Disney Is Making a Live-Action 'Lilo & Stitch' Movie & TBH, We Don't Know How to Feel

Lilo and Stitch
Walt Disney Studios

Oh Disney, where do we begin? The Golden Age of animation has long since ended. And with Hollywood too afraid to take chances on original movies, this is where we've ended up: Taking the same titles and rehashing them into live-action versions. Many would argue that the Disney magic  cultivated over the years has been lost in favor of making a quick buck. 

So what are we left with today? Welp, a Lilo & Stitch live-action film is on the way, and it's safe to say folks have mixed feelings about it.

  • The 2002 insta-classic was bound to be reanimated.

    This is definitely one of our fave Disney movies, for sure!

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  • And when we say reanimated, we don't mean remastered.

    A struck-by-lightning-and-brought-back-to-life, Frankenstein style "reboot" -- just like all the other classics.

  • With yet *another* live-action Disney film on the way, we can't say we're jumping for joy ... because we already know how it's going to go down.

    You're going to get a bunch of celebrities -- whether they have an actual acting career or not -- to get the job done. You're going to slap those names on the film in hopes people will flock to see your weird CGI-animated Stitch, adding in a bunch of "left-field lore" to the movie to make it "deeper." (Ultimately, it will be more convoluted and shallow.) You're going to add in .001 seconds of LGBTQ representation and then parade it around as the "wokest" movie of all time.

    Are we in the ballpark, Disney?

  • People are certainly wise to this BS by now.

    Facebook comments

    The comments certainly are telling.

  • And they're pretty much over it as these remakes tend to involve overdoing it in the CGI department that gets creepy.

    Remember that part in the live-action Beauty & The Beast when Mrs. Potts just unnervingly stared at the viewer for an uncomfortable amount of time?

    We do, and we wish we didn't.

  • Folks are taking a hard pass at this live-action film.

    We haven't heard such foolishness since news a Hocus Pocus TV movie is on the way with none of the original cast returning.

  • Others are just flat out mocking the "star power."

    Yeah, we're not here for any of that.

  • We're not so keen on Disney's history of whitewashing when it comes to live-action films.

    Remember when Disney tried to add a European dude to Mulan's live-action film who saved the day, sparking #MakeMulanRight?

    They're about to face some major backlash if they think they can just cast someone like Emma Watson. (We love you girl, but we need someone else.) Lilo & Stitch takes place on the island of Kauai, where the only white characters are background beach-goers.

  • This is the kind of stuff we wish was included.

    Fun fact: The original Lilo & Stitch script had a cut scene that tackled the issue of white tourism and racism in Lilo's hometown. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

    The only way we can see a live-action remake even remotely working is if they take the opportunity to make things like this apparent in the movie. There's no need to just make up new stories for a story that already captures the hearts of millions.

    There's also the forgotten background information that Lilo's parents died in a hurricane, leading to additionally scrapped scenes in the original Lilo & Stitch like this. Seriously, why were any of these cut?

  • We can't stop Disney from making remakes.

    So long as there are people who adore Disney with an uncritical eye, there will be butts in the seats. Maybe someday we can all collectively unite to boycott these blatant cashgrabs, but until then, we'll only be shaking our heads.

  • In the words of RuPaul, good luck with this remake, Disney ...

    We'll be watching.