Dakota Johnson Shares Jamie Dornan's Embarrassing Secret

jamie dornan dakota johnson
Michael Murdock/Splash News

In preparation of the premiere of Fifty Shades Freed, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were in Paris and gave an adorable little sit-down interview with ABC News. In the clip, Dakota shares her true feelings about Jamie and what it's like to work with a person like him. A person who, she says, is rude. In the process, she shares an embarrassing secret about her costar. What exactly is going on here?

  • Jamie's secret might be shocking to some.

    jamie dornan dakota johnson
    ABC News

    Okay, okay -- Dakota didn't say that Jamie is rude in a mean way. Our Anastasia and Christian seem to be great pals in real life and Dakota is letting the world know that Jamie can basically eat whatever he wants and faces no repercussions. That's the big secret. She talked about his love of bread and cheese and potato chips and how he can eat six candy bars and then just take off his shirt. 

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  • Let's look at the results.

  • We're going to have to call Jamie "rude" as well.

    This is a man who works out for fun. 

    Oh, Jamie. 

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  • Jamie seemed a bit embarrassed to admit it.

    ABC News

    "I eat a lot of crap," he said before he gave this look. We forgive him. We're sure he balances out the junk with kale and plenty of water. 

    In the interview, Dakota also revealed that Jamie is jittery and doesn't stop moving. Maybe that's why he's in such great shape. Whatever he's doing, it's working. We don't mind this type of rudeness. And we hope that in future interviews, we learn more "secrets" about Jamie.