Here's What the Critics Have to Say About 'Fifty Shades Freed'

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The final installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy is upon us in a matter of hours -- and the reviews are already in. So what did the critics think of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson bringing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to life on the big screen for Fifty Shades Freed? Well, hardcore fans of the series will hardly be surprised to learn that the reviews aren't exactly favorable

  • Not even the steamy sex scenes were enough to get beyond what critics called "cruel and unusual punishment."

    Peter Travers wrote in Rolling Stone, "Audiences are in for two hours of cruel and unusual punishment, even as the third and blessedly final chapter in the film trilogy based on E.L. James' bestselling bucket of S&M swill conjures up a happy ending for Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and whipmaster hubby Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Can sex, referred to here as 'kinky fuckery,' really be this dull, this sanitized, this devoid of human interest?" Ouch

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  • People definitely knocked the onscreen chemistry between Dornan and Johnson. Nothing hot at all between the two of them.

    Moira MacDonald of the Seattle Times said, "Johnson and Dornan's performances are wooden and their chemistry nonexistent (particularly in the movie's more-of-the-same sex scenes), but think of it all as ultra-deadpan entertainment and it kind of works."

  • The Red Room apparently didn't do anything for anyone this time around.

    Anna Hartley of TheWrap explained, "Fifty Shades Freed is being sold as the sexiest, most explosive of the series ('Don’t miss the climax,' pleads the tagline), but for the third time the film fails to capitalize on what made the books such runaway successes in the first place: the sex. At this point we’ve been in and out of the red room so often that it’s completely lost its intrigue (Ana even manages to catch 40 winks in there), and the sex scenes feel more like an afterthought, inserted to remind us of the reason the series became such a phenomenon."

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  • Come on though, is anyone really surprised by these reviews?

    Women are going to see the movie because it's a total fantasy, a fun time out of the house, and to say they did -- not because it's going to be winning any Oscars. Can we just let Fifty Shades be what it is? A complete and total guilty pleasure.

    We'll see you at the theater.