'Fifty Shades Freed': 16 Reasons We're Counting the Days Until the Premiere

Michele Zipp | Jan 19, 2018 Movies
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With under a month until we get to see some new Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele love scenes again, the official countdown for our favorite romantic drama is underway. The film's stars are most likely prepping their red carpet dates -- Jamie Dornan will be there with wife, Amelia Warner, and we're wondering if Dakota Johnson will take new love, Chris Martin. But we are also preparing ourselves for the climax of this roller coaster ride of a franchise -- Fifty Shades Freed.

There are so many things to look forward to in the grand finale. Fifty Shades Darker gave us the engagement of Ana and Christian, and Christian seems to be opening up more. The whole signed sex contract idea went away and Ana survives a potential knife attack by one of Christian's ex lovers. Christian averts death by helicopter crash. And Jack Hyde (played by Eric Johnson) and Elena Lincoln (played by Kim Basinger) are doing their best to come between these two passionate lovers. 

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It's all scandal, attempted murder, more spankings, amazing looks at Jamie's body, and some of the hottest close-ups of Dakota's lips ever. Fifty Shades Freed takes us even further, delving deeper into this fiery relationship, and turns everything up beyond level 11. Here are some of the most enticing reasons we are really excited for Freed

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