It Goes From Halloween to the Winter Holidays Too Quickly


    What do stores have against Thanksgiving? Can we just pause for a second?

  • Inescapable Decorations ... Everywhere!


    We're predicting some of them will stay up until March, too.

    (Don't act like we're lying.)

  • Oh Great, Snow ...


    RIP warm weather. We miss you dearly.


  • Constantly Reminding Everyone About the True Meaning of the Season


    Spoiler alert: it's not about the presents!

    Please put this on repeat and tell a friend ... or five.

  • Bedtime? What Bedtime?


    Welcome to nights frantically online shopping for that toy LO decided he or she really, really wanted, like, yesterday.

  • Turning Santa Into a Bad Guy


    "Listen, Santa is watching! I'm going to call him right now and tell about a certain someone's bad behavior until it gets changed ASAP."

  • Feeling Like Everyone Else's Family Looks Happier Than Our Own


    We know everyone posts the highlight reel on Instagram, but they seem to have a lot of highlights!

  • Two Words: Crafting Mishaps


    This cotton ball snowman looks nothing like one in the tutorial. It doesn't even look related to the one in the tutorial.

  • All the Crowds


    OK, forget running to the store to get one thing. We can live without it. We don't really need coffee, right?

  • The Stress of Delegating


    We admit we can't do it all on our own, but ... what if they mess up?!

  • Feeling Like Time Is Running Out


    We have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce, but Beyonce also has a team of people.

  • The Never-Ending Need for Wine


    Ugh, this ... times 10.

    (Especially when family comes to visit.)

  • Rereading the Same Stories Over & Over Again


    The best (and worst!) part about the Christmas story classics? They never change -- and we're forced to watch them be interpreted by every TV show, too!

  • Holiday Songs ... On Repeat ... Even When There's No Music!


    Please excuse us while we hum "Jingle Bells" at our desk, in the store, and walking down the street. It refuses to leave our heads.

  • Attempting to Take That Perfect Holiday Photo


    Can everyone just smile in their perfectly coordinated outfits, please?

    K, thanks.

  • The Anxiety That Comes With Hosting a Holiday Dinner


    Do we have enough chairs? Who's actually coming? Are they bringing wine (please say yes)?

  • Cooking, Baking, & Cooking Some More


    Thanks to all these potlucks on the calendar from now until New Year, the kitchen is our home now.

  • Discovering What's Actually in the Candies & Cookies We Just Ate


    Trying to count calories this time of year?

    Bah humbug.

    Nothing counts for the next few weeks. We'll eat healthy again starting January 1.

  • Having to Remind Everyone to Stop Touching the Tree


    Leave the ornaments alone! Get the cat out of there!

    Oh, the joys of having a Christmas tree.

  • All the Places We Have to Go


    On top of getting on with everyday life, everyone's having a party, we still need to go to the grocery store, take a quick trip to the mall, etc.

  • Realizing We Probably Aren't Going to Make Every Holiday Event


    On second thought, we'll just see everyone next year.

    This is #toomuch.

  • Being Forced to Make Small Talk With Distant Relatives & Old Friends


    Please, let's just avoid chatting about current events, OK?

  • Realizing We're Probably Not Being as Jolly as We Should Be


    If it's the most wonderful time of the year, then why does it feel so stressful?!

  • Reminding Our Kids That It *Isn't* Time to Open Presents


    Ah, yes. This one will be an ongoing battle trying to negotiate with kids who really don't give a flip what day the calendar says it is.
  • When Nothing Is Going According to Plan


    Every year is a near-disaster.

    God help us all.

  • The Horror of Sitting Kids on the Lap of a Strange Man in a Red Suit


    To be honest, we'd be crying, too.

    (It is kinda weird when we think about it.)
  • Constantly Wondering What We're Forgetting


    ... or what we're even doing.

    Heaven knows mom brain is too real any time of year -- especially during the holidays.

  • All the Sneaking Around


    Don't open that box! Don't go in that closet! There's nothing in there!

    We're not even going to touch that evil Elf on a Shelf we always forget to hide (LOL).

  • Really Needing a Nap


    More so than usual. Please, can this be our holiday present?

  • Not Understanding How Some Toys Are Big Deals


    This is what they want? This is what's sold out?!

    Kids are always begging for some toy, and sometimes, we just don't get it.

  • Waiting for Packages to Arrive ... On Time


    Why does tracking information always say packages "arrived" when they haven't?

  • Not Getting the Credit We Deserve


    Who spent days searching for that gift, then waited for it to arrive from across the country, and wrapped it in this adorable paper?

    Santa? Nope, don't think so.

  • Being Unable to Tell What Certain Reactions Mean


    Do they like the gifts the receive, our food, and the decorations we put up? ... Or don't they?

    That face is so confusing.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed by All the ... Stuff


    Toys everywhere. Clothes no one actually needed. We'll be here, organizing for the next few years.

  • Receiving Bad Presents


    OK, it's not about the presents, but is this what people really thought we wanted?

    Um, thanks??

  • The Hassle of Gift Exchanges


    This is why we said gift cards!

    (The lines are truly a killer.)
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