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    It seems that nearly everybody is going to a part of the anniversary special, but Bette Midler is nowhere to be seen! Despite actively pushing for a sequel with Kathy and Sarah, the Broadway star seemingly declined her invite to the 20th anniversary panel -- and as of right now, she's unconfirmed for the Freeform get-together.

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  • Fans are feeling the same way.

    Facebook comments

    These comments are quite telling.

  • But the cutest thing is seeing fans tag their friends to watch their favorite childhood Halloween movie!

  • Because Hocus Pocus really is a classic.

    So quotable.

  • We're sensing a pattern, here. It's undeniable that this movie really brings everyone together! Almost like magic.

  • We're hoping Bette is just teasing us and that she'll make a surprise entrance.

    The only other main character who won't be there is Vinessa Shaw, who played Allison -- Max's love interest. (We're hoping she changes her mind, too!)

    If the lead Sanderson sister doesn't show, we'll try to still have fun. After all, the show must go on, right?

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