Jamie Dornan Gets Real About Playing Christian Grey a Fourth Time

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We're just days away from the premiere of Fifty Shades Freed, the final movie in the Fifty Shades trilogy, but does that mean we've seen the last of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey? The Irish actor recently answered the question of whether or not he'd be willing to reprise the character in the future, but diehard fans might not like what he had to say.

  • According to Cinemablend.com, Dornan won't be playing Christian again, and he has a compelling reason.

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    When asked if he and costar Dakota Johnson would be back to play Christian and Ana if there's another movie, Jamie replied, "I don't think there's any chance. I mean, there's no other books. Erika wrote the first two books from Christian's perspective, but I guess we've already seen, done those films -- the same stories -- so they won't do that again. Unless Erika keeps writing; but, Dakota and I, particularly me, are getting too old for this."

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  • It's true that Erika (EL James) wrote two more books for the series, with a third presumably in the works.

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    But that doesn't mean there are any plans for more movies based on Grey or Darker. They are pretty much the same stories anyway, just told from Christian's perspective. We can't see it translating to the screen well, without being redundant. 

  • But we have to disagree with the premise that he's getting too old.

    If he's not going to play Christian again, can this hunky 35-year-old at least play more roles where he has to take his shirt off? We know he's totally over the simulated sex stuff, but we need more of his abs. Just look at them!

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  • At least we've had a good run with three whole movies.

    We'll be streaming it whenever we need our Christian Grey fix.