Dakota Johnson Reportedly Has Yet Another Celebrity Trying to Date Her

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Just because two people are at the same place at the same time doesn't mean they are together, right? Of course not. That still doesn't stop the speculation, and because Dakota Johnson was with Elon Musk under somewhat questionable circumstances, some are led to believe that something is happening here. If we believe the hype, Elon is pursuing Dakota. And we can't say we blame him.

  • Elon is quite the eligible bachelor.

    elon musk
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    This 46-year-old billionaire and founder of Tesla is also a fine philanthropist. He was dating actress Amber Heard, but the pair broke up in August due to conflicting schedules (or so they say). And now, if we believe a tale of Elon going to Brazil just so he can see Dakota, we may also believe there is a romance blooming there. 

    But there's a catch. Dakota was in Brazil to go to Guy Oseary and Michelle Alves's wedding -- the same reason Elon was there. The two are said to be friendly with each other already so there was no meet up or hook up planned -- just two people who happen to be at the same place at the same time.

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  • Dakota keeps her romances out of the spotlight.

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    Now even if there was some flirting happening between Elon and Dakota, we know she isn't one to be flashy with her romances. Dakota was on and off for years with musician Matthew Hitt and we mostly just spotted them out for coffee runs or walking her dog. It's also been rumored that Dakota was or is dating Chris Martin and/or Jon Hamm. So who knows? 

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  • Elon may still be heartbroken over Amber.

    amber heard
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    If we believe the gossips, Elon is searching for love to fill the void in his heart left by Amber. It was also said that he may be interested in model Jessica Hart simply because they were at an event together, too. 

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  • There are just so many connections in Hollywood.

    johnny depp dakota johnson

    Interestingly, Dakota knows Amber's ex Johnny Depp fairly well since the two starred together in the film Black Mass. Amber and Johnny were married at the time of filming and promotion of that film, so there's a good chance Amber and Dakota know each other as well.

    All we know for certain is that Dakota is a very desirable person to date or be friends with so it's no surprise when someone is rumored to be interested in her. We'll have to wait and see if there is any merit to this deal with Elon. Verdict for us, however: Doubtful. We're much more fond of the Chris Martin romance rumor.