Dakota Johnson Is the Opposite of Anastasia Steele When It Comes to Her Unmentionables

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dakota johnson
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We know a lot about what kind of underwear Anastasia Steele likes to wear thanks to all things Fifty Shades of Grey. But whatever Dakota Johnson likes is really none of our business. However, she made it our biz thanks to an interview with W Magazine. Dakota shared a bit about her favorite underthings at an event for the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, which is making its debut in the United States. It's a brand that she clearly loves.

  • She celebrated the store opening with flowers and champagne.

    dakota johnson
    Dario Alequin/Splash News

    It's true -- Dakota had flowers and champagne in her room as she prepared for the celebration of the Fifth Avenue flagship opening of Intimissimi in NYC. And she went on to gush about how much she loves everything about the Italian brand. But we have to take a moment to fawn over the silver dress she wore to the event. It's by the brand The Vampire's Wife and it couldn't be more perfect.

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  • Irina Shayk was there too in this number.

    irina shayk
    Dario Alequin/Splash News

    Perhaps going in an opposite direction -- fashion-wise -- than Dakota is Irina Shayk. Both Irina and Dakota are the brand's spokespeople and Irina choose to show off a bit of the lingerie line's goods. She's stunning, too.

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  • "Professional Shopper" Dakota knows what she's talking about.

    dakota johnson
    Fern/Splash News

    Okay, well, maybe she's not exactly a professional shopper, but we've seen plenty of pics of Dakota out and about with different shopping bags. Plus, she always looks amazing. So the woman knows quite a bit about fashion and style and what makes a good brand. She loves Intimissimi for these reasons: She said, "There has not been a lingerie brand in the United States whose elegance and class can reach a certain woman, but also the price point can be accessible to every woman. That is something that I think every woman deserves and wants. Their lingerie is comfortable and beautiful and made well." 


  • Her favorite items are opposite of what Ana would wear.

    This photo is a still from Fifty Shades Darker, showing Ana in a push-up. That's not something Dakota would wear though -- she's more into comfort, but it still needs to be beautiful. We agree.

    "I won’t buy it if it sucks," she said. "I’m not a big push-up bra girl. Obviously I want things to look nice, but I don’t really care about that. I would rather feel comfortable and know that things are pretty than have my tits in my chin." 


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